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facade panels

Facade Panels

Facade panels or cladding can come in many materials, including glass, polycarbonate, or even teracotta. Whether part of a lightweight facade, curtain wall system or an exterior wall covering, ensure that the type of panel and fixing method selected are appropriate. Consider functional aspects such as how the panel system will be installed, maintained as well as its effect on the thermal efficiency and lighting levels within the building. Ensure that the overall form, finish, and materiality of the fašade fits well into context. It is important to check compliance with the relevant local planning regulations.

polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet

Its range of finishes, versatility, types and thicknesses make polycarbonate sheet ideal for a variety of applications from interior partitions, fixtures and fittings to curtain walls. Ensure that the product chosen is suitable for its intended use. Some polycarbonate sheets materials may have special properties (e.g. may be UV resistant, load bearing, translucent, or even have an improved U value). Polycarbonate often comes in different opacities making it particularly effective for creating ambiant lighting effects.

wool carpet

Wool Carpets

A wool carpet may be preferred to synthetic alternatives for its resilience, longevity, stain and fire retarding properties as well as its recyclability. As a natural material it is also biodegradable. While monotone carpets may provide a blank canvas to arrange other furniture and decor within a space, patterned varieties may be chosen for high traffic areas to help conceal wear or marks.

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