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ArchitectureWeek Book Center

New books and classics, too, on architecture, building, architects, design, construction, design media, and more...

As noted by the editors of ArchitectureWeek.  Suggestions and submissions are welcome.

Books / Urban Planning / Case Studies

Privately Owned Public Space: The New York City Experience
Author: Jerold S. Kayden
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2000
Amazon Price: $64.00
ArchitectureWeek— An expose about the private take-over of spaces designated for public use in New York City.

Neon Tigers. Photographs of Asian Megacities
Author: Peter Bialobrzeski
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski was awarded first prize in the "Art" category at the prestigious World Press Photo Awards in 2003. In Neon Tigers, he merges the seven Asian cities of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jakarta, Singapore, and Shenzhen into a virtual megatropolis. His photos present an image of a world that no longer seems real but appears instead as a series of dream-images of an eccentric film architect or computer-game producer. Their references to reality evoke a sense of conflict in the viewer, as appreciation for the beauty of the absurd competes with recognition of an irreversible process of change in urban living space. They expose two different growth models: unscrupulous, uncontrolled expansion, as in Bangkok, and totally controlled, yet equally unscrupulous growth in a city like Shanghai.

Tokyo: City and Architecture
Author: Livio Sacchi
Publisher: Paperback
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Tokyo is one of the largest and most complex cities in the world and represents an intriguing proving ground for new ideas on architecture and urbanism. Working in Tokyo means working in the future, and often two sets of rules seem to apply to projects in Tokyo-on the one hand the city's growth is as protean as that of LA or Mexico City, yet this growth is channeled by Japan's rigid adherence to norms and rules and Japanese architecture's embrace of the theoretical and new. This book presents Tokyo as seen through its growth and design from the 19th century onward with a special focus on highlighting the deep roots of contemporary trends in Tokyo architecture. 240 pages

East Asia Modern: Shaping the Contemporary City
Author: Peter G. Rowe
Publisher: Reaktion Books Ltd
Year: 2005
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— This is a comparative study of urban expansion in the region, examining the processes by which new city building has taken place in recent years. The author, well known in the field of East Asian architecture and urbanism, focuses on how the modernizing process might most usefully be understood, especially with regard to building processes and projects; and how that understanding differs from other modernizing circumstances. He explains what modernization has meant for the general cultural diffusion of largely Western, ideas, how East Asian urban regions have developed their own distinct kind of modernity, and also what lessons can be learned from the contemporary East Asian experience. The book also provides a historical assessment of the region, showing how cities have developed over the last century and setting into context their individual paths towards modernization. East Asia Modern refutes many of the common misconceptions about life in modern East Asia, and provides a readable, critical assessment of the cities of the region, while also pointing to possible ways forward for the future.

Caracas Litoral, Venezuela (New Urbanisms 6)
Author: Richard Plunz, Michael Conrad, Mojdeh Baratloo, Ignacio Lamar, and Eric Brewer, editors
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A bilingual study of the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities facing the reconstruction of coastal communities near Caracas, Venezuela after mudslides devastated the area in December 1999. In a city where most of the urban population lives in informal housing, the social, economic, and cultural dilemmas of redevelopment emerged as opportunities to unite the various constituencies through innovative programming, sustainable geological/ hydrological infrastructure, and economically viable housing and commercial development.

Author: Steven Brooke
Publisher: Pelican Pub Company, Inc.
Year: 1995
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A combination coffee table book and guide book about the unique Florida community that has become the poster child of "The New Urbanism."

The Foch-Allenby and Etoile Conservation Area
Author: Robert Sailba
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $80.00
ArchitectureWeek— As the traditional heart of public, business and tourist activity prior to its extensive damage during the 1975 - 1990 Lebanon war, The Beirut Central District (BCD) constituted a prime candidate for postwar reconstruction. The area of Foch-Allenby and Etoile has become the main pole of attraction in Beirut's new city center. Yet, no publication so far has thoroughly examined its history and evolving architectural character. This book is intended to fill that gap, bringing forward the area's unique architectural features, and calling attention to the intensive efforts invested in its restoration. The study is concerned with three main aspects of Fock-Allenby and Etoile: its strategic value, its historical value , and its value as a model of an implemented planning vision.

Shanghai - Architecture and Urbanism for Modern China
Author: Peter G. Rowe and Seng Kuan, editors
Publisher: Prestel Publishers
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— An architectural view of one of the world's most dynamic and exciting cities. Shanghai's explosive development since the early 1990s has provided students and fans of architecture with myriad examples of superlatives: from the world's tallest buildings to its longest bridges. As timely as it is comprehensive, this collection of essays confronts the broader concerns of Shanghai's role as a harbinger of China's future and a global testing ground. Throughout the book, color photographs and illustrations examine thirty ongoing and completed projects.

Housing and Urbanisation
Author: Charles Correa
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Year: 1999
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— This is a retrospective of 40 years of designing public housing and complete townships in the author's native India.

The Glass State: The Technology of the Spectacle, Paris 1981-1998
Author: Annette Fierro
Publisher: MIT Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price: $36.48
ArchitectureWeek— The many meanings of transparency in architecture analyzed through the transparent monumental buildings that were built as part of François Mitterrand's program of Grands Projets: the metaphor of accessibility as a means of breaking open cultural institutions previously closed to the public.

CASE 4 Hilberseimer, Lafayette Park Detroit
Author: Charles Waldheim, editor
Publisher: Prestel USA
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $21.86
ArchitectureWeek— This in-depth look at the project explores why. This latest volume in the CASE series published in collaboration with the Harvard University's Graduate School of Design examines an often-overlooked paragon of modern architecture's highest goals. Today, while public housing and other urban renewal projects are being abandoned and even torn down, this volume discusses not only the significance of Lafayette Park's singular achievement, but also its relevance to the continuing debates about the status of public housing in the contemporary city.

Robert Polidori's Metropolis
Author: Robert Polidori, Martin C. Pedersen, and Criswell Lappin
Publisher: D.A.P & Metropolis Magazine
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $43.87
ArchitectureWeek— This monograph combines the eye of a celebrated photographer with the distinctive voice of an artist and adventurer. Each image--selected by the photographer from his own personal archive--is accompanied by a compelling first person account, based on interviews conducted by Martin C. Pedersen, executive editor of Metropolis magazine. Polidori tells behind-the-scene stories about the making of his photographs, takes us to war-torn Beirut and Brasilia and other world capitals, talks about what makes a building photogenic, how he shoots buildings he doesn’t like, his favorite architects, and his love of mosques. A look at the world’s great cities as seen through the eyes of a social observer--and a great photographer.

The Calgary Project: Urban Form/Urban Life
Author: Beverly A. Sandalack and Andrei Nicolai
Publisher: University of Calgary Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $22.76
ArchitectureWeek— Calgary is a young city — it has gone from pioneer beginnings to modernity in little over a century and is well known for its dynamic growth. This book examines the forces that produced its urban structure and the relationship to the quality of urban life, with the intention of helping to guide the development of this prairie metropolis into the 21st century.

Globalization and Urban Change: Capital, Culture, and Pacific Rim Mega-Projects
Author: Kris Olds
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2001
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— An analysis of globalization in the late 20th century and the processes that are reshaping modern cities, based on studies of Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris, and London.

Growing Up in an Urbanizing World
Author: Louise Chawla, Editor
Publisher: Earthscan Publications
Year: 2002
Amazon Price: $38.55
ArchitectureWeek— A study of why some cities are good places for children to grow up in and others are places of alienation. Focuses on low-income neighborhoods all over the world.

Streets and the Shaping of Towns and Cities
Author: Michael Southworth and Eran Ben-Joseph
Publisher: Island Press
Year: 2003
Amazon Price: $29.50
ArchitectureWeek— A survey of ideas about street design and layout from the early industrial era in London suburbs through present-day planning in the United States. This critique suggests planning ideas that are less rigidly controlled and responsive to local conditions.

Village Homes: A Community by Design
Author: Mark Francis
Publisher: Island Press
Year: 2003
Amazon Price: $25.00
ArchitectureWeek— Summary of two decades of research and writing on the successful Village Homes neighborhood in Davis, California. Includes interviews with designers, residents, and gardeners.

The Vancouver Achievement: Urban Planning and Design
Author: John Punter
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $43.95
ArchitectureWeek— This book examines the development of Vancouver's unique approach to zoning, planning, and urban design from the early 1970s to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Vancouver has established an excellent reputation in North America for its planning achievements, especially for its discretionary zoning system, cooperative planning model for megaprojects, discretionary control of major developments, development levies, management of neighborhood change, and strategic citywide approach to building intensification. These systems place Vancouver at the forefront of international planning practice. This book builds upon an exhaustive analysis of city planning documents, supplemented by in-depth interviews with leading local planners, politicians, architects, and developers. Generously illustrated, it will appeal to academic and professional audiences, as well as the general public.

Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World
Author: Robert Neuwirth
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Urban squatters — families that risk the wrath of governments and property owners by building dwellings on land they don't own — represent one out of every ten people on the planet. Squatters create complex local economies with high rises, shopping strips, banks, and self-government in their search for decent places to live. This book reveals squatter communities from Rio to Bombay that give a glimpse into our urban future and show new visions of what constitutes property and community.

The New Mix: Culturally Dynamic Architecture
Author: Sara Caples and Everardo Jefferson, editors
Publisher: Wiley-Academy Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $60.00
ArchitectureWeek— Architecture, like other cultural phenomena, increasingly reflects a blend of cultures from around the world. Such "metroculture" reflects ethnically diverse cities in collisions of cultures. A rising group of practitioners is meeting the challenge of this broadening cultural landscape through strategies of quick switching, layering, and reframing that may ultimately help create a more robust modernism. The book includes the work of Teddy Cruz in Tijuana; Steven Holl in Beijing; Iain Low in South Africa; Jayne Merkel in Queens, New York; Anooradha lyer Siddiqi in Bangalore; and Leon van Schaik in Australia.

Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City
Author: Edited by Richard D. Lloyd
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $29.88
ArchitectureWeek— A common sight in American cities today is the local bohemia, filled with hipsters, funky stores, picturesque dive bars, and aspiring artists. Yet not so long ago, these sorts of districts were relatively rare, and one had to travel to San Francisco or Greenwich Village to experience bohemia in all its glory. The last two decades, however, has seen the emergence of a mass alternative nation, populated by struggling screenwriters, oddball thrift stores, indie rockers, and thousands of coffee houses. It has sprouted in locales ranging from San Diego to Seattle, Athens to Cleveland. In Neo-Bohemia, Richard Lloyd asks, how did bohemia become such an ordinary thing?

Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City
Author: Richard Lloyd
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $29.88
ArchitectureWeek— In this exploration of one of America's most successful new bohemias, Chicago's Wicker Park - Lloyd shows that bohemia's new status is a result of broader social and economic transformations. Cities like Chicago that are trying to shift from the industrial to the postindustrial era no longer rely on smokestack industries. Rather, they crave "creative" industries like media, tourism, advertising, and design, and hence have a newfound tolerance for nonconformists. Neo-Bohemia will interest anyone trying to understand the growing prominence of alternative culture in America, but on how cities are retooling to become players in the information age economy.

OASE #68: Home-Land
Author: Pnina Avidar and Max Cohen de Lara, editors
Publisher: NAI
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $25.00
ArchitectureWeek— This 68th edition of OASE, an independent, international journal of architecture, urban design and landscape design, considers the impact of migration on cities from an architectural perspective. It looks at the effect of migration on urban development and the use of space, and on social and cultural issues of identities, subcultures, territories, and tolerance.

Two Squares
Author: Hashim Sarkis, editor
Publisher: Aga Khan Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $19.95
ArchitectureWeek— Essays by urban historians and designers about the changing role of public space in the cities of Beirut and Istanbul as they undergo major urban redevelopment. The study of Beirut looks at the redesign of Martyrs' Square, the city's primary public space, in the aftermath of the civil war and the ongoing reconstruction efforts. In Istanbul, the focus is on Sirkeci Square, one of the main intermodal hubs on the historic peninsula, as it readies itself to host a new station for the first under-Bosphorus train tunnel.

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