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G-7 Architects - Bangalore, Karnataka, India
G. A. Embler Architects - Taos, NM, USA
G. Alan Morledge, AIA, Architect - Williamsburg, VA, USA
G. Arntzen and Company Architects - Escanaba, MI, USA
G. Bogossian Architect - Haverford, PA, USA
G. C. Pontius Architect Chartered (GCPAC) - Baltimore, MD, USA
G. C. Wallace Inc. - Las Vegas, NV, USA
G. Cleveland Pate, AIA, Architecture and Planning - Raleigh, NC, USA
G. D. Longwell - Architects - Hayden, ID, USA
G. DeWayne Mobley Jr., AIA - Birmingham, AL, USA
G. Donald Bowen, AIA - Salisbury, MD, USA
G. Donald Dudley Architect - Greensboro, NC, USA
G. Drake Jacobs, AIA - Melrose, MA, USA
G. Edwin Pidcock Co. - Allentown, PA, USA
G. F. Brest Van Kempen and Associates - Evanston, IL, USA
G. Francis and Associatees - Park City, UT, USA
G. Franklin Karreman and Associates - Bainbridge Isle, WA, USA
G. Franklin Lee, AIA - Abington, PA, USA
G. H. Forbes Associates Architects, PC (GHFAA) - Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
G. Iwasaki Architect and Associates - Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
G. John Stevens, AIA - Grosse Pointe, MI, USA
G. M. Frech Associates - Virginia Beach, VA, USA
G. McLeod Slack Associates, Architect - Raleigh, NC, USA
G. Peter Vander Heide, AIA - Philadelphia, PA, USA
G. Scott Widdall, AIA - Lancaster, PA, USA
G. Skip Downing Architects Inc. (GSD) - Greenbank, WA, USA
G. Stanton Mason Co. - Durango, CO, USA
G. Thomas Telfer, AIA - Novato, CA, USA
G. Verkaik and Associates Inc. - Canon City, CO, USA
G. W. Kortness Associates Inc. - Spooner, WI, USA
G. W. Seabrook, AIA, PA - Charleston, SC, USA
G.J. Wiedenkeller Architect - Ona, FL, USA
GA Miller AIA, Architecture PC (GAMA) - Portland, OR, USA
GAA Architects, Inc. - Irvine, CA, USA
Gabbert / Manthey Architecture - Seattle, WA, USA
Gabellini Associates - New York, NY, USA
Gaber and Associates Architects - Pataskala, OH, USA
Gabert/Abuzalaf and Associates, Inc. - Houston, TX, USA
Gabor Lorant Architect Inc. - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Gabriel Architects - Houston, TX, USA
Gabriel Sedlis Associates - New York, NY, USA
Gabriel Y. Ng and Associates - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gabrielle London, AIA - New York, NY, USA
Gabrielli Design Studio, LLC - Baltimore, MD, USA
GACI Inc. - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gaede and Larson Architects - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Gaede Serne Architects Inc. - Cleveland, OH, USA
Gaetano Serpico Architectural Company - Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA
Gaetz Architects - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Gaffney Architects, Inc. - Dennis, MA, USA
Gagarin Farruggia Gibisch Reis, Inc. - Chicago, IL, USA
Gage Davis Associates Inc. - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Gagliardi Group - Arlington, TX, USA
Gail Byron Baldwin, Architect - Coconut Grove, FL, USA
Gail Erway Gerard, Architect - New York, NY, USA
Gail Flynn Architects - Cambridge, MA, USA
Gail Kenny, Architect - Pelham, MA, USA
Gail Pearson, AIA, Architect - McLean, VA, USA
Gail Sullivan Associates, Inc. - Boston, MA, USA
Gaillard and Associates - Woodstock, GA, USA
Gale Associates Inc. - Pembroke, MA, USA
Galen May and John Taylor Architects - Victoria, TX, USA
Gallager Craig Boesing and Associates - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Gallagher Architects - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Gallagher Associates - College Point, NY, USA
Galliher Baier and Best (GBB) - Simsbury, CT, USA
Gallo Architects and Development Consultants, Inc. - Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
Galloway Architect - Seattle, WA, USA
Galvin Cristilli Architects - San Diego, CA, USA
Galyardt Associates, Inc. (GAI) - Rapid City, SD, USA
Gambach and Sklar Architects - Bay Harbor Islands, FL, USA
Gamelsky Benton Architects PC - Albuquerque, NM, USA
Gami and Associates, PC - West Orange, NJ, USA
Ganflec Architects and Engineers, Inc. - Camp Hill, PA, USA
Gang of Four Design - Dallas, TX, USA
Ganister Fields Architects - South Hamilton, MA, USA
Ganos Associates Architects, PC - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Gant Hart Brunnett Architects - Baltimore, MD, USA
Ganteaume and McMullen Inc. - Boston, MA, USA
Ganthner Melby Lee Architects - Reno, NV, USA
Gantt Huberman Architects - Charlotte, NC, USA
Garage Café - Birmingham, AL, USA
Garai Terramorse Associates - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Garapolo and Associates Inc. - Oak Park, IL, USA
Garavaglia Architecture - San Francisco, CA, USA
Garber and Associates - Greenwood, SC, USA
Garchitecture (GARC) - New York, NY, USA
Garcia and Associates - Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
Garcia Architects Inc. - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Garcia Teague Architecture and Interiors - San Jose, CA, USA
Garcia-Olano Architects Inc. - Houston, TX, USA
Garcia-Ventosa arquitectos asociados S.L. - Barcelona, , Spain
Garcia/Brenner and Partners, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL, USA
Gardner and Associates Architects - Birmingham, MI, USA
Gardner and Pope Architects - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Gardner Architects - Columbus, OH, USA
Gardner Architects - Washington, DC, USA
Gardner Architecture - Raleigh, NC, USA
Gardner Architecture - Strawberry Point, IA, USA
Gardner Architecture Planning Design Inc. - Des Moines, IA, USA
Gardner Ertman Architect - Wellesley, MA, USA
Gardner Hinde Davis (GHD) - North Platte, NE, USA
Gardner Spencer Smith Sarden and Partners, PC (GSSSandP) - Atlanta, GA, USA
Gardner/Fox Associates - Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
Garduque Architects (GA) - Honolulu, HI, USA
Garfield Kindred Associates PC - Southfield, MI, USA
Garfinkel Architects - Monsey, NY, USA
Garikes Wilson Karlsberger - Birmingham, AL, USA
Garlan Bryan - Albuquerque, NM, USA
Garland and Hilles, Architects - El Paso, TX, USA
Garmann/Miller and Associates, Inc. - Minster, OH, USA
Garnet C. Chapin Architect - Chattanooga, TN, USA
Garnet R. Cousins, AIA - Birmingham, MI, USA
Garold Nyberg, AIA - Edina, MN, USA
Garrett Gourlay Architect PLLC - New York, New York, USA
Garrett Smith Ltd. - Albuquerque, NM, USA
Garrison Architects - New York, New York, USA
Garrison Jones Architects Inc. - Carbondale, IL, USA
Garry Papers Architecture and Urban Design - Portland, OR, USA
Garth Braun Associates - Boulder, CO, USA
Gartner Burdick Bauer-Nilsen Inc. - Florence, KY, USA
Gartner, Burdick, Bauer-Nilsen, Inc. (GBBN Architects, Inc.) - Lexington, KY, USA
Gary A. Berkovich and Associates (GAB Associates) - Deerfield, IL, USA
Gary A. Lee, AIA, Architect - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gary Anderson and Associates - Rockford, IL, USA
Gary Ard Associates Inc. - Seattle, WA, USA
Gary B. Coursey and Associates Architects, Inc. (GBCandA) - Atlanta, GA, USA
Gary B. Fitzjarrell, AIA - Metairie, LA, USA
Gary B. Hoyt, AIA, PA - Sarasota, FL, USA
Gary B. Phillips Associates, Inc. - Northbrook, IL, USA
Gary Bishop, AIA - Omaha, NE, USA
Gary Brigadoi Architect RA - New York, NY, USA
Gary C. Graziano, AIA - Lititz, PA, USA
Gary C. Sylvester, Architects - Rochester, NY, USA
Gary Carlson and Associates - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Gary Chartoff, AIA - Ridgefield, NJ, USA
Gary D. Davis, AIA - Medford, MA, USA
Gary D. Haynes Architect - High Point, NC, USA
Gary Donaldson Architect and Facility Planning - San Angelo, TX, USA
Gary E. Faron, AIA - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Gary E. Gallagher, Architect, PC - Melville, NY, USA
Gary Earl Parsons Architect - Berkeley, CA, USA
Gary Ebben Architect - Brooklyn, WI, USA
Gary Edward Handel and Associates - New York, NY, USA
Gary Englehart Architect - North Lima, OH, USA
Gary Gee Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gary Glenn Architect - St. Louis, MO, USA
Gary Gustavson Architect - Jamaica Plain, MA, USA
Gary Guy Wilson, AIA, Architect Studios, pc - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Gary J. Bruno Architects - Bohemia, NY, USA
Gary J. Hanson, AIA - Norfolk, VA, USA
Gary Jacquemin Architect - Riverhead, NY, USA
Gary Juren Architects and Co. - Denton, TX, USA
Gary K. Estes, AIA - Sparks, NV, USA
Gary L. Herald, AIA, Architect - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gary L. McGavin, AIA - Redlands, CA, USA
Gary M. Lawrance, AIA - Stony Brook, NY, USA
Gary Matczak Architects - Erie, PA, USA
Gary McKelvey Architect - Tahoe City, CA, USA
Gary Moye Architect Inc. - Eugene, OR, USA
Gary Olson Architect - Traverse City, MI, USA
Gary P. Parker and Associates, Architects - Marietta, GA, USA
Gary Parkinson, Architects (GPA) - Everett, WA, USA
Gary Peterson and Associates Inc. - Anchorage, AK, USA
Gary R. Scott - Frankfort, KY, USA
Gary Rogowski, AIA, Architect - Battle Ground, WA, USA
Gary Rosard, Architect - New York, NY, USA
Gary Shaw Associates - Austin, TX, USA
Gary Snider, AIA - Northstock, NH, USA
Gary Sparks Companies, Inc. (GSC) - Tulsa, OK, USA
Gary Spragins, AIA - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Gary Thomas Lutz, RA - Hatboro, PA, USA
Gary W. Breeden, AIA, Architect - Medford, OR, USA
Gary W. Miller Architect and Associates - San Bernardino, CA, USA
Gary W. Sutton, Architect - Chillicothe, IL, USA
Gary Williams/Architect - Charlotte, NC, USA
Gary Wolf Architects, Inc. (GWA) - Boston, MA, USA
Gary Woodard Architect - New York, NY, USA
Garza/Bomberger and Associates - San Antonio, TX, USA
Gaskin Hill Norcross (GHN) - Little Rock, AR, USA
Gaskin Hill Norcross Architects-Engineers (GHN) - Springfield, MO, USA
Gastinger Walker Harden Architects - Kansas City, MO, USA
Gastinger Walker Malone Architects - Chicago, IL, USA
Gates Hafen Cochrane Architects - Boulder, CO, USA
Gates Merkulova Architects LLP - New York, NY, USA
Gateway Architects and Engineers, Inc. (GAE) - Paramount, CA, USA
Gaudet and Tolson Ltd. - Opelousas, LA, USA
Gaudet Associates - Providence, RI, USA
Gaudreau Inc. - Baltimore, MD, USA
Gauthier, Alvarado and Associates (GAandA) - Falls Church, VA, USA
Gavin and Sullivan Architects Inc. - Lowell, MA, USA
Gaxzso Design Architects and Landscape Architects - Chicago, IL, USA
Gayla Bechtol, AIA, Architect (GBA) - Santa Fe, NM, USA
Gayland B. Witherspoon, FAIA, Architect - Clemson, SC, USA
Gayle Gilboy Permar, AIA - Novato, CA, USA
Gayle Sherrill, Architect - Fresno, CA, USA
Gaylen Howard Laing Architect - Arlington, TX, USA
Gaz and Associates - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Gazall, Reno and Associates, Architects, Inc. - Flint, MI, USA
Gazley Plowman Architects (GPA) - Portland, Oregon, USA
GBA Architects - Altus, OK, USA
GBBN Architects, Inc. (GBBN) - Cincinnati, OH, USA
GBD Architects - Portland, OR, USA
GBKB Associates, Architects - Traverse City, MI, USA
GBMA Architecture, LLC (GBMA) - Phoenix, AZ, USA
GBQC Architects (GBQC) - Philadelphia, PA, USA
GC/a ARCHITECTURE (GC/a) - Arlington, VA, USA
GCH Ltd. - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
GDA architects, inc. - Rockland, MA, USA
Gearing Architecture - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Geary Architectural - Ventura, CA, USA
Geary Moore Ahrens - Cleveland, OH, USA
Gee and Jenson (GandJ) - Sarasota, FL, USA
Gee and Jenson Engineers-Architects-Planners, Inc. - West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Gegner Architects LLC - Marietta, OH, USA
Geheber Lewis and Associates - Atlanta, GA, USA
Geho Architects - Allentown, PA, USA
Gehricke Architects - Moorpark, CA, USA
Gehry Partners, LLP - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Geier Brown Renfrow Architects (GBRA) - Alexandria, VA, USA
Geiger Grafics - Sacramento, CA, USA
Geise Architects - Seattle, WA, USA
Gelband Group - New Haven, CT, USA
Gele and Wiggins Architects - Austin, TX, USA
Gelfand RND Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gelick Foran Associates Ltd. - Chicago, IL, USA
Geller Design, Inc - Lincoln, NE, USA
Genaro Salierno Architect (GSA) - Wayne, NJ, USA
Gene Cipparone Architect, Inc. (GCA) - San Diego, CA, USA
Gene D. Swets, AIA - Redwood City, CA, USA
Gene Farmer and Associates - Miami, FL, USA
Gene J. Nicolelli Jr., AIA, Arcchitect - Plymouth, MN, USA
Gene Leedy, AIA, Architect - Winter Haven, FL, USA
Gene Moore, AIA, Architect - Asheville, NC, USA
Gene S. Dubicki - Bloomfield, NJ, USA
Gene Starr Architect PC - Tulsa, OK, USA
Gene T. Takigawa, AIA, and Associates - Monterey, CA, USA
General Design Inc. - Branson, MO, USA
General Energy Corporation (GEC) - Oak Park, IL, USA
Genesis Architecture and Planning - Franksville, WI, USA
Genesis Design Associates - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Genesis Design Group - Grand Prairie, TX, USA
Genesis Design Services Inc. - Tampa, FL, USA
Genesis Multidesigners - Pune, Maharashtra, India
Genovese Associates, Inc. - Ridgewood, NJ, USA
Gensler - Parsippany, NJ, USA
Gensler - New York, NY, USA
Gensler - Dallas, TX, USA
Gensler - Houston, TX, USA
Gensler - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gensler - Newport Beach, CA, USA
Gensler - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Gensler - Denver, CO, USA
Gensler - Washington, DC, USA
Gensler - Atlanta, GA, USA
Gensler - Chicago, IL, USA
Gensler - Boston, MA, USA
Gensler - Detroit, MI, USA
Gentry Architects (GA) - Houston, TX, USA
Geoffrey Freeman and Dan Ionescu, PC Architects, Urban Development Consultants - New York, NY, USA
Geoffrey L. Gogan, Architect - Morristown, NJ, USA
Geoffrey Paterson and Associates - Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Geoffrey R. Childs Architect - Eden Prairie, MN, USA
Georg Koslowski, Architect - West Vancouver, B.C., Canada
George A. Held, AIA, and Associates - Clifton, NJ, USA
George A. Jackson, Jr. Architect, Inc. - Shreveport, LA, USA
George A. Obregon, AIA, Architect - Fayetteville, NC, USA
George A. Rixey, AIA - Kihei, HI, USA
George A. Roman and Associates Inc. (GARA) - Newton, MA, USA
George A. Shelton Sr., AIA - Milford, CT, USA
George Allen Balle, AIA - Dallas, TX, USA
George Arbid, Architect - Beirut, , Lebanon
George B. Dudley, AIA - Woodmont, CT, USA
George B. Johnston Jr., AIA - Atlanta, GA, USA
George Butler Associates, Inc (GBA) - Lenexa, KS, USA
George Butler Associates, Inc - O'Fallon, MO, USA
George Butler Associates, Inc - St. Louis, MO, USA
George Butler Associates, Inc - Kansas City, MO, USA
George Butler Associates, Inc - Lisle, IL, USA
George C. Brown Jr., AIA - Birmingham, AL, USA
George C. Elanjian Architect - Woburn, MA, USA
George C. Olson, AIA - Warrenville, IL, USA
George C. T. Woo and Partners Architects and Planners, Inc. - Dallas, TX, USA
George C. Toop, Jr. AIA, Architects and Planners - Reston, VA, USA
George Christopherson Architect - North Quincy, MA, USA
George Cintel, AIA, Architect - San Mateo, CA, USA
George Cooper Rudolph III Architects (GCR III) - New York, NY, USA
George Covalle Architect - Jackson, MI, USA
George D. Williams Architect - Pensacola, FL, USA
George Daddi, AIA - Staten Island, NY, USA
George Dedekian, AIA, Architect - Oakland, CA, USA
George Dickie, AIA - State College, PA, USA
George Dolgy Architects - Philadelphia, PA, USA
George E. Bennett Jr., AIA - Heber City, UT, USA
George E. Clower, Architect - Corpus Christi, TX, USA
George E. Decker, AIA - Ship Bottom, NJ, USA
George E. Ralph, AIA, Consulting Architect - Southport, ME, USA
George E. Wood, AIA, Architect - Clermont, FL, USA
George E. Yundt IV, Architect and Consultant - Macungie, PA, USA
George E. Zinser Jr., AIA - Birmingham, AL, USA
George Edwin and Associates - Dallas, TX, USA
George F. Henschel Jr., AIA and Associates - Bedford, NY, USA
George F. Pavarini, AIA - Greenwich, CT, USA
George F. White, AIA, and Associates, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL, USA
George Famous Designs - Hayward, CA, USA
George Gibson, AIA - Bigfork, MT, USA
George Gordon Architects, PC - Washington, DC, USA
George Gregory Dovey, AIA, Architect - Chambersburg, PA, USA
George H. Myrick, AIA - North Scituate, RI, USA
George H. Pearson, AIA, Architect - Lawrenceville, NJ, USA
George H. Stracy, AIA - Denver, CO, USA
George H. Thrush, AIA - Cambridge, MA, USA
George Hanson, Architects - Seattle, WA, USA
George Ikenoyama, AIA - San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
George J. Donovan, AIA, and Associates - Doylestown, PA, USA
George J. Kontogiannis and Associates - Architects - Planners - Columbus, OH, USA
George J. Masumian, AIA, Architects - Westport, CT, USA
George Jessop Architect - Centerville, MA, USA
George Kuska, AIA - Salinas, CA, USA
George M. Doherty, AIA - Hatick, MA, USA
George M. Livingstone Jr., AIA, Architect - Wakefield, MA, USA
George Mangan Architect - Sister Bay, WI, USA
George Marvin Watson - Architect - Fort Davis, TX, USA
George Mattson, Architect - Bozeman, MT, USA
George Meadows, AIA - Paterson, NJ, USA
George Melvin, Architect - Marietta, GA, USA
George Merges Jr. / Architect - Aliquippa, PA, USA
George Meu Associates - San Francisco, CA, USA
George Miles and Buhr Architects-Engineers-Planners - Salisbury, MD, USA
George Niewrzel, Architect, PC - Kansas City, MO, USA
George Normandin, Consulting Architect - Minneapolis, MN, USA
George O'Neill Architect - Holbrook, MA, USA
George P. Head Associates Architects - Detroit, MI, USA
George Palermo Architect Inc. - Sarasota, FL, USA
George R. Cohan and Associate Architects - Southfield, MI, USA
George R. Stewart, AIA - San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
George Rainhart Architect - Albuquerque, NM, USA
George Rescalvo, AIA - San Francisco, CA, USA
George S. Avanessian, AIA - South San Francisco, CA, USA
George S. Dai, AIA, Architect - Palo Alto, CA, USA
George Saire and Associates Architect - Cleveland, OH, USA
George Schwaab, AIA - Pasadena, MD, USA
George Smart and Partners - Raleigh, NC, USA
George Staten AIA Architect (GSandAIA) - Ruidoso, NM, USA
George Suyama Architects - Seattle, WA, USA
George T. Farnum Architect - Ballston Spa, NY, USA
George T. Manos, PC, Architects (Manos Architects) - Philadelphia, PA, USA
George T. Myers Associates Registered Architects - Kensington, MD, USA
George T. Rockrise, FAIA - Glen Ellen, CA, USA
George T. Terpatsi, AIA, Architect - Northridge, CA, USA
George Terrien Architect - Portland, ME, USA
George Thompson, AIA - Island Heights, NJ, USA
George Vaeth Associates, Inc. (GVA) - Columbia, MD, USA
George W. Atkinson, AIA - Atlanta, GA, USA
George W. Breuhaus, AIA - Ithaca, NY, USA
George W. Heideman, AIA Architect - Seattle, WA, USA
George W. Penniman, AIA - Essex, CT, USA
George W. Sprau, Architect - Oshtemo, MI, USA
George W. Stowe III, Architects - Asheville, NC, USA
George W. Terp, Jr., AIA - Flossmoor, IL, USA
George Yu Architects - Philadelphia, PA, USA
George Yu Architects - Los Angeles, Ca, usa
Georgetown Design Group Inc. - Washington, DC, USA
Georgia Kajer, AIA - Pasadena, CA, USA
Gerald A. Doyle and Associates, PC - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Gerald A. Estes, AIA, Architect - Orangeville, IL, USA
Gerald and Perron, Inc. - Cape Coral, FL, USA
Gerald B. Bratz Architect/Consultant - Longview, TX, USA
Gerald Buck/Architects - Jamaica, NY, USA
Gerald D. Matson Architects, Inc. - Eureka, CA, USA
Gerald E. Busse and Associates - Monrovia, CA, USA
Gerald E. Guy and Associates - Marion, IN, USA
Gerald F. DeMarco, Associates - Miami, FL, USA
Gerald Foster Inc. - Lincoln, MA, USA
Gerald G. DeZelar and Associates - South St. Paul, MN, USA
Gerald G. Kaplan, AIA - West Bloomfield, MI, USA
Gerald Garapich and Associates - Henderson, NV, USA
Gerald Gesser - New Iberia, LA, USA
Gerald Gurland FAIA Architect (GG) - West Orange, NJ, USA
Gerald I. Goldstein, Architect - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Gerald Inouye, AIA, Architect - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gerald J. Holasek, AIA - Milwaukee, WI, USA
Gerald Kelly and Associates - Denville, NJ, USA
Gerald L. Butler, AIA - Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Gerald Lee Morosco, AIA - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Gerald M. Tokuno, AIA - Aiea, HI, USA
Gerald McDonnell and Associates, PC Architects - Eugene, OR, USA
Gerald Meister and Associates, Ltd. - Chicago, IL, USA
Gerald Moorhead, FAIA, Architect - Houston, TX, USA
Gerald Nyren Architect (GNA) - Hilliard, FL, USA
Gerald P. Stitz Architect - Akron, OH, USA
Gerald Rishel-Architect and Associates - Lewistown, PA, USA
Gerald S. Stone, AIA - Missoula, MT, USA
Gerald Shaffer Architect - Clarence, NY, USA
Gerald Traub, AIA - Raleigh, NC, USA
Gerald Van Slyck, Architect, Inc. - Kirkland, WA, USA
Gerald W. Langkammerer, AIA - Oakland, CA, USA
Gerard E. Mancuso AIA - Houston, TX, USA
Gerard Ives Architects - Boston, MA, USA
Gerard L. Wall, AIA - Port Washington, NY, USA
Gerard Lee Architects - Concord, CA, USA
Gerard Valk Architect/Planner - Upper Montclair, NJ, USA
Gerard/Nagar Associates Architects - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Gerding Architects, LLC - Atlanta, GA, USA
Gerding Richards Schonbachler - New Lenox, IL, USA
Gere/Dismer, Architects - Rock Island, IL, USA
Gerit J. Lewisch AIA, Architect and Planner - Gardenville, PA, USA
Gerner Kronick and Valcarcel, Architects - New York, NY, USA
Gerou and Associates Ltd. - Evergreen, CO, USA
Gerry Bakirtjy, AIA (GBA) - New York, NY, USA
Gerry J. Copeland, AIA - Spokane, WA, USA
Gersdorf and Gersdorf - Fort Myers, FL, USA
Gershen Associates - Miami, FL, USA
Gertler and Wente Architects PC - New York, NY, USA
Gestalt Design Studio - Boca Raton, FL, USA
Geston Duffy - Fargo, ND, USA
Getz Taylor Architects Inc. - Columbia, MD, USA
Geudtner and Melichar Architects - Lake Forest, IL, USA
Geyer/Associates (G/A) - San Antonio, TX, USA
GEZ Architects Engineers - San Jose, CA, USA
GEZ Architects Engineers - San Francisco, CA, USA
GF55 Architects - New York, NY, USA
GFBA Architects, Inc. - Encino, CA, USA
GGA Architects - New York, NY, USA
GGLO, PLLC Architecture and Interior Design - Seattle, WA, USA
GGO Architects - Dallas, TX, USA
gh2 Gralla Architects, LLC - Tulsa, OK, USA
Ghafari Associates, Inc. - Dearborn, MI, USA
Ghoting Associates, Architects - College Park, MD, USA
Giattina Fisher Aycock Architects, Inc. - Birmingham, AL, USA
Gibbons Heidtmann and Salvador Architects and Planners PC (GHS Architects) - Mount Kisco, NY, USA
Gibraltar Design, Inc. (Gibraltar Design) - Indianapolis, IN, USA
Gibraltar Mausoleum Construction Company Inc. (GMCCI) - Indianapolis, IN, USA
Gibson and Associate, Architects, Inc. - Charleston, SC, USA
Gibson and Associate, Architects, Inc. - Vero Beach, FL, USA
Gibson and Mason: a design group - Louisville, KY, USA
Gibson Associates - Kirkwood, MO, USA
Gibson Associates - Architecture Planning Interiors (GA Architecture Planning Interiors) - Jenkintown, PA, USA
Gibson Mancini and Carmichael PA - Garden City, KS, USA
Gibson Reno Architects - Aspen, CO, USA
Gibson Tourney Kim Inc. - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Gideon Toal, Inc. - Fort Worth, TX, USA
Giffels Associates, Inc. - Southfield, MI, USA
Giffels Hoyem Basso, LLC (GHB) - Troy, MI, USA
Giffin Bolte Jurgens - Portland, OR, USA
Gifford O. Vernon, AIA - Roanoke, VA, USA
Gignac and Associates - Corpus Christi, TX, USA
Gil Ontai, Architect and Associates, Inc. - San Diego, CA, USA
Gilbert Arnold Sanchez Inc. - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Gilbert Honanie, AIA, Architecture and Planning - Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA
Gilbert L. Hershberger, Architect - South Pasadena, CA, USA
Gilbert Labrie, AIA, Architect - Walnut Grove, CA, USA
Gilbert Nelson Dias - North Bellmore, NY, USA
Gilchrist and Crowe Architects PA - Tallahassee, FL, USA
Gilfillan and Witt Architects - Schaumburg, IL, USA
Gili-McGraw Architects - Coral Gables, FL, USA
Gill and Gill Architects, LLC - Norwalk, CT, USA
Gilleland and Associates, Inc. - Nashville, TN, USA
Giller and Giller, Inc. - Miami, FL, USA
Gilley - Hinkel Architects, LLC (GHA) - Bristol, CT, USA
Gillham, Gander and Chin Associates - Boston, MA, USA
Gillies Stransky Brems Smith Architects (GSBSA) - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Gillis and Associates Architects - Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Gillis Architects - Great Falls, MT, USA
Gillis Previti Architects, PC (GPA) - New York, NY, USA
Gillis Previti Architects, PC - East Hampton, NY, USA
Gilman K. M. Hu, AIA - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gilmore and Associates Inc. - Columbus, NE, USA
Gin Wong Associates (GWA) - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gino A. Misciagna, Architect - Astoria, NY, USA
Ginocchio and Spina Architects/Planners - West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Gins Architectural Design (GAD) - Columbus, OH, USA
Giorgio Balli, AIA, Architect - Miami, FL, USA
Giorgio Cavaglieri Architect - New York, NY, USA
Gismondi and Arnold - White Plains, NY, USA
Giuliani Associates Architects - Washington, DC, USA
Giulietti and Associates Architects - Portland, OR, USA
gk a Architects, PC - Rutherford, NJ, USA
gkkworks - Newport Beach, CA, USA
Glance and Associates, Architecture and Planning - Carnegie, PA, USA
Glankler and Associates - Alexandria, LA, USA
Glanz Architectural Inspirations - San Diego, CA, USA
gLAs Architectural Group - Eugene, OR, USA
Glasco-Bedrin Architects, Inc. - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Glaser Associates, Inc. Architects Planners and Interior Designers (GAI) - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Glasgow Architecture - Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Glass and Glass - New York, NY, USA
Glass Architects - Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Glass Associates, Inc. - Oakland, CA, USA
Glassman Associates Inc. - Needham Heights, MA, USA
Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects, Inc. - Houston, TX, USA
Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin Lopez Rinehart,inc. - Orlando, FL, USA
GLC Design, PC - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Gleason Partnership - Architects (TGP-Architects) - Boston, MA, USA
Glen A. Ashworth, AIA - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Glen A. Cloninger and Associates - Spokane, WA, USA
Glen Dodds and Associates Architects/Planners - Menlo Park, CA, USA
Glen Irani Architects - Venice, CA, USA
Glen L. Lindberg Architects - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Glen N. Sink, Architect - Little Rock, AR, USA
Glen P. Harris Architect - West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Glendening Architectural Services - St. Paul, MN, USA
Glenn A. Eckstrom AIA - St. Louis Park, MN, USA
Glenn A. Grube, AIA - Westwood, NJ, USA
Glenn A. Kahley, AIA - Millville, NJ, USA
Glenn and Sadler - Norfolk, VA, USA
Glenn Buff and Partners - Miami, FL, USA
Glenn C. Dodds, AIA - San Diego, CA, USA
Glenn C. Higgins Associates - Metairie, LA, USA
Glenn C. Morgan Architect - New Roads, LA, USA
Glenn E. Chilcote, AIA - Lake Oswego, OR, USA
Glenn German, AIA - Midlothian, VA, USA
Glenn H. Mannes, Architect - Yankton, SD, USA
Glenn H. Ross, AIA - Columbia, SC, USA
Glenn Hartzell, AIA - Bakersfield, CA, USA
Glenn Keyes Architects - Charleston, SC, USA
Glenn Livingood Penzler Architects PA - Kansas City, MO, USA
Glenn Livingood Penzler Architects PA - Lawrence, KS, USA
Glenn M. Barnhard, AIA, Architect - Fairfield, CT, USA
Glenn Reynolds Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
Glenn Richardson, Architect - Wilmington, NC, USA
Glenn Ritter, NCARB - Kulpsville, PA, USA
Glenn Robert Lym Architect - San Francisco, CA, USA
Glenn W. Hauser, AIA - Livingston, NJ, USA
Glenwood L. Garvey Associates (GLGA) - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Gleysteen Design LLC - Lincoln, MA, USA
GLHN Architects and Engineers, Inc. - Tucson, AZ, USA
Glick/Boehm and Associates, Inc. - Charleston, SC, USA
Global Design Studio (GDS) - Pasadena, CA, USA
Glover-Smith-Bode, Inc. (GSB) - Oklahoma City, OK, USA
GLS Architects - Bainbridge Isle, WA, USA
Gluckman Mayner Architects - New York, NY, USA
Glueck Architects - Madison, WI, USA
Glueckert and Wieber Architect - Holbrook, NY, USA
Gluszko Architects, PC - Lebanon, PA, USA
GM Associates, Gene Miles Architect (GMA) - Fullerton, CA, USA
GMB Architects-Engineers - Holland, MI, USA
GMK Associates, Inc. (GMKA) - Columbia, SC, USA
gmp (von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) - Hamburg, , Germany
GMP Architects Inc. - Santa Monica, CA, USA
GMR, Ltd. - Cabin John, MD, USA
GMS and Associates (GMSand Associates) - Cambria, CA, USA
GMS Architectural Group, PS - Bellevue, WA, USA
GMT Architects - Boston, MA, USA
GMW and Company - Birmingham, AL, USA
Gobbell Hays Partners, Inc. (GHP) - Nashville, TN, USA
Gobbell Hays Partners, Inc. - Denver, CO, USA
Godfryt Associates - Rolling Meadows, IL, USA
Godsey Associates Architects (GAA) - Louisville, KY, USA
Goduco Design Group, Inc. - Bartlett, IL, USA
Goduti/Thomas Architects - Portland, ME, USA
Godwin Associates - Atlanta, GA, USA
Godwin Associates PA - Charlotte, NC, USA
Godwin-Jones Architecture and Interior Design, Inc - Montgomery, AL, USA
Goetz and Associates - Newport Beach, CA, USA
Goff D'Antonio Associates Ltd. - Charleston, SC, USA
Goforth Gill Architects - Vashon Island, Washington, usa
Gohmert Associates - Mount Pleasant, TX, USA
Golba and Associates/Design, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Goldasich Audo Architects - Jacksonville, IL, USA
Goldberg Downey Architects Inc. (GDA) - Lake Forest, IL, USA
Goldhammer Associates - San Francisco, CA, USA
Goldman and Associates, Architects-Planners - Crystal River, FL, USA
Goldman Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
Goldman Firth Architects - Malibu, CA, USA
Goldman Reindorf Architects Inc. (GRARCH) - Newton, MA, USA
Goldstone and Hinz Architects PC (GandH Arch) - New York, NY, USA
Gomez Mendez Saenz, Inc. - Brownsville, TX, USA
Gontram Architecture - Raleigh, NC, USA
Gonzalez Architects - Key West, FL, USA
Gonzalez Newell Bender, Inc. (GNB, Inc.) - San Antonio, TX, USA
Good, Fulton and Farrell Architects - Dallas, TX, USA
Good/Architecture (G/A) - Annapolis, MD, USA
Good/Architecture - St. George Island, MD, USA
Goode Van Slyke Architecture (GVSA) - Atlanta, GA, USA
Goodell-Wilson Inc. - Beaumont, TX, USA
Gooden and Ellis Architects, LLP - Muncie, IN, USA
Goodrum Knowles Architects - Huntsville, AL, USA
Goodwin Lasiter, Inc. - Lufkin, TX, USA
Goodwyn Mills and Cawood - Montgomery, AL, USA
Goody Clancy - Boston, MA, USA
Gora/McGahey Associates Inc. - Fort Myers, FL, USA
Gorder-South Group, PC (GSG) - Casper, WY, USA
Gorder/South Group, PC (GSG) - Cheyenne, WY, USA
Gordon and Associates Architects - Mount Dora, FL, USA
Gordon and Associates Architects, PA - Winfield, KS, USA
Gordon and Gordon, Architecture and Landscape Design - Lakeville, CT, USA
Gordon Bennett, AIA - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gordon Bizieff and Associates - Carlsbad, CA, USA
Gordon Burns and Associates - Seaside, FL, USA
Gordon Fleener Architects - Seattle, WA, USA
Gordon Gygi Architect and Associates - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Gordon H. Chong and Partners - Sacramento, CA, USA
Gordon Johnson, AIA, Architects - San Francisco, CA, USA
Gordon Ketterer Associates - Wilmington, VT, USA
Gordon L. Gagliano, AIA - Nine Mile Falls, WA, USA
Gordon L. Todd Associates Architects and Planners, PC - Lansdale, PA, USA
Gordon Mock, AIA, Architect - West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Gordon Ogata and Associates, Inc. - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gordon R. Garn, AiA, Architect - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Gordon Rogers and Company, Inc. (GRandCo.) - Rocklin, CA, USA
Gordon Rogers and Company, Inc. - Las Vegas, NV, USA
Gordon T. Hashimoto, AIA - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Gordon V. Brown, AIA, Architect - Tucson, AZ, USA
Gordon W. Canute, AIA - Pompano Beach, FL, USA
Gordon W. Jones, Architects - Williamsville, NY, USA
Gordon Walker Architecture Planning Design - Seattle, WA, USA
Gordon Whirry Architecture - Great Falls, MT, USA
Gordon Wigodner Chin and Associates (GWCA) - Northbrook, IL, USA
Gordy and Huffhines Architects Inc. - Beaumont, TX, USA
Gorman Richardson Architects Inc. (GRA) - Hopkinton, MA, USA
Gorovitz Maass Design - Brasília, DF, Brazil
Goshow Architects - New York, NY, USA
Goss Associates - Dickinson, TX, USA
Goss/Pasma Architects - Evanston, Il, USA
Gossen Architect, PC - Lafayette, LA, USA
Gossen Livingston Associates, Inc. - Kansas City, MO, USA
Gossen Livingston Associates, Inc. - Houston, TX, USA
Gossen Livingston Associates, Inc. - Wichita, KS, USA
Gossen Livingston Associates, Inc. - Dodge City, KS, USA
Gossen-Gasaway-Holloway, Ltd. - Thibodaux, LA, USA
Gossen-Gassaway-Holloway, Ltd. - Hammond, LA, USA
Gossens Bachman Architects (GBA) - Montpelier, VT, USA
Gotcher/Associates - Watsonville, CA, USA
Gotsdiner Architects - Houston, TX, USA
Gottfried/Garcia Architects PA - Tampa, FL, USA
Goudreau/Wakely, Inc. (GWA) - Mount Pleasant, MI, USA
Goulas and Associates Architects - Bellaire, TX, USA
Gould Architects PA - Baltimore, MD, USA
Gould Evans Associates, LC - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Gould Evans Associates, LC - Tampa, FL, USA
Gould Evans Associates, LC - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Gould Evans Associates, LC - Lawrence, KS, USA
Gould Evans Goodman Associates, LC - Kansas City, MO, USA
Gould Evans Goodman Associates, LC - Denver, CO, USA
Gould Evans Goodman Associates, LC - Overland Park, KS, USA
Gould Turner Group PC (GTG) - Nashville, TN, USA
Gould/Associates, Inc. - Lakewood, OH, USA
Gould/Associates, Inc. - Cleveland, OH, USA
Govan Associates - Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Gove Associates Inc. (GOVE) - Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Gove Associates Inc. - Lansing, MI, USA
Gove Associates, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN, USA
Gove Associates, Inc. - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Gowland and Johanson, Architects - Payette, ID, USA
Gowler Associates Architects - Fairway, KS, USA
GPA INC - Anaheim, California, USA
GPA, Inc. - Northbrook, IL, USA
GPB Architects - Evanston, IL, USA
GPD Associates Inc. - Akron, OH, USA
GPD Associates Inc. - Indianapolis, IN, USA
GPM Consultants Inc. - Omaha, NE, USA
GPR Planners Collaborative, Inc. A Subsidiary of Sverdrup Facilities (GPR) - Purchase, NY, USA
GPR Planners Collaborative, Inc. A Subsidiary of Sverdrup Facilities (GPR) - Irvine, CA, USA
GRA Architecture - West Paterson, NJ, USA
Graber Rasmussen Architects - Sacramento, CA, USA
Grace and Associates Inc. - Memphis, TN, USA
Grace and Hebert Architects, APAC (GHA) - Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Grace Architecture - Dexter, MI, USA
Grace Lynch, AIA - Secaucus, NJ, USA
GRAD Associates, PA - Newark, NJ, USA
GRADE, LLC - New York, NY, USA
Grady Associates Architects and Planners - Clackamas, OR, USA
Grady Lanier Woods Architect, Inc. - Johns Island, SC, USA
Grady Schiefer Architecture - Park City, UT, USA
Graeber Simmons and Cowan, Inc. (GSandC) - San Jose, CA, USA
Graeber Simmons and Cowan, Inc. - San Antonio, TX, USA
Graeber, Simmons and Cowan (GSandC) - Austin, TX, USA
Graeme Whitelaw, AIA FRAIA - New York, NY, USA
Graf and Lewent Architects - Elmhurst, NY, USA
Graham A. Geralds, Architect - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Graham and Graham - Hobe Sound, FL, USA
Graham and Hyde Architects, Inc. - Springfield, IL, USA
Graham Anderson Probst and White - Chicago, IL, USA
Graham B. Luhn, FAIA, Architect - Houston, TX, USA
Graham Downes Design and Architecture - San Diego, CA, USA
Graham Eberle Norman and Associates, Inc. - Portland, OR, USA
Graham Group Architecture - Pawleys Island, SC, USA
Graham Station - Sea Girt, NJ, USA
Graham Williams, AIA, Architect - Troy, NY, USA
Graham-Little Studio - New Orleans, LA, USA
Graham/Meus Inc. Architects - Boston, MA, USA
Grainger/Park, Inc. - Flint, MI, USA
Grammas Associates - Farmingdale, NY, USA
Gran Sultan Associates - New York, NY, USA
Grana Bonnett Associates, PC (GBA) - Ventnor, NJ, USA
Grana-Bonnett Associates, Inc - Eddystone, PA, USA
Granary Associates - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Granfield Granfield, Architects, PA - Stuart, FL, USA
Grant and Grant - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Grant Seder, Architect - Eugene, OR, USA
Grant/Weiland Architects (GWA) - Atlanta, GA, USA
GraphicandDesignandGroupandInternational - Dallas, TX, USA
Graves and Benjamin Architects - Tacoma, WA, USA
Graves and Carlos, Architects, Engineers - Pensacola, FL, USA
Gravitas Incorporated - Houston, TX, USA
Gray and Associates Architects Inc. - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gray Design Group, Inc. - St. Louis, MO, USA
Gray Houghland Architecture - Charlotte, NC, USA
Gray Smith's Office - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Gray-Simpson-Gutierrez Architects Inc. (GSG) - Muskegon, MI, USA
Grazado Velleco Architects - Marblehead, MA, USA
GRB, Inc., Architects - San Antonio, TX, USA
GRD Architects - Lake Oswego, OR, USA
Great Plains Architecture, Inc. - Kearney, NE, USA
Grebner Associates - St. Paul, MN, USA
Green and Green, Inc. - Cave Creek, AZ, USA
Green Associates Architects, Inc. - Dekalb, IL, USA
Green Nelson Weaver, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Greenbaum and Whitelam - Sacramento, CA, USA
Greenberg Farrow Architecture Inc. - Tustin, CA, USA
Greenberg Farrow Architecture Inc. - Atlanta, GA, USA
Greenberg Farrow Architecture Inc. - Arlington Heights, IL, USA
Greene and Associates Inc., Architects - Greenville, SC, USA
Greene Frantz Inc. - Beachwood, OH, USA
Greene Planning and Architecture - San Diego, CA, USA
Greenfield Architects - Denver, CO, USA
Greenfield Architects, Ltd. (G.A.L.) - Lancaster, PA, USA
Greenfield Sawicki Tarella Architects PC (GST Architects) - New York, NY, USA
Greenwell Goetz Architects, PC - Washington, DC, USA
Greer and Associates Architects - Palos Verdes Estates, CA, USA
Greg Berna Architects - Elgin, IL, USA
Greg Beste Architects, PA - Hilton Head Island, SC, USA
Greg C. Mix, AIA - Lilburn, GA, USA
Greg Danskin Architect - Escondido, CA, USA
Greg Frucci, Architect - Nags Head, NC, USA
Greg G. Hall, Architect, PC - Cashiers, North Carolina, usa
Greg Gibson Architects - Narberth, PA, USA
Greg Izor, Architect - Escondido, CA, USA
Greg Kamback Architect - Huntsville, AL, USA
Greg LeDoux, AIA - Cotati, CA, USA
Greg Winkler, AIA, Architect - Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Greg Woodring and Associates - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Gregg and Wies Architects - New Haven, CT, USA
Gregg Bliss, Architect - Amarillo, TX, USA
Gregg Sims Architect - Dalton, GA, USA
Gregory A. Kil and Associates Inc. - South Bend, IN, USA
Gregory Acker Architect - Portland, OR, USA
Gregory Aerts and Associates - Birmingham, MI, USA
Gregory and Associates Architects - Roanoke, VA, USA
Gregory Burgess Architects - Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Gregory C. Jenkins, AIA - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Gregory Comito and Associates - Newark, NJ, USA
Gregory D. Torchio, Architect, PC - Centreville, MD, USA
Gregory J. Bader, AIA, Architects - Seattle, WA, USA
Gregory J. Castle, AIA, Architect - Solana Beach, CA, USA
Gregory J. Noeth, AIA - Cleveland, OH, USA
Gregory J. Seleman Architect - Albany, NY, USA
Gregory John Burke Architect, PA - Vero Beach, FL, USA
Gregory K. Hunt, AIA - Alexandria, VA, USA
Gregory Kolodeny, Architect - Roselle Park, NJ, USA
Gregory La Vardera Architect - Merchantville, NJ, USA
Gregory Lawrence Skog, AIA, Architect - Wailuku, HI, USA
Gregory M. Choy, AIA - Concord, CA, USA
Gregory M. Friesen, AIA - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Gregory M. Gall Architect - Tarrytown, NY, USA
Gregory M. Lomax, AIA - Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Gregory Maire, Architect, Ltd. - Evanston, IL, USA
Gregory Mayes and Associates, Inc. (GMA) - St. Louis, MO, USA
Gregory Pitcher Architects - Newport Beach, CA, USA
Gregory S. Kindig, AIA - Harrington, DE, USA
Gregory Snider Architects - Cumberland, RI, USA
Gregory T. Rabideau, AIA - Burlington, VT, USA
Gregory Thomas, Architect - Austin, TX, USA
Gregory W. Brown, AIA - Alexandria, VA, USA
Gregory Yanchenko Architect - Maynard, MA, USA
Greiner Inc. - Tampa, FL, USA
Greiner Inc. - Timonium, MD, USA
Greiwe Architects, Inc. - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Grenald Associates Ltd. (GWA) - Narberth, PA, USA
Grenfell Architecture - Charlotte, NC, USA
Gresham and Beach Architects - Tucson, AZ, USA
Gresham Architecture - Waynesville, NC, USA
Gresham Associates Architecture, PLLC - Paducah, KY, USA
Gresham Henson Perry Architecture Inc. - Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Nashville, TN, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Dallas, TX, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Richmond, VA, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Reston, VA, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Jacksonville, FL, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Tampa, FL, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners (GSandP) - Birmingham, AL, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners - Roswell, GA, USA
Gresham, Smith and Partners - Louisville, KY, USA
Gresla Architects - Chicago, IL, USA
Gretchen Ann Meili Architect - Rye, NY, USA
Gretchen Minnhaar, AIA - Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Gretchen T. Greenwood and Associates - Aspen, CO, USA
Grew Design Inc. (GDI) - Woodbury, CT, USA
Grice Group Architects - St. Louis, MO, USA
Grid Properties - New York, NY, USA
Grid/2 International - New York, NY, USA
Grier-Fripp Architects - Charlotte, NC, USA
Grierson Associates - Asheville, NC, USA
Gries Architectural Group, Inc. (GAGI) - Neenah, WI, USA
Grieve Associates Architects - Knoxville, TN, USA
Griffin Architects - Durham, NC, USA
Griffin Architects, Inc. - Houston, TX, USA
Griffin Associates Architects - Concord, NC, USA
Griffin Graham Associates - Savannah, GA, USA
Griffin Joyce Associates Inc. - San Jose, CA, USA
Grillias . Pirc . Rosier . Alves (GPRA) - Irvine, CA, USA
Grillias . Pirc . Rosier . Alves - San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Grimm and Parker Architects - McLean, VA, USA
Grimm and Parker Architects - Calverton, MD, USA
Grina-Lavie Architects - Washington, DC, USA
Grinsfelder Associates Architects, Inc. - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Griskelis and Smith Architects, Ltd. (GandS) - Chicago, IL, USA
Grist Associates (Grist) - Pasadena, CA, USA
Griswold Heckel and Kelly Associates - Boston, MA, USA
Grojean Architects - Cape Girardeau, MO, USA
Gromatzky Dupree and Associates - Dallas, TX, USA
Gromatzky Dupree and Associates - Tucson, AZ, USA
Grondona Architects - San Diego, CA, USA
Grooters Leapaldt Tideman Architects - St. Cloud, MN, USA
Gross Associates, PA - Charlotte, NC, USA
Groth and Smies Architects, Ltd. - Cedarburg, WI, USA
Groth Architects, Inc. - Oceanside, CA, USA
Grothe and Smith Architects - Modesto, CA, USA
Group 4 Architecture Research Planning - South San Francisco, CA, USA
Group 70 International, Inc. - Honolulu, HI, USA
Group I Design - Syracuse, NY, USA
Group II Architects PA (Group II) - Marshall, MN, USA
Group II Architects PA - Sioux Falls, SD, USA
Group III Architecture, Interiors, Planning, Inc. (Group III) - Hilton Head Island, SC, USA
Group Mackenzie - Portland, OR, USA
Group One Architects Inc. (GOA) - Kansas City, MO, USA
Group One Partners - Boston, MA, USA
Group Two Architects - Austin, TX, USA
Group West - Lynnwood, WA, USA
Grove and Dall'Olio Architects PLLC (GDA) - Martinsburg, WV, USA
Grover Architectural Group - Sonora, CA, USA
Gruchalla and Associates Architects - Chesterfield, MO, USA
Gruen Associates - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Grulich Architecture and Planning - Tacoma, WA, USA
Grund and Riesterer Architects, Inc. - Chicago, IL, USA
Grundmanis and Associates - Fridley, MN, USA
Grunig, Wertz and Associates, Architects - New York, NY, USA
Grunsfeld and Associates - Chicago, IL, USA
Grunwaldt and Associates - Stevens Point, WI, USA
Grushkin Associates Architects, PC - Staten Island, NY, USA
Gruzen Samton Architects, Planners, Interior Designers LLP (GS) - New York, NY, USA
Gruzen Samton Architects, Planners, Interior Designers LLP - Alexandria, VA, USA
GSB/Batenhorst Architects - Fort Worth, TX, USA
GSH Design - Richmond, VA, USA
GSI Architects - Cleveland, OH, USA
GTG Consultants - Chicago, IL, USA
GTM Architects, Inc. - Bethesda, Maryland, USA
GTS Associates Inc. - Redlands, CA, USA
Guay and Associates, Inc. - Knoxville, TN, USA
Guedes Kahn Inc. - Bridgeport, CT, USA
Guenther and Hee - Collingswood, NJ, USA
Guenther Architects - Kansas City, MO, USA
Guernsey/Tingle Architects - Williamsburg, VA, USA
Guerrero and Associates - San Juan, TX, USA
Guerrero Architects - Hawthorne, CA, USA
Guest Reddick, Architects - Fort Smith, AR, USA
Guggenheimer Architects - New York, NY, USA
Guidry Beazley Architects - Lafayette, LA, USA
Guild Jaubert and Hardy Architects - Gulfport, MS, USA
Guillermo Rossello, AIA, Architect and Renderer - Berkeley, CA, USA
Guillermo Trotti Architect - Marblehead, MA, USA
Guillot-Vivian-Viehmann Architects, Inc. - Burlington, VT, USA
Gulesian Associates - Boston, MA, USA
Gulstrom/Kosko Group - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gumbinger Associates/Architects - San Mateo, CA, USA
Gund Partnership - Cambridge, MA, USA
Gundersen Architects - Salem, MA, USA
Gunn and Smith Architects - St. Louis, MO, USA
Gunn Levine Associates (GLA) - Detroit, MI, USA
Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects PC - Savannah, GA, USA
Gunnar Birkerts Architects Inc. - Wellesley, MA, USA
Gunnar F. Unger Jr., AIA, Architects Inc. - St. Paul, MN, USA
Gunta Cepuritis Ltd. - Kenilworth, IL, USA
Gurel Architecture, Inc. - Cary, NC, USA
Gus Duffy Architect - Studio City, CA, USA
Gus Roberts and Associates, Inc. - Columbia, SC, USA
Gustavson and Verelley-Architects - Stratford, CT, USA
Gustavson/Dundes Architecture and Design - Garden City, NY, USA
Gustavson/Dundes Architecture and Design - New York, NY, USA
Guth and Associates - Baltimore, MD, USA
Gutman Associates - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Guy A. Altman, AIA, Architect - Portland, OR, USA
Guy Jennings, AIA, Architect - Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Guy L. Ford, Jr. Architect - Deer Park, TX, USA
Guy Ladd Frost Architect - Roslyn, NY, USA
Guy Ladd Frost Architect - East Hampton, NY, USA
Guy Romain, AIA, Architect - Bronx, NY, USA
Guyon Architects Inc. - Lexington, KY, USA
Guzman Architects - Boston, MA, USA
Gwathmey Siegel and Associates Architects, llc (GSAA) - New York, NY, USA
GWC Inc. - Hermosa Beach, CA, USA
GWWO, Inc./Architects - Baltimore, MD, USA
Gwyn Bean Architecture - Blowing Rock, NC, USA
Gwyn C. Gilliam, AIA - Charlottesville, VA, USA
Gwyn S. Mason Design - Dallas, TX, USA
GYA Architects Inc. - Wailuku, HI, USA
GYA Architects, Inc. - Honolulu, HI, USA
Gyzen and Associates Architects - Irvine, CA, USA

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