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    ArchWeek Residential No. 131
    Dear Designers, Builders, and Dwellers,

    ArchWeek Residential brings you housing news and analysis from the editors of ArchitectureWeek.

    The AIA has announced their annual national design award winners, which seem to include just one residential project, among the museums, theaters, and office complexes...

    One Jackson Square

    One Jackson Square — New York City
    Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
    Photo: Raimund Koch

    "This 35-unit luxury residential building, located in Manhattan's Greenwich Village is home to the highest concentration of early architecture in New York City. The building volume steps down from 11 stories to seven stories, from north to south, accommodating the zoning laws and mediating the varied scales of the surrounding neighborhood. Undulating bands of glass identify individual floors, creating a ribbon-like series of convexities and concavities along the street wall."

    It's an elegant, exciting project, reminiscent of state-of-the-art designs we've seen recently in Europe.

    Aqua Tower

    The signature residential building on the cover of ArchitectureWeek No. 502 is perhaps even more inspiring. While the overall form is simple, and the detailing is not nearly so gorgeous, we love the effective realization of undulating balconies as a way to populate the high-rise facade, create organic variation in light and shadow, and splash an amazing visual onto the Chicago skyline.

    Ripple Effect — Michael J. Crosbie, ArchitectureWeek, 2011.0105

    "The Aqua Tower plan is a sleek modern rectangle, with a wavy line of balconies surrounding it like a crazy bubble. But is a union of parametric design and Retro Modernism the essence of Aqua? Only if you view the tower as a stylistic exercise..."

    Click thorough to ArchitectureWeek for our full story, including 26 images (14 free) >>>

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    Residential Design and Building News

    'Growth' May Not Always Mean 'Prosperity' - Charlotte Observer, 2011.0111

    Slump in Home Building Consents in November - NZ Herald, 2011.0111

    Fall in Property Prices Signals Risky Year Ahead - Independent, 2011.0111

    Area Home Sales Up 8 Percent in December - Baltimore Sun, 2011.0111

    U.S. Housing Finance: Sharp Splits Presage Slow Revamp - Reuters, 2011.0111

    Central London Home Rents Rise by Most in Three Years in 2010 - Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 2011.0110

    Delinquency Crisis Hits Reverse Mortgages - U.S. News & World Report, 2011.0110

    Stephanie Rubin, Landscape Architect - San Francisco Chronicle, 2011.0110

    Bursting at the Seams? Add on to Your Home - Calgary Herald, 2011.0110

    In Ottawa, Historic School turned Condos - Ottawa Citizen, 2011.0110

    New Zealand Probably Avoided a Recession in 2010 on Confidence, Building - Bloomberg, 2011.0110

    Wall Collapse at Queens Construction Site Kills One Worker and Injures Three - New York Times, 2011.0110

    Construction Concerns: Newer, Lightweight Wood Products Burn Faster, Hotter - Vancouver Sun, 2011.0110

    In Hard Times, States Still Spend to Protect Farms - New York Times, 2011.0110

    Contemporary Beverly Hills House Has Old-World Flair - Los Angeles Times, 2011.0109

    Researching Your Home's History Comes from Unexpected Sources -, 2011.0109

    How to Build Heritage - Financial Times, 2011.0107

    New Developments Include 'Fifth Walls' and Other Trimmings - New York Times, 2011.0107

    Crafting the Custom Library from Cover to Cover - Seattle Times, 2011.0107

    Change to Civil War-Era Building Disputed - New York Times, 2011.0106

    One Bright Spark in US Housing - Apartments - CNBC, 2011.0106

    Superblock Plan Rejected after Civil Rights Leaders Protest - Baltimore Sun, 2011.0106

    McMansions Affect Community Character in Montgomery - Greater Greater Washington, 2011.0106

    Swedish Architecture Firm Proposes Buildings on Rails - Wired, 2011.0105

    Chile Sunday Earthquake Scares Off People - World News Heard Now, 2011.0105

    Ripple Effect - ArchitectureWeek, 2011.0105

    Ha Noi Determined to Stop Building of Skinny Houses - Viet Nam News, 2011.0104

    Prices Still Soaring in a Toronto District Newly Fashionable - New York Times, 2011.0104

    U.S. Home Foreclosures May Top 100,000 in January - NPR, 2011.0103

    Who Has NI's Best House? - BBC, 2011.0103

    Developer's Plan to Replace 1895 Home in Northwest Portland Stirs Debate - Oregonian, 2011.0103

    For B. Of A., Mortgage 'Put Backs' Aren't Over - MarketWatch, 2011.0103

    Before Move-in Day, Evicting the Old Auras - New York Times, 2011.0103

    Developer Finally Seeing Sales at Ill-Timed Tower in Brooklyn - Wall Street Journal, 2011.0103

    In Carlsbad, Keeping a Modernist Vision Intact - Los Angeles Times, 2011.0102

    Recession Could Be Opportunity to Reshape, Improve Communities - Las Vegas Sun, 2011.0102

    How I Missed the 'Housing Recovery' of 2010: Caroline Baum - Bloomberg, 2011.0102

    Clients Demanding Smaller, Greener, More Contemporary Homes - Austin-American Statesman, 2011.0101

    A Look at Future Directions for the Kitchen - Kitchen & Bath, 2011.0101

    Manhattan Status Symbols: Washers and Dryers - New York Times, 2010.1231

    In London, Private Homes on Display - New York Times, 2010.1231


    People and Places
    by Nancy Novitski

    Diller Scofidio + Renfro with Gensler in Los Angeles, California ...

    Philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad and architect Elizabeth Diller have revealed the design for The Broad Art Foundation, a contemporary art museum planned for downtown Los Angeles, California. Diller Scofidio + Renfro of New York City designed the three-story, 120,000-square-foot (11,000-square-meter) museum, merging the two key components of the building: public exhibit space, and the archive and storage space that will support the foundation's worldwide art lending library... >>>


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    Verizon Wireless Finally Gets Apple's iPhone - Wired, 2011.0111

    iPad 2 May Be Announced in 'Next 3-4 Weeks' - PC Magazine, 2011.0108

    Tesla Wants Some Engineering Cred - Wired, 2011.0106

    Bertrand Sicot Appointed CEO of SolidWorks - TenLinks, 2011.0105

    Autodesk Aims for the Cloud - ArchitectureWeek, 2011.0105

    NVIDIA Unveils First Online 3D Vision Community - NVIDIA Press Release, 2011.0104

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    How do you determine the floor area ratio (FAR) of a building?

    Classic Home 022 - Five room bungalow by Frederick L. Ackerman


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    Five years ago in ArchitectureWeek:
       Design to Survive, by Edward Mazria, AIA

    Ten years ago in ArchitectureWeek:
       Elegant Efficiency at Zion Canyon, by B.J. Novitski

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