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ArchitectureWeek Book Center

New books and classics, too, on architecture, building, architects, design, construction, design media, and more...

As noted by the editors of ArchitectureWeek.  Suggestions and submissions are welcome.

Books / Construction / Construction Methods

The Timberframe Plan Book
Author: Michael Morris and Dick Pirozzolo
Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publisher
Year: 2000
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Thirty-four plans, along with tips from some of the field's premier builders and designers, demonstrating the art of a centuries-old building craft. Sections on framing, joinery, and siting.

Unbuilding: Salvaging the Architectural Treasures of Unwanted Houses
Author: Bob Falk and Brad Guy
Publisher: Taunton Press
Year: 2007
Amazon Price: $19.80
ArchitectureWeek— Salvaging parts of unwanted houses rather than demolishing them is the "green" art of unbuilding, or deconstruction. This book contains details on construction techniques for houses both old and contemporary and explains methods used to determine their salvagability. It describes a variety of projects, from dismantling a single wall to completely deconstructing an entire house, while saving the reusable parts and pieces for another building or for another purpose.

Building for Hearst and Morgan: Voices from the George Loorz Papers
Author: Taylor Coffman and Kevin Starr
Publisher: Berkeley Hills Books
Year: 2003
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— George Loorz was construction engineer on legendary building projects including Hearst Castle in San Simeon and the medieval chateau Wyntoon. His writings, including some rare, previously unpublished photos, give an insider's look at the newspaper magnate and his architect, Julia Morgan.

The City Beneath Us: Building the New York Subway New York Transit Musuem
Author: Vivian Heller
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $29.70
ArchitectureWeek— Published in honor of New York city subway's centennial, The City Beneath Us is an inside look at the design and construction of the New York subway system. The book includes 75 duotone and 40 black-and-white photographs made from 8 X 10 inch glass negatives that were reproduced from the collections of the New York Transit Museum. These images show construction techniques and details involved in creating the underground subway that is still used today.

IRON: Erecting the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Author: Gil Garcetti
Publisher: Balcony Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Photographer Gil Garcetti had unparalleled access to the Walt Disney Concert Hall construction site. The personal relationships he developed with the workers over the course of many months and his admiration for their artistry are evident in the moving portraits contained in this book. Garcetti’s evocative images, reproduced in rich duotones, bring to life the romantic ideal of American industry.

Home Rehab Handbook
Author: Michael J. Crosbie, editor
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Year: 2002
Amazon Price: $94.00
ArchitectureWeek— Illustrated reference for architects and builders, including step-by-step instruction, covering site work, foundations, walls, roofs, windows, stairs, kitchens, electrical systems, plumbing, and more.

Why is Construction so Backward?
Author: James Woudhuysen and Ian Abley
Publisher: Wiley-Academy Editions
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $58.86
ArchitectureWeek— A critique of the construction industry that is "fragmented, barely globalized, and behind other sectors in introducing disruptive innovations to its basic processes." The book calls for reform while criticizing architecture as social engineering and environmentalist dogma.

Constructing Architecture:Materials, Processes, Structure: A Handbook
Author: Andrea Deplazes
Publisher: Birkhauser Books
Year: 2005
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Constructing Architecture conveys the fundamental principles of conception and construction for the realization of a wide range of designs and building types in an integral approach. Buildings that have set aesthetic and architectonic standards provide instructive case-studies which are accompanied by over 1200 illustrations, plans, cross sections and drawings. Also included is a systematic and comparative catalogue of components documented in 1:20 scale, and a comprehensive subject index combine to make this an indispensable reference work for students and professionals.

Refabricating Architecture: How Manufacturing Methodologies are Poised to Transform Building Constru
Author: Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Year: 2003
Amazon Price: $18.76
ArchitectureWeek— An essay arguing that the time has come to re-evaluate and update basic design and construction methods that have constrained the building industry throughout its history. The authors use industrial models to demonstrate how buildings can be made more efficient, less expensive, and of higher quality.

Advanced Framing Methods: Builders Essentials
Author: Scot Simpson
Publisher: RSMeans Company
Year: 2002
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Advanced instruction for framers and carpenters, covering layout, complex roofs and stairs, earthquake protection, composite woods, pre-engineered components, and more.

Build Like a Pro: Painting and Finishing
Author: Michael M. Dresdner
Publisher: Taunton Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— An illustrated guide to interior and exterior finishing tasks around the home, addressing finish and tool selection and various application techniques.

Drywall: Professional Techniques for Great Results
Author: Myron Ferguson
Publisher: Taunton Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the tools, materials, and techniques for installing drywall to ensure smooth walls and ceilings.

Construction the Third Way: Managing Cooperation and Competition in Construction
Author: John Bennett
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Year: 2000
Amazon Price: $51.95
ArchitectureWeek— Advice about organization structures that respond to changing markets and technologies, and about construction processes that enable the industry to earn fair profits by providing customers with higher quality.

Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods
Author: Edward Allen, Joseph Iano
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2008
Amazon Price: $61.82

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