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2015 Media Rate Sheet
Prices are subject to change without notice. Please also see our media kit home page.

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Premium Large Format Display Ad
BIG PICTURE ADS — For the building product brand looking to really build their brand image. Large-format high-resolution high-touch graphic advertising - comparable to the full page print ad - integrated directly into prestigious, high-traffic ArchitectureWeek feature content pages on the Web. As parked ads these have powerful image-based communication combined with roadblock impact. Available nowhere else online!

ad type dimensions in pixels cost per page/week
Full page 450x900 (vertical), 600x600 (square), or 900x450 (horizontal) $1995
Three-quarter page *
450x600 (vertical) or 600x450 (horizontal) $1495
Newsletter Graphic
450x600 (vertical) or 600x450 (horizontal) $2495
Half page - IAB standard
300x600 (vertical only) $995
Jumbo rectangle * 300x450 (horizontal) or 450x300 (vertical) $595
See also Advertorial Articles, below

* Examples: 450x600, feature article page,   600x450, feature article page,   300x450, department page,   300x450, feature article page

Premium Homepage Display Ad
Along the lines of a roadblock concept, to provide a high-touch, high-impact placement on the pristine ArchitectureWeek home page, for premium brand advertisers only. At this exclusive pricing, there will be no more than one ad on the ArchitectureWeek home page.
ArchitectureWeek Home Page Rectangle - exclusive placement     $500 per day, five day minimum

* This is the only program by which display advertising appears on the ArchitectureWeek home page.

High-Impact Email Newsletter Text Ad
Very effective text ad with optional image placements in our industry-leading weekly email newsletter "ArchitectureWeek Notes." with 60,000 double-opt-in subscribers, or specialty newsletters "ArchWeek Residential" and "ArchWeek Green."

Newsletter title (click for example issue) double-opt-in circulation Standard Newsletter Text Ad* Ad appears between editorial items Ad sponsors the newsletter** with image
ArchitectureWeek Notes 60,000 $295 $495 $1495 $1695
ArchWeek Residential 12,000 $99 $149 $395 $495
ArchWeek Green 12,000 $99 $149 $395 $495

Rate listed is per insertion, i.e. for one ad in one newsletter issue
* Our most affordable newsletter text ad placement!
** Our most popular and highest impact newsletter text ad placement!

Standard Newsletter Text Ad includes:
• One appearance in the weekly email, up to fifty words with a link to your page
• Base price insertions may appear anywhere in the weekly message

Quality Impression-Based Rectangles, Skyscrapers, and Banners
Impression-based or page-based web display advertising in IAB standard formats. Arrange your interactive campaign with personalized support from our professional in-house staff.

Standard Rectangle 300x250 pixels $21 CPM ROS
$195 per page/month for parked placement *
Large Rectangle 336x280 pixels $15 CPM ROS
$195 per page set/month for parked placement *
Leaderboard / Jumbo Banner 728x90 pixels $12 CPM ROS
$195 per page set/month for parked placement *
Skycraper 160x600 pixels $12 CPM ROS
$195 per page set/month for parked placement *
  ROS = Run of Site.   ROD = Run of Department
* Parked/roadbloack ads on certain premium pages are only available through a sponsorship or other custom package, and/or at per-issue pricing. Please call or email if you have questions!

Sponsored Advertorial Articles
Advertorial Articles — Tell your product story in ArchitectureWeek, with your own words with your own illustrations, in whatever depth as you wish. Flexible in size and format, subject to editorial approval and special conditions.

ad type dimensions cost per article
Full page advertorial/email package *   custom article format - see example   $3495

* Advertorial package includes indexed article page (example), linked email newsletter sponsorship, and feeder blurb on Technology page.

Advanced Targeting Options
Run-of-department (ROD) pricing provides targeting by topic area (such as green building or CAD) is available via the ArchitectureWeek department structure, in which articles are grouped into news, design, building, design tools, environment, or building culture. Reader feedback confirms that our audience self-identifies according to their area(s) of primary interest. This can provide higher effectiveness per ad impression for topically-targeted campaigns, at a modest additional cost.

ArchitectureWeek also offers cost-effective geographic targeting for custom campaigns, using our own enhanced in-house geo-targeting ad servers, or through leading ad network affiliations when preferred by major clients. For precision targeting, where the relative size of the campaign allows, topical and geographic targeting can be easily combined. Please contact us today to discuss custom targeting options.

Graphic Buttons
Your graphic link or logo beautifully parked in an ArchitectureWeek left-side sidebar at a minimal cost.

IAB Square Button 125x125 pixels $50 per page per issue
IAB Button 1 120x90 pixels $40 per page per issue
IAB Button 2 120x60 pixels $35 per page per issue

Products Update (New Product News)
Sponsored placement of your illustrated announcements of new and updated architectural and building products. A great value as the sponsored item is mentioned in the email newsletter, published in the main body of the magazine web pages, and maintained indefinitely in the magazine’s complete online archives.

Standard Three Issue Sponsorship fee $495.00
Single Issue Sponsorship fee $295.00

Standard Products Update sponsorship includes:
• Listing for the same item in three consecutive issues
• 50 to 100 words of text
• a 250x250 pixel large thumbnail linked to a full-size high resolution image
• bold headline
• linked domain name.
• mention in the ArchitectureWeek "Notes" email newsletter

Subject to editorial approval and adjustment.

Start the process now with online product submission!

Text Link Ads on the Web
A short advertising phrase linked to the URL of your choice.

ArchitectureWeek home page $495 per page per issue
ArchitectureWeek premium page $195 per page per issue
ArchitectureWeek standard page $95 per page per issue

Up to 12 words or 68 characters, whichever is greater.

Contract Discounts
By booking now you can lock in current prices. With the strong growth in the size of our distribution, current prices become a better bargain every week. In addition to this inherent value-enhancing effect, by taking out a long-term ad placement, you will be eligible for these discounts:

• 2 months 10% discount
• 4 months 15% discount
• 8 months 20% discount
• 12 months 25% discount

$200 minimum order applies for all advertising contracts.
50% payment due with ad placement of reservation.
Balance due on completion of ad run.
Rates are subject to change without notice.

We are committed to serving your quality brand building products, A/E/C professional, home design, computer graphics, and environmental market advertising needs, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact ArchitectureWeek

For any questions, or more information, to book insertions, and for help with any aspect of ad placement, please click to email, or phone to contact us at ArchitectureWeek, 541-345-7421, between 8:30am and 4:30pm Pacific time, or fax to US 541-345-7438 anytime.

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