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    ArchitectureWeek Notes No. 499
    Dear ArchitectureWeek Readers,

    ArchitectureWeek No. 499 is now available on the Web, with these new design and building features, and more...


    OWP/P | Cannon Design designed this expansion and renovation of the West Pavilion at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. Photo: © Hedrich Blessing/ Courtesy OWP/P | Cannon Design

    by Allison Milionis

    The Duke (University) Integrative Medicine center combines conventional treatments with alternative therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, and meditation. Closely tied to the mission of the new center was the goal of creating a building that evoked warmth and nurtured the well-being of patients and practitioners.

    "In the design process, we asked what could we put in front of people that they can touch, feel, and see," says Turan Duda, principal of Duda/ Paine Architects, noting the firm's tactic of providing "positive distractions." An example is the oak front desk, which has a hand-carved, chiseled surface that patients often rub their hands over while checking in, according to Duda.

    The center was one of four medical facilities that recently received AIA National Healthcare Design Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

    Located in Durham, North Carolina, west of Duke University's West Campus and Medical Campus, the Duke IM building reflects the influences of two contrasting planning strategies - the formal order of West Campus, with its strong axes and clearly defined paths, and the informality of Duke Gardens, a collection of meandering paths and unexpected vistas.

    The dramatic colonnade of the Duke IM entrance loggia features exposed wood beams and columns that play off the gothic vernacular of West Campus. The inner courtyard is a bench-lined hall facing a water feature and bamboo garden, and a nutrition center/ cafeteria opens onto a large covered patio bordered by gardens and forest.


    Triangle House in Norway
    by Philip Jodidio

    Local zoning restrictions determined both the plan and the height of the Triangle House in Nesodden, Norway, which offers views toward the sea through a surrounding pine forest.



    TXI PaveGro(TM) - A Solution to Overflow Parking

    PaveGro(TM) is an excellent growing medium with load-carrying capacity that provides an aesthetically pleasing permeable surface. Ideal for overflow parking needs, PaveGro(TM) withstands the potential damage of vehicles while still retaining the look of grass.

    Read about TXI projects using PaveGro(TM)


    Architects & Designers Building in New York City

    The Architects & Designers Building, New York's ultimate showroom resource, is the largest luxury kitchen & bath and home building products center in the New York metropolitan area. Start your search of thousands of products on our online product locator:

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    Improving Construction Efficiency and Productivity with Modular Construction
    The Modular Building Institute has published a white paper citing a report by the National Research Council (NRC) that identifies modular construction as an underutilized resource for significantly advancing the competitiveness and efficiency of the U.S. construction industry in the next 20 years. 

    Greener Buildings through Energy Analysis Tools - AECbytes, 2010.1202

    Making the Switch - AutoCAD to Revit - Cadalyst, 2010.1202

    Rendering Farms in the Cloud - IT Business, 2010.1201

    NVIDIA NVS 300 Handles 8 Displays - NVIDIA Press Release, 2010.1201

    Vectorworks and SimTread Win Japanese Good Design Award 2010 - Planet Vectorworks, 2010.1201

    Google Earth 6 Adds 3-D Trees, Integrated Street View, to the Mapping Application - Los Angeles Times, 2010.1130

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    Detail of polychrome compound-arch portal in Gothic style, with three jamb shafts and various animal sculpture (FA-108)


    "Rectifier" and "Interceptor" might be terms you hear in a sci-fi movie or they might be terms you hear on a job site. If you heard them on the job site, what would they mean?

    Architecture Answer - for last issue's quiz...

    If you were providing a covered area about 60 feet wide, 120 feet long, and 37 feet tall (18 by 37 by 11 meters), you would be accommodating which of the following? A basketball court, a covered tennis court, two covered volleyball courts, and/or an indoor soccer field.

    Classic Home 045 - Brick bungalow by William Carver
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