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ArchitectureWeek Reader Comments

"I find your articles interesting and I honestly give your publication more attention than the multitudes of other Architectural magazines." — Derek Maschek, St. Louis, Missouri

"Keep up the good work!" — Robert Gay, Tucson, Arizona

"Keep it coming!" — Ricardo Austrich, Roslindale, Massachusetts

"I really enjoy your articles and thank you for all your efforts to educate us all." — Sarah Blauvelt, Oak Park, Illinois

"The information presented on your website is an outstanding resource for all those dissecting the art of architecture." — Nicholas Sukkau, Corvallis, Oregon

"I like that you publish international and "cutting-edge" work, while still dealing with issues of construction and technique. " — Anthony R. Manzo III, New York, New York

"Keep up the Good Work!!!" — Patrick McNierney, Riverdale, New York

"Like to see more on designing for sustainability and less au courant sizzle." — Charles Rusch, Eugene, Oregon

"Great site!!" — Stephen Gibson, Falls Church, Virginia

"I love this [site], because it is very informative." — Reina J. Trochez, Yonkers, New York

"Very much enjoyed your magazine thus far." — N. B. Mirza, Betchworth, Surrey

"I would like to congratulate you for the web site and its great contents." — Florencia Sandjian, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"When I worked at [a large firm] I was introduced to your website and like it very much. I now run my own residential architecture firm and appreciate your fresh look at current events in Architecture." — Mary Jo Kestner, Guilford, Connecticutt

"Great publication!" — Thomas G Contos, Lexington, Virginia

"Your site record helps improve our ideas and helps us keep a eye on the world. " — S. K. K. Hong, Hong Kong, China

"I really like this site." — Durgesh J Danait, Denver, Colorado

"I love your website, I can find anything on it, and it's easy to use." — Madeline E. Punch, Lakeside Park, Kentucky

"I am a building engineer, working in an architectural design studio in Bologna. Your magazine is very useful for keeping me updated." — Valentina Gozzi, Bologna, Italy

"Excellent site for current architectural projects and issues. Keep the good works coming." — Jogindar Khurana, Chandigarh, India

"I really enjoy reading ArchitectureWeek and Great Buildings. " — Meen Jung Kim, Urbana, Illinois

"I am a professor of architecture and I find ArchitectureWeek is an excellent medium for imparting architectural education to my students in India. " — H.S. Pillai, Thrissur, Kerala, India

"Go Ducks!" — James S. Connerley, Placerville, California

"Great site! Keep up the good work." — Ioannis Koutsolambros, Paphos, Cyprus

"I LOVE ARCH WEEK!" — Andrea Rego Pedrosa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

"Appreciate your publication." — B.G. Rae, Claremont, WA, Australia

"Keep it up - this is a refreshing look at arch. - a departmare from the standard rags - I like the patterns section as well." — David Anderson, Chicago, Illinois

"Keep up the good work!" — John Merkler, La Jolla, California

"Keep up the great work. I look forward to every issue." — Rick Nelson, Stamford, Connecticut

"I look forward to reading your publication—it is informative and keeps me up to date on all the latest news regarding architecture and related design professions. " — Michelle Winningham, Portland, Oregon

"I really like this site." — Chae Inha, Seoul, South Korea

"I rely on your weekly reports to keep current with what's happening in the architectural world." — Shih-Ping Lin, Gainesville, Florida

"Thanks for your fine work." — James M. Heyle, New York, New York

"Worth every penny." — David Keiser, Silver Spring, Maryland (regular subscriber)

"You're doing a great job. I'm retired from architecture, and this is my only constant view of the current happenings. Thank you. " — J David Miller, Merriam, Kansas

"Keep up the good work." — Rodney J. Pascua, Kapaa, Hawaii

"I am continuously impressed with the research, compilation and display of the information." — Brad Keyes, Wayland, Massachusetts

"I enjoy your email newsletter immensely." — Andrew Colebeck, Toronto, Ontario

"Thanks for the great info. I like the format..." — Jeffrey P Miles, New York, New York

"Keep up the good work! I am not an architect but have always been interested in the way architects deal with problems and in design solutions/technology." — James Ellsworth, Watertown, New York (regular subscriber)

"Great website. I really enjoy reading and surfing and linking." — Joe E. Simmons, Denver, Colorado

"I have gotten all of the issues and really enjoy them. Keep up the good work - Thanks!" — Mark R. Handy, Indianapolis, Indianna

"You're the greatest source of inspiration!!!" — Alva Sondakh, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

"I've enjoyed ArchitectureWeek for a while now and am happy to contribute. Keep up the good work! " — Zoe Nousiainen, Saratoga Springs, New York

"I particularly like the pictures. I also read some text occasionally." — Veli Voipio, Helsinki, Finland (regular subscriber)

"Thanks for a great site !!" — Patrick J. Reilly, Annapolis, Maryland

"You do a wonderful job." — Mehmet Fatih Ermihan, Ankara, Turkey

"I especially like the environmental news and digital imaging reporting. Great site! Thanks." — Tom Richey, Davis, California

"I love ArchitectureWeek, and I am happy to contribute!" — David Chmielewski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"You have a wonderful publication!" — Kathleen J. Grasser, Chicago, Illinois

"Thanks For Your Efforts !!" — David Stacks, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

"You have a wonderful site. Full of interesting articles, a full calendar, etc." — Douglas Savidge, Franklin, Massachusetts

"Good work. It's continued inspiration for me to finally go on to architecture school." — Nathaniel H Crowell, New York, New York

"I enjoy your selection of articles very much... I appreciate the broad spectrum of topics from history to modern ecological projects." — Rita K. Howard, Tempe, Arizona

"A small donation for doing a great job. Wish the amount could be more... Thanks and keep up the great work." — David Haase-Divine, Lawrence, Kansas

"Great magazine!" — Daniel C. Petersen, Claremont, California

"Good work! Thank you." — George Cape, Georgetown, Texas

"Very happy to support ArchitectureWeek." — Sheryn Gray, Charlottesville, Virginia

"Thanks so much, I look forward to reading more interesting exposes and articles." — Matthew Miles, New York, New York

"I enjoy the zine." — Robert M. McDunn, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Have been receiving ArchWeek for a while. Find it interesting and helpful, particularly with the international scope. Keep it up." — Roger Dainton, Uxbridge, Ontario

"Keep up the good work!" — Jeff Burnett, Pullman, Washington

"Congratulations on providing content that is truly concise and aesthetically pleasing." — Roisin Oshiro, Los Angeles, California

"I am thoroughly enjoying these issues." — John Reynolds, Eugene, Oregon

"I especially like the Pop Quiz! I print it our and post it on our bulletin board to stir some brain cells." — Lynn A. Javoroski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Nice publication!" — John Howell, Brooklyn, New York

"It's really nice for architect..." — Brijesh Parmar, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India

"Keep up the good work!" — Grace Ming E Chang, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Thanks verrrrry much for doing this. I look forward to every issue." — Vaughn McIlrath, Monterey, California

"Congratulations with doing nice work." — Viatcheslav Glazytchev, Moscow, Russia

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