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    ArchWeek Green No. 126
    Dear Designers, Builders, and Friends,

    ArchWeek Green, from the editors of ArchitectureWeek, brings you weekly sustainable development news from around our planet. This ArchWeek Green is sponsored by Wiley:


    Did you miss us at Greenbuild?

    Visit to learn more about the titles in Wiley's sustainable design series, like Building Codes for Existing and Historic Buildings. Now through the end of November, enter promotion code W129S to receive a 15% discount on any book listed on the sustainable design page.

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    It was really a pleasure to participate in Greenbuild 2011 last week in Toronto, alongside 23,000 other attendees.

    If you've been to a Greenbuild recently, you probably know what I mean. If you haven't, I'd suggest that you try to go sometime soon when Greenbuild comes to your region:

        Greenbuild 2012 – San Francisco - Nov. 14-16, 2012
        Greenbuild 2013 – Philadelphia - Nov. 20-22, 2013
        Greenbuild 2014 – New Orleans - Nov. 8-10, 2014
        Greenbuild 2015 – Washington, D.C. - Nov. 18-22, 2015

    There's a natural comparison between a Greenbuild Expo and other roughly proportional building-related shows like the AIA Expo. Frankly, I found the large trade show element of Greenbuild to be significantly more interesting, on average, than what I've seen at comparable industry events.

    The reason is simple. I think we're in a place where all building should be green building.


    Greenbuild 2011 filled two large halls at the Toronto Metro Convention Center with a range of products and processes questing toward deeper sustainability. Photo: Kevin Matthews/ Artifice Images

    So when I walk a show floor where every product is at the least trying to be green, or trying to present as green — and where many products represent real improvements over previous conventional options — the experience is inspiring. Conversely, at a more conventional, old-school show, there are still many products that are just not green enough to merit very much interest, in today's world.

    Another great thing about Greenbuild 2011 was the keynote address by Thomas Friedman.

    He said a bunch of strong and important stuff, even connecting the dots between our economic snafu and the achievement of urgent greening. You can watch the address online. Just hang on through the beginning of the video a bit heavy with USGBC rah-rah stuff, and you'll get to Friedman.


    In Toronto — with 132 towers currently under construction! — the condo slab is being happily superceded by the slender tower on a street-friendly podium. The current crop of towers downtown tends to be more graceful than these chunky three-stage examples near the airport. Photo: Kevin Matthews/ Artifice Images

    Wrapped around all the networking, collective learning, and general excitement of Greenbuild 2011 was a very cool Toronto. As our friend Christopher Hume highlights in a recent Toronto Star piece, "more highrise buildings are under construction in Toronto — 132 projects between 12 and 40 storeys tall — than any other city in North America."

    A lot of those towers are condos, with what appears to be a high average level of design and planning quality in the slender-tower-on-street-friendly-podium mode — especially in the downtown area.


    Sugar Beach, built alongside the grand initial segment of Toronto's new waterfront promenade for enhanced people-watching, is just across the water from a big working sugar plant that is planned to remain in operation. Photo: Kevin Matthews/ Artifice Images

    Chris broke away from column-writing long enough to walk me through the tantalizing first segment of Toronto's generational waterfront revitalization, where a new public promenade, a functioning sugar plant, and a water-treating public park are weaving together with — yes — a new condo tower, by Moshe Safdie, along with other several other juicy chunks of appropriately dense and livable urbanization.

    All that activity, concentrated last week in downtown Toronto... talking green, thinking green, and building green.


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    Green and Sustainable Design and Building News This Week

    Name That Space - New York Times, 2011.1013

    New Zealand Oil Spill Closes Beaches - Climate Progress, 2011.1013

    San Francisco Seeks Bird-Safe Buildings - New York Times, 2011.1013

    Perry Officials Try to Hide Sea Level Rise from Texans - Climate Progress, 2011.1012

    GM to Produce All-Electric Chevy Spark - Reuters, 2011.1012

    Carbon Sequestraion and the Balance of Property Right and the Public Good - ENN, 2011.1012

    Special Issue on the Arctic: After the Ice - Nature (registration required), 2011.1012

    Japan Courts the Money in Reactors - New York Times, 2011.1011

    Elastec Scoops X Prize for Oil-Spill Clean-Up - Nature (registration required), 2011.1011

    Solar and Wind Could Power the West Right Now, All of America in 2026 - Climate Progress, 2011.1011

    Redesigning Offices for Modern Times - Sydney Morning Herald, 2011.1010

    Making Brasilia a Model Green City - Guardian Unlimited, 2011.1010

    Oil Spill Off New Zealand - New York Times, 2011.1010

    Gates Foundation Earns LEED Platinum - EarthTechling, 2011.1010

    Highlights from the Greenbuild Legal Forum - Green Building Law Update, 2011.1010

    The Other 99% of Us Can't Buy Our Way Out of the Impending Global Ponzi Scheme Collapse - Climate Progress, 2011.1010

    Are Bike Rentals a Success? Depends Who You Ask - New York Times, 2011.1010

    Battle over Huge Coal Deposit Highlights Risks in Indonesia - Reuters, 2011.1010

    Pipeline Review Is Faced with Question of Conflict - New York Times, 2011.1008

    Forest Service Study Promotes Wood as a 'Green Building Material,' but Not All Agree - Missoulan, 2011.1008

    Drought-Stricken Pacific Islands Down to Last Few Days of Water - Reuters, 2011.1007

    Workplace Pollutants Tied to Kids' Asthma Risk - Reuters, 2011.1007

    An Escalator That Feeds the Building - New York Times, 2011.1007

    The Amazon Dieback Scenario - New York Times, 2011.1007

    What Is Environmental Architecture? - Metropolis POV, 2011.1006

    Why Climate Models Underestimated Arctic Sea Ice Retreat - Science Daily, 2011.1006

    Lake Agassiz Demise - ENN, 2011.1005

    Kohl's Prototype Earns LEED Gold in USGBC's Volume Program - Baltimre Real Estate, 2011.1005

    EPA Easing Air Quality Rule for Power Plants: Report - Reuters, 2011.1005

    Extraordinary Off-Grid Hobbit Home in Wales Only Cost £3,000 to Build - Inhabitat, 2011.1004

    Rising CO2 Levels at End of Ice Age Not Tied to Pacific Ocean - OSU Press Release, 2011.1003

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    Product News - Framework for Outdoor Living Walls

    Kane Manufacturing Corporation introduces Eco Screen by Kane, a living-wall system that fastens to outdoor structural walls using steel wire panels. The screen allows plants to grow freely without the worry of aggressive vegetation anchoring itself to building materials. Each panel consists of two galvannealed steel jamb channels, two face grids of 10-gauge galvanized-steel wire in a 3-by-3-inch (7.6-by-7.6-centimeter) grid pattern, and truss supports of the same wire, all welded together to form a 3-inch-deep frame. The thermoplastic polyester powder coating can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Available in black and green, with custom colors available upon request. Recycled content.


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    Download a general guide from the Marble Institute of America for tradespeople on the practice of mechanically anchoring dimension stone, offering insight about how stone-anchorage devices interface with stone panels and the building structure. The bulletin also discusses common anchorage devices and gives guidance on appropriate anchor devices in different situations.

    Bentley Announces Project Finalists in 2011 Be Inspired Awards Competition - Bentley Press Release, 2011.1004

    Abvent Announces iVisit 3D Lite for the iPad and iPhone - Abvent Press Release, 2011.1004

    Slaying the Dragon - Cadalyst, 2011.1004

    3DSMART Is Now Compatible with AutoCAD 2012 - ProCAD Press Release, 2011.1002

    BIM for Facilities Management - AECbytes, 2011.0930

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    Contents, RSS, and Surface of the Week

    Applied cherry-veneered panels with square finished edges on painted frame, modern interior wall (WA-001)


    Architecture Quiz this week's new question...

    A 12 in 12 roof slope is 45 degrees.

    What is the angle of a 24 in 12 slope?

    What are the rise and run of a 90-degree slope?

    Architecture Answer for last week's quiz...

    What is the common term for high-voltage tubing (HVT)?



    Classic Home 017 — Compact brick bungalow by Clark & Walcott, Architects

    "Here is a small house with real architectural merit. The fine chimney, the roof, the gabled porch, the proportion of height to length and breadth, and the fenestration combine into a very pleasing whole. The large square porch forms a complete protection for the entrance, which leads directly into the ample living room. ... "


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        Updating the Aquarium, by Evan H. Shu, FAIA

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