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   Licensing Photos and Content from the Great Buildings Online   


Artifice Images presents a comprehensive collection of rights-managed architectural stock photography, online and highly searchable at GreatBuildings.com.

Our constantly expanding archive of fine architectural photography from around the world includes most of the photographs, 3D models, and other multimedia items in the Great Buildings Online, as well as extensive additional content not yet online. Our professional staff is available daily to provide commercial and educational licensing on cost-effective terms.

Artifice Images can provide you one-stop shopping as authorized licensing agents for this extensive collection because we provide uniquely unified services including research, pricing, accounting, and delivery for our entire library of original, wholly-owned, and represented content.   A small fraction of the content presented at GreatBuildings.com is not available for licensing as it may be controlled entirely by third parties.

San Pietro Kew Itsukushima Savoye

Architectural stock photography and 3D model licensing clients for Artifice and the Great Buildings Online include Time-Life, the BBC, Die Zeit, the Microsoft Press and Byron-Preiss Multimedia, Arts and Antiques Magazine, Otis Elevator, and other well-known US and international periodicals, book authors and publishers, web designers, advertising agencies, and movie production companies.

For more information or a licensing quotation, please use our image licensing inquiry form:

Artifice Images - Image Licensing Inquiry Form

As well as the hundreds of images available for immediate viewing on the Web at GreatBuildings.com, our archives also include thousands of additional licensable architectural images.

After submitting an inquiry form, if you have additional questions, you are also welcome to contact Artifice Images by regular email to rights@artifice.com.

An initial response to most licensing inquiries can usually be provided within one business day. For reference only, the base permission fee we use for calculating estimates is $75.00, based on publication of an average single image in a small scale editorial application. Special images, more commercial projects, and larger production all indicate higher licensing fees, and actual fees for particular projects may vary widely based on both the image and the application, in accordance with professional photographic standards. Please ask for a quotation rather than make any assumption about pricing.

The licensing fee for production use of a typical 3D model usually ranges from $120 upward, also adjusted according to several factors. These fees may vary upward or downward depending on factors such as the publication volume, prominence of intended use, distribution channels, educational presentation, image or model quality and detail, and degree of credit provided to the photographer and to GreatBuildings.com.

Once licensing terms are agreed and payment received, Artifice can deliver images by e-mail or private ftp by the close of the next business day. Images are available in JPEG (TIFF on request) format at 300 dpi in three sizes, with overall resolutions of approximately 768 x 512 ("1MB size"), 1536 x 1024 ("5MB size"), or 3072 x 2048 ("20MB size").

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions, and whenever you are ready to make a specific licensing inquiry.

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