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    ArchitectureWeek Notes No. 498
    Dear ArchitectureWeek Readers,

    ArchitectureWeek No. 498 is now available on the Web, with these new design and building features, and more.  This Notes edition is sponsored by TXI Expanded Shale & Clay:

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    by ArchitectureWeek

    In an inner-city suburb of Sydney, Australia, a compact new public building combines the functions of library, neighborhood center, and daycare facility with striking style, while including a wide range of green features, from mixed-mode ventilation to an automated system of wood louvers that track the movement of the sun.

    Designed by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt), the 2,120-square-meter (22,800-square-foot) Surry Hills Library and Community Centre garnered recognition from the Australian Institute of Architects in its 2010 national architecture awards. The awards honor projects ranging from homes in Tasmania to green offices in Melbourne and high-rise apartments in Bangkok, Thailand.

    At the Surry Hills Library and Community Centre, the library occupies the ground floor and lower level. The second floor contains the community center, comprising a large event space, meeting rooms, a teaching kitchen, and offices, and the third floor houses a child-care center, with a sheltered outdoor play area.

    A multilayer glazed facade, with its series of tapering, prismatic glass forms, defines an atrium on the south side of the building, maintaining a visual connection between inside and out. The atrium is also part of the building's air filtration and distribution system.

    Air is drawn in at the top of the atrium and passes over a series of filters, including plants. The air then flows under the building, where it is cooled in a "thermal labyrinth" — a series of high-thermal-mass rock baskets. From there, the filtered and cooled air flows throughout the building.



    Using ArchiCAD for LEED Calculations
    by Thomas M. Simmons

    In order to gain the LEED credits required for LEED certification of a building project, calculations must be utilized to determine whether the project meets a credit threshold. These calculations will also need to be recalculated during the design of a project to accommodate modifications and revisions to the design.



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    How 3D Printing Works
    Z Corporation offers a white paper that discusses the inception and evolution of 3D printing, explores in depth how a 3D printer produces a physical model, and examines the defining attributes of a Z Corporation 3D printer and the technology decisions that produced them. 

    AIA TAP 2010 Conference - AECbytes, 2010.1118

    Full-Scale Visualization: More Is More - Cadalyst, 2010.1118

    Simplifying Access to Laser-Scanning Data - Cadalyst, 2010.1117

    Shake Up Your Brain - Cadalyst, 2010.1117

    Updated Clipboard Manager for AutoCAD Now Available - Autodesk Labs Blog, 2010.1117

    Graphisoft Offers "Green BIM Bundle" - Graphisoft Press Release, 2010.1117

    Using ArchiCAD for LEED Calculations - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.1117

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    Pise-style and pea-gravel-aggregate paving (FP-074)


    If you were providing a covered area about 60 feet wide, 120 feet long, and 37 feet tall (18 by 37 by 11 meters), you would be accommodating which of the following? A basketball court, a covered tennis court, two covered volleyball courts, and/or an indoor soccer field.

    Architecture Answer - for last issue's quiz...

    During the late 1800s, the dumping of Chicago's industrial waste into the Chicago River caused significant downstream pollution of Lake Michigan, the source of Chicago's drinking water. In response to a series of epidemics linked to polluted drinking water, the City of Chicago did which of the following?

    A. Built an underground tunnel to take the Chicago River water several miles out into Lake Michigan.

    B. Reversed the flow of the Chicago river and directed it towards St. Louis and the Mississippi River.

    C. Redirected the river through a series of linked constructed marshes and open water-treatment areas to Lake Michigan several miles south of the city.

    Classic Home 033 - English-style cottage by William Carver
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