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V. B. Hailozian and Associates - Berkeley, CA, USA
V. David Leggett, AIA - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
V. Dunis, AIA, Architects - San Antonio, TX, USA
V. Motus and Associates - Norwalk, CA, USA
V. Polsinelli Architects - New York, NY, USA
V. R. Graves and Associates - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
V2 Design - Bozeman, MT, USA
VA Architecture - McAllen, TX, USA
Vadim M. Hsu, AIA - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Vail Architecture Group, Inc. (VAG) - Vail, CO, USA
Vail Associates, Architects - New York, NY, USA
Val Carlson, AIA, Architect, PC - Shelton, CT, USA
Val Glitsch, FAIA, Architect - Houston, TX, USA
Valentine Architects - Sturgeon Bay, WI, USA
Valentiner Crane Brunjes Onyon Architects - St. George, UT, USA
Valentiner Crane Brunjes Onyon Architects - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Valentour English Bodnar and Howell, Registered Architects (VEBandH) - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, Inc. - Chicago, IL, USA
Valerio E. Escobar, AIA - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Valerius Leo Michelson, AIA - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Vallaster and Corl Architects - Portland, OR, USA
Valley Architects - St. Helena, CA, USA
Valus and Carpenter - Westport, CT, USA
Van Auken Akins Architects - Cleveland, OH, USA
Van B. Bruner Jr., FAIA, Architect - Haddonfield, NJ, USA
Van Curler Associates Architects - Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Van Dam and Renner Architects - Portland, ME, USA
Van De Walle and Associates - Sioux Falls, SD, USA
van Dijk Pace Westlake Architects (vDPW) - Cleveland, OH, USA
Van Doren Hazard Stallings Inc. - Topeka, KS, USA
Van Dusen Takesuye Architects - Washington, DC, USA
Van Goor Architects, Inc. - Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Van H. Gilbert Architect, PC (VHGA) - Albuquerque, NM, USA
Van Housen Architecture - San Mateo, CA, USA
Van Lent Architects and Planners - Somers, NY, USA
Van Potteiger Architects (VPA) - Wayne, PA, USA
Van Sant Group - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Van Sittert Associates - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Van Tilburg Banvard Soderbergh Architects - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Van Tine/Guthrie Studio - Northville, MI, USA
Van Tuyle-McLane Partnership Architects (VTM Architects) - Brea, CA, USA
Van Wienen Professional Group, PC (VWPG) - Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Vande Architects - Palmyra, NY, USA
Vandeberg Architects - New York, NY, USA
Vander Sluis Associates - Menlo Park, CA, USA
Vanderford and Associates, Architects, Inc. - Roswell, GA, USA
Vandergriff Group Architects (VGA) - Midland, TX, USA
VanDerHoek Architects, Inc. - Orange, CA, USA
Vanderwal Architects - The Woodlands, TX, USA
Vanderwood and Associates Architects - Grand Junction, CO, USA
Vandeventer and Carlander Architects (VandC Architects) - Seattle, WA, USA
Vani Bahl - Santa Clara, CA, USA
Vanir Construction Management Inc. - Auburn, CA, USA
Vanlandingham, Plate and Surgener, LLC (V.P.S. Architects) - Prescott, AZ, USA
Vanman Companies - St. Louis Park, MN, USA
Vanney Associates - St. Paul, MN, USA
Vanni and Associates Ltd. - La Grange, IL, USA
Vantage C/M Inc. - Richardson, TX, USA
Varrelmann Design Architecture - San Jose, CA, USA
Vasko and Associates, Inc. - Columbus, OH, USA
Vasquez and Marshall and Associates (VMA) - San Diego, CA, USA
Vaughan and Associates Architects, Engineers and Planners - Amarillo, TX, USA
Vaughan Trammell, AIA - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Vaughn and Associates Architecture - Somerville, MA, USA
Vaughn and Melton - Greeneville, TN, USA
Vaughn Architects Plus - Fort Worth, TX, USA
Vaught Frye Architects - Fort Collins, CO, USA
VB-H ArchitecturePlanning Interior Design - Somerset, NJ, USA
VBC Architect, PC - West Caldwell, NJ, USA
VBN Architects - Oakland, CA, USA
VBN San Francisco . Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
VDK Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
Veazey Parrott and Shoulders (VPS) - Evansville, IN, USA
Veazey Parrott and Shoulders - Indianapolis, IN, USA
Ved Gupta and Associates Inc. (VGA) - Chicago, IL, USA
Vedi Associates, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Vehr/Webb Studio Architects - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Veltman Consulting Services - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Ven John and Fox Architects PC - East Hampton, NY, USA
Venezia and Associates - New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Venture Architects - Milwaukee, WI, USA
Venture Four Architects - Austin, TX, USA
Venture Resource Associates, Inc. (VRA Architects) - Chicago, IL, USA
Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Inc. (VSBA) - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Verburg and Associates - Holland, MI, USA
Verdigris - San Francisco, CA, USA
Veritas - Vienna, VA, USA
Vermey Architects - Jacksonville, FL, USA
Verne Conder Architect - Madison, WI, USA
Vernon Demars, AIA - Berkeley, CA, USA
Vernon Duckett - New York, NY, USA
Vernon Kim and Associates Inc. - Honolulu, HI, USA
Vernon Swaback Associates, PC - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Vernon Williams - Architects - Chicago, IL, USA
Versar, Inc. - Tempe, AZ, USA
Vetter Denk Architects - Milwaukee, WI, USA
Vetter Design Group, Inc. - Toledo, OH, USA
Vetter Johnson Architects, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN, USA
VIA Architects - Los Angeles, Ca, USA
VIA Design - Norfolk, VA, USA
Victor A. Luncy and Associates, Inc. - Bellaire, TX, USA
Victor Aufdemberge Architecture - Grand Island, NE, USA
Victor Bedikian, Architect - New Orleans, LA, USA
Victor Cañas Arquitecto - San Jose, , Costa Rica
Victor E. Stilwell Jr., AIA - New Orleans, LA, USA
Victor H. Lee, AIA - Menlo Park, CA, USA
Victor H. Wilburn, AIA, AICP - Washington, DC, USA
Victor J. Latavish, Architect, PA - Naples, FL, USA
Victor L. Barr Jr., AIA - Valley Forge, PA, USA
Victor L. Conforti Architect - Sonoma, CA, USA
Victor L. Giudici, AIA - Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
Victor P. Misarti, AIA - West Orange, NJ, USA
Victor Pei, AIA - Valley Stream, NY, USA
Victor Pojman, Architect - Bellwood, IL, USA
Victor R. Fabionar Architect - Fresno, CA, USA
Victor Saroki and Associates Architects PC - Birmingham, MI, USA
Victor W. Johnson, AIA - Santa Fe, NM, USA
VIDAL.arquitectos - Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Vidaud and Associates Inc. (VAI) - Dallas, TX, USA
Vierbicher Associates Inc. (VAI) - Reedsburg, WI, USA
Vigen Associates - Fresno, CA, USA
Viking Construction Management, Inc. - Lincolnshire, IL, USA
Viktor R. Peteris, AIA, Inc. Architect - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Villanueva Arnoni Architects - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Villanueva/Arnoni Architects (V/A Architects) - Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Villo Designs - Kings Park, NY, USA
Vilnis Bebrekarklis Architect - North Weymouth, MA, USA
Vince Fredericksen, AIA - Denver, CO, USA
Vincent C. Amore, AIA, Architect - West Haven, CT, USA
Vincent Chan and Associates - Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Vincent Codispoti Jr., AIA - Wellesley, MA, USA
Vincent Dyer Architect - Chatsworth, CA, USA
Vincent G. Kling Jr., Inc. - Chester Springs, PA, USA
Vincent J. Babak, AIA - Kensington, CT, USA
Vincent J. Bartone, Architect - Ozone Park, NY, USA
Vincent J. Micucci Jr., AIA - Medina, OH, USA
Vincent J. Sena, Architect - Garden City, NY, USA
Vincent James Associates Inc. - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Vincent L. Brannon and Associates (PLJBD) - Joplin, MO, USA
Vincent L. Grizzafi AIA - Houston, TX, USA
Vincent P. De Fatta Jr., AIA - Bossier City, LA, USA
Vincent P. Hauser - Austin, TX, USA
Vincent S. Sotis, Architect, PC - Farmingdale, NY, USA
Vincentsen Associates, LLP (VA) - Westfield, NJ, USA
Vinci/Hamp Architects, Inc. - Chicago, IL, USA
Viniegra and Viniegra Architecture - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Vinod H. Dholakia-Architect PC (VHDPC) - Richmond Hill, NY, USA
Viole McMahon, AIA - Mountain View, CA, USA
Violette Architecture/Interior Design (vioarc) - Clarksville, TN, USA
VIP Architectural Associates - Syracuse, NY, USA
VIP Structures - Syracuse, NY, USA
Virdi Architects and Associates - Atlanta, GA, USA
Virginia Angel Architects - Charlottesville, VA, USA
Virginia B. MacDonald, AIA - Hawaii National Park, HI, USA
Virginia D. Murison, AIA - Honolulu, HI, USA
Virginia DuBrucq, AIA - Denver, CO, USA
Virginia Senior, AIA - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Virginia W. Kelsey, AIA - Houston, TX, USA
Virgo Gambill Architects (VG Architects) - Augusta, GA, USA
Virtu Design Studio - Dallas, TX, USA
Visbeen Associates, Inc. - Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Vision III Architects - Providence, RI, USA
VisionJem - Centennial , Colorado, USA
Visnick and Caulfield Inc. - Boston, MA, USA
Visser Architects - Sioux Falls, SD, USA
Visual Insights, Inc. - Henderson, NV, USA
Vitetta Group - Sacramento, CA, USA
Vitetta Group - Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Vitetta Group - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Vitetta Group - Houston, TX, USA
Vitetta Group - Alexandria, VA, USA
Vitetta Group - Orlando, FL, USA
Vitiello and Associates, Inc. - Sacramento, CA, USA
Vito Acquafredda, AIA, Architect - River Edge, NJ, USA
Vitullo Architecture Studio - Washington, DC, USA
VJM Architecture - Far Hills, NJ, USA
Vladimir Bogdanov Tomalevski, AIA - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture - Broumana, , Lebanon
Vladimir K. Petkovich, AIA - Boston, MA, USA
Vladimir Pikhay Architect - Dnepropetrovsk, , Ukraine
VLK Architects - Arlington, TX, USA
VMDO Architects, PC - Charlottesville, VA, USA
VOA Associates Incorporated - Chicago, IL, USA
VOA Associates, Inc. (VOA) - Orlando, FL, USA
VOA Associates, Inc. - Jacksonville, FL, USA
Vocon, Inc. - Cleveland, OH, USA
Voelker Winn Architects - Louisville, KY, USA
Voelter Associates Inc. (VAI) - Georgetown, TX, USA
Voelzel Architecture - Austin, TX, USA
Vogel-Peters and Associates - Salem, OH, USA
Voith and Mactavish Architects - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Volker Bender Architects - Kaiserslauten, , Germany
Volker Zinser Architect - Washington, DC, USA
Volz and Associates, Inc. - Austin, TX, USA
Von Der Heide Architects - Holland, MI, USA
Von Der Lieth Architects - Jamaica, NY, USA
Von M. White, AIA - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Vonder Bruegge Architects and Engineers - Kirkwood, MO, USA
Voorsanger and Associates Architects, PC - New York, NY, USA
Voy Madeyski Architects Ltd. - Highland Park, IL, USA
VRF Architects - Mohnton, PA, USA
VRL Architects Inc. - Jacksonville, FL, USA
VSK Architects - Albuquerque, NM, USA
VSRiggi Architects (VSR) - Dunmore, PA, USA
VSRiggi Architects - Absecon Highlands, NJ, USA
Vukshich Associates - Sequatchie, TN, USA

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