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ArchitectureWeek Book Center

New books and classics, too, on architecture, building, architects, design, construction, design media, and more...

As noted by the editors of ArchitectureWeek.  Suggestions and submissions are welcome.

Books / Architects / 19th and Early 20th Century

Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary (Architecture)
Author: Anthony Denzer
Publisher: Rizzoli
Year: 2008
Amazon Price: $43.80

Taliesin Reflections: My Years Before, During and After Living with Frank Lloyd Wright
Author: Earl Nisbet
Publisher: Meridian Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $24.95
ArchitectureWeek— A memoir from an apprentice who went to Taliesin, in Wisconsin, to live with and learn from Frank Lloyd Wright during the 1950s. The autobiographical book relates the day-to-day activities of the Taliesin Fellowship. Illustrated with photographs and drawings of the architects, their families, and their buildings. Look inside at AtlasBooks. Also

Owen Jones: Design, Ornament, Architecture & Theory in an Age of Transition
Author: Carol A. Hrvol Flores
Publisher: Rizzoli
Year: 2006
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Architect Owen Jones was a prolific and influential force in the Victorian world of architecture and design. This review of his work, captured through drawings and photographs, fills a gap in the history of design. His signature projects include the interior of Joseph Paxton's magnificent World's Fair Crystal Palace in London, St. James Hall, the Crystal Palace Bazaar, Osler's Glass Shop, and Eynsham Hall at Oxford. He is also author of "Grammar of Ornament," which remains influential to this day.

Greene & Greene
Author: Marvin Rand
Publisher: Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $31.50
ArchitectureWeek— Renowned architectural photographer Marvin Rand reinterprets the legendary California craftsman architects Charles and Henry Greene. He captures the emotion and art of their buildings, focusing on the architectural details, lighting, and materials that give Greene & Greene houses a sensuousness of line and texture.

Philip Webb : Pioneer of Arts & Crafts Architecture
Author: Sheila Kirk
Publisher: Wiley Academy Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $130.00
ArchitectureWeek— Philip Webb (1831–1915) was a key figure in the British arts and crafts movement and a leading member of the Pre-Raphaelite circle, considered by some to be one of the most important architects of the 19th century. This is an account of his life, philosophy, architectural work, and influence.

Mies Van Der Rohe: The Krefeld Villas
Author: Kent Kleinman and Leslie Van Duzer
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $23.64
ArchitectureWeek— An illustrated account of the previously unknown Krefeld Villas, a pair of neighboring brick residences designed by Mies Van Der Rohe and built from 1927 to 1930. Their anonymity may have been Mies's preference. In 1959, he quipped that he would have preferred to use more glass, but the clients objected. This guide through the two villas shows them as they now exist, converted into a joined museum of contemporary art.

Ornaments of the Metropolis: Siegfried Kracauer and Modern Urban Culture
Author: Henrik Reeh
Publisher: The MIT Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $32.68
ArchitectureWeek— For Siegfried Kracauer, urban ornament was the medium through which city dwellers interpreted the metropolis. His essays deciphered the subjective experience of the city by viewing fragments of the city as dynamic ornaments. Reeh argues that Kracauer's writings suggest ways in which the subjective can reappropriate urban life. The book includes photographs of ornament in Paris, Frankfurt, and other cities.

Building for Hearst and Morgan: Voices from the George Loorz Papers
Author: Taylor Coffman and Kevin Starr
Publisher: Berkeley Hills Books
Year: 2003
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— George Loorz was construction engineer on legendary building projects including Hearst Castle in San Simeon and the medieval chateau Wyntoon. His writings, including some rare, previously unpublished photos, give an insider's look at the newspaper magnate and his architect, Julia Morgan.

Ornament and Crime
Author: Adolf Loos
Publisher: Ariadne Press
Year: 1998
Amazon Price: $18.37
ArchitectureWeek— Ornament and Crime contains thirty-six original essays by the celebrated Viennese architect, Adolf Loos (1870-1933). Most deal with questions of design in a wide range of areas, from architecture and furniture, to clothes and jewelry, pottery, plumbing, and printing; others are polemics on craft education and training, and on design in general.

On Architecture
Author: Adolf Loos
Publisher: Ariadne Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price: $19.50
ArchitectureWeek— Adolf Loos (1870-1933) is recognized today as one of the great masters of modern architecture. He did not leave a unified oeuvre but articles scattered through journals and newspapers. This collection of forty-two articles complements the volume Ornament and Crime. Together the two volumes represent more or less the complete writings of Adolf Loos.

Irving J. Gill: Architect, 1870 - 1936
Author: Marvin Rand
Publisher: Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $32.34
ArchitectureWeek— Modernist California architect Irving J. Gill (1870 1936) has been compared in importance with Bernard Maybeck, Charles and Henry Greene, and R. M. Schindler. This book examines his life, architectural achievements, and design philosophy. Gill led a shift from crafts to construction to mechanic building, particularly in the development of concrete as material of choice. Includes essays by Esther McCoy and Gill himself.

Hardy Cross: American Engineer
Author: Leanord K. Eaton
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $32.00
ArchitectureWeek— Hardy Cross was a key figure in the history of structural engineering. During his tenure at the University of Illinois (1921-37), he developed the "moment distribution method," allowing mathematicians to calculate statistically indeterminate frames of reinforced concrete. This achievement made possible the calculations that allowed for safe and efficient designs from reinforced concrete — a new material at the time.

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate
Author: Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $50.70
ArchitectureWeek— This beautifully photographed book focuses on Laurelton Hall, Louis Comfort Tiffany’s country estate on Long Island, New York. Beginning in 1902, Tiffany (1848–1933) designed every aspect of the immense house: 84 rooms, eight levels, and extensive grounds. The residential masterpiece was also a quasi-museum filled with his own works — windows, glassware, pottery, enamels, lamps, oil paintings, and watercolors —as well as collections of Islamic, Asian, and Native American art.

The Problem of the House: French Domestic Life And the Rise of Modern Architecture
Author: Alex T. Anderson
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $60.00
ArchitectureWeek— "The problem of the house is a problem of the epoch," stated Swiss architect Le Corbusier; architecture, he felt, should focus on everyday life and produce housing that is "made for living in." This book explores the work of a group of like-minded designers in France, the architects-décorateurs, who committed themselves to designing and equipping the modern house. The author traces the development of their ideas in France from the Salons d'Automne displays of 1900 through the post-World War I period, when the early modern architects, influenced by cubism and art nouveau, established architecture as a human-centered art.

Churches for the Southwest: The Ecclesiastical Architecture of John Gaw Meem
Author: Stanford E. Lehmberg
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $46.71
ArchitectureWeek— John Gaw Meem designed all or part of twenty-two churches, including mission churches for Indian pueblos; Catholic, Episcopal, and Presbyterian churches in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos; and a chapel in Fort Defiance, Arizona. Using archival and new color photographs this book surveys the varied styles in which he worked.

The Furniture Collection, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: 1850-2000 / from Michael Thonet to Marcel Wand
Author: Luca Dosi Delfini
Publisher: NAI Publishers/Stedelijk Museum
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $71.29
ArchitectureWeek— The Furniture Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam provides a comprehensive overview of the Stedelijk Museum's furniture collecting activities from 1934 to 2000. It charts the rich collection, which includes work by P. Berlage, K.P.C. de Bazel, Piet Kramer, Gerrit T. Rietveld, Martin Visser, Piet Hein Eek and Marcel Wanders, as well as international furniture classics designed by Michael Thonet, Charlotte Perriand, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Joe Colombo, Arne Jacobsen, Ettore Sottsas, Phillippe Starck and Ron Arad. Besides a complete overview of the furniture collection, this annotated catalog includes an introduction to the history of the museum's collection and exhibition activities. A number of themes, such as international and Dutch icons, contrasts and evolutions, are also discussed in short texts. 465 pages.

Compact Design Portfolio: Gaetano Pesce
Author: Marisa Bartolucci
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Year: 2003
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Gaetano Pesce whose rejection of traditional good taste brought about revolutionary furniture design is featured in this edition of the popular Compact Design Portfolio series. The book reveals Pesce's revolutionary forms and renegade career. With an informative essay by Marisa Bartolucci, this survey shows how this visionary continues to challenge the world with new concepts and images of beauty. Marisa Bartolucci is the former executive editor of Metropolis, a freelance architecture and design critic, coauthor of American Contemporary Furniture and is the author of Architecture + Design: New York.

Mies van der Rohe: Farnsworth House
Author: Maritz Vandenberg
Publisher: Phaidon
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $12.71
ArchitectureWeek— This slim volume sets the house within its historical context and details every aspect of the building's life from its conception, through legal wrangles and flood damage, to its reconstruction. Illustrated with commissioned photography and detailed drawings, Farnsworth House provides an in depth account of this icon of 20th century modernist architecture.

Fallingwater Rising: Frank Lloyd Wright, E.J. Kaufmann , and America's Most Extraordinary House
Author: Franklin Toker
Publisher: Knopf
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Fallingwater Rising is the story not only of an architect but of one of the most famous houses of the twentieth century. Scholars and the public have long praised the virtues of the house that Frank Lloyd Wright situated over a Pennsylvania waterfall in 1937. Toker studied Fallingwater for eighteen years and presents a fresh perspective on the relationship between the architect and E.J. Kaufmann, who commissioned the house. The book includes 16 pages of color photographs and 97 illustrations. Toker reveals the fascinating history of the creation and life of what is arguably the most important house of twentieth century America.

The Terracotta Designs of Alfred Waterhouse
Author: Colin Cunningham
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2000
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A history of the development of Waterhouse's designs for the mouldings of flora and fauna adorning the exterior and interior of the Natural History Museum in London.

Greene & Greene: The Blacker House
Author: Randell L. Makinson, Thomas A. Heinz, and Brad Pitt
Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publisher
Year: 2000
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A monograph on the Robert Roe Blacker House (1907), the largest and most elaborate of the Greene & Greene style.

The Minimum Dwelling
Author: Karel Teige, (Eric Dluhosch, Translator)
Publisher: MIT Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price: $49.93
ArchitectureWeek— The avant-garde Czech artist and designer Karel Teige (1900-1951) proposed provocative and humane ideas for modern housing. His treatise of 1932 is now translated into English for the first time.

Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser's Design Revolution
Author: Michael Whiteway, editor
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $38.68
ArchitectureWeek— Essays from leading specialists in the field explore the impact of Dresser's theories, discussing his work in relation to that of his contemporaries, the late industrial revolution and development of modern design. Published during the centennial of his death, the book includes 300 illustrations that illuminate the vast scope of Dresser's output, from Gothic Revival cast-iron garden furniture, to stark geometric silver-plated tableware, to his experimental and innovative ceramics. This catalog also features his previously unattributed designs for textiles, wallpapers, and glass.

Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Houses
Author: Alan Hess
Publisher: Rizzoli
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $31.50
ArchitectureWeek— With the advent of Prairie style architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright embarked on a journey that would forever change the course of architecture. During this extraordinarily prolific period, roughly the first quarter of the twentieth century, Wright built the first great modern American houses. He cast aside many of the conventions of the past, opening up interior spaces so that there might be a more subtle flow of rooms. The plans for Prairie style architecture were based on a tartan plaid of main spaces and secondary spaces, of public rooms and circulation spaces. Their decentralized asymmetry did not follow the Beaux Arts insistence on a primary, often dominating, focal point -- a vestige of its roots as a symbolic architecture for divine-right royalty. Following Wright's philosophy, Prairie design was emphatically democratic and non-hierarchical. Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Houses comprehensively demonstrates this philosophy. Focusing on interiors and details, the book features more than 70 Prairie style houses and other buildings, still extant, in lavish, full-color photography.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion (Revised Edition)
Author: William Allin Storrer
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion brings together the details, descriptions, brief histories, photographs, and plans of everything built by America's best-known architect. William Allin Storrer presents complete plans of all Wright's work as built along with critical information and rare anecdotal material collected over many years of research. Surveying almost 450 buildings, each of which he visited at least twice, Storrer includes the full range of Wright's architectureÑfrom vacation cottages in Montana and Michigan to such monuments of modernism as the Johnson's Wax Building and the Guggenheim Museum. He also includes buildings completed after Wright's death in 1959.

Readings from the Architecture of Louis I. Kahn
Author: Jeffry Kieffer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Year: 2001
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Illustrated readings on eight of the greatest buildings by the master architect, including the Salk Institute and the Kimball Museum.

Marcel Breuer, Architect : The Career and the Buildings
Author: Isabelle Hyman
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Year: 2001
Amazon Price: $53.55
ArchitectureWeek— A defense of Breuer's alternately maligned and revered architecture over a 50-year career starting with furniture design at the Bauhaus in the 1920s.

Louis Kahn
Author: Joseph Rykwert
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Year: 2001
Amazon Price: $54.75
ArchitectureWeek— A review of the work of the famous American architect with focus on 15 beloved favorites including the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, and the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California.

An Eames Primer
Author: Eames Demetrios
Publisher: Universe Publishing
Year: 2002
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— The life and work of Charles and Ray Eames, as related by their grandson, through words, drawings, and photos.

Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town
Author: Cyril E. Vetter, Philip Gould (Photographer)
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press
Year: 1999
Amazon Price: $29.70
ArchitectureWeek— A photographic journey through the residential work of influential 20th century Baton Rouge architect Hays Town.

Usonia, New York: Building a Community with Frank Lloyd Wright
Author: Roland Reisley
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2001
Amazon Price: $26.94
ArchitectureWeek— A history of an idealistic, cooperative, and still-thriving community that developed in the middle of the 20th century with design and planning assistance from Frank Lloyd Wright, the outspoken master of the time.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Author: Wendy Kaplan (Editor)
Publisher: Abbeville Press
Year: 1996
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A joint effort by leading scholars sheds light on Mackintosh's work as architect, painter, and furniture designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Carlos Raul Villanueva
Author: Paulina Villanueva and Macia Pinto
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2000
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— The work of the 20th century Venezuelan architect Carlos Raul Villanueva.

The Master Architect Series IV: Richard Dattner
Author: Renee Otmar
Publisher: The Images Publishing Group Pty. Ltd.
Year: 2000
Amazon Price: $65.00
ArchitectureWeek— A range of projects by Richard Dattner, a New York architect who worked on public sector buildings throughout his career.

Charlotte Perriand Livre de Bord
Author: Arthur Ruegg
Publisher: Birkhauser
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— The French designer Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) worked in the studio of Le Corbusier in the late 1920’s together with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The famous Corbusier furniture pieces are the result of this unique collaboration. A facsimile reproduction of 140 page Livre de Bord, her sketchbook during the years 1927-1933 is the centerpiece of this publication.

Marcel Sedletzky: Architect and Teacher
Author: Bill Staggs
Publisher: Wild Coast Press
Year: 2003
Amazon Price: $35.00
ArchitectureWeek— Survey of the houses of Russian-American architect Marcel Sedletzky, built on the central coast of California from 1960 to 1973. His work reflects influences of both 20th-century modernists and the beautiful California coastline.

Nature and Space: Aalto and Le Corbusier
Author: Sarah Menin and Flora Samuel
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2002
Amazon Price: $165.00
ArchitectureWeek— A comparative study of the great modernists Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier via their attitudes toward nature and creativity.

Bernard Rudofsky: A Humane Designer
Author: Andrea Bocco Guarneri
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2003
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Rudofsky, author of "Architecture without Architects," was also a prolific architect. Previously unpublished material and gives a comprehensive understanding of this central figure in 20th-century design.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Author: Robert McCarter
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $13.22
ArchitectureWeek— In this new biography, Robert McCarter distills Wright's life and work into a concise account that explores the beliefs and relationships reflected in his architectural works. He examines how Wright aspired to influence America's evolving democratic society by the challenges his buildings posed to traditional views of private and public space. He investigates Wright's relationships with key leaders of art, industry, and society, and how their views came to have concrete significance in Wright's work and writings.

Le Corbusier's Hands
Author: Andre Wogenscky, translated by Martina Milla Bernad
Publisher: The MIT Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $15.95
ArchitectureWeek— Le Corbusier's Hands offers a personal portrait of Le Corbusier -- a nuanced portrayal that is in contrast to the popular image of Le Corbusier the aloof modernist. The author knew Le Corbusier intimately for thirty years, first as his draftsman and main assistant, later as his colleague and personal friend. In this book, written in the mid-1980s, Wogenscky remembers his mentor in a series of revealing personal statements and evocative reflections unlike anything that exists in the vast literature on Le Corbusier.

Grand Hotels of the Jazz Age: The Architecture of Schultze – Weaver
Author: Edited by Marianne Lamonaca
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $37.85
ArchitectureWeek— This book presents portfolios of fifteen of the firm's most spectacular hotels, culminating in the Art Moderne masterpiece of the Waldorf-Astoria. Over two hundred period photographs and hand-colored architectural renderings chart the ascent of the American hotel in all its glory and glamour, before the Great Depression forever changed the lifestyles of America's rich and famous. Essays address the cultural and technological developments that underpin the creation of resort and residential hotels, including the elemental role played by Schultze – Weaver. This book is published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Wolfsonian-Florida International University, Miami, held in celebration of their tenth anniversary.

Walking Through Le Corbusier: A Tour of His Masterworks
Author: José Baltanás
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $45.00
ArchitectureWeek— This book features some of Le Corbusier’s most important European buildings, complemented by others that are less well known. The photographs, taken sequentially by the author, provide a narrative description of each building and are supported by literary and graphic data. Each "tour" is accompanied by an introduction that brings together the architect’s main ideas about the building; at least one floor plan, which pinpoints the position from which the photograph has been taken; phrases by Le Corbusier relating directly to what is shown in the image; drawings by the architect of certain details; and images from other Le Corbusier buildings that enlarge on the discussion or elucidate a point.

Alvar & Aino Aalto: Design - Collection Bischofberger
Author: Edited by Thomas Kellein.~Essays by Thomas Kellein and Björn Egging
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $30.83
ArchitectureWeek— In addition to being an important Finnish architect of the 20th century, Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto (1898-1976) was also one the most noteworthy furniture designers of the modern era. His complete system--including stools, chairs, armchairs, and tea trolleys--is characterized by curving line formations. This publication presents the furniture, glass objects, and lamps of Alvar and Aino Aalto in a well-edited selection of photographs, paintings, drawings, and sketches.

Schindler by Mak
Author: Peter Noever, editor
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $14.95
ArchitectureWeek— Guidebook to the social and cultural history of the Schindler House, illustrated chronicle of the MAK Center's programs, and a comprehensive list of Rudolph Schindler's most visible buildings in the Los Angeles area.

Bernard Maybeck at Principia College: The Art and Craft of Building
Author: Robert M. Craig
Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publishers
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $52.50
ArchitectureWeek— A massive documentation of Maybeck's last and longest commission, the campus plans, unexecuted projects, and built architecture for Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. A reassessment of his romantic vision, as it blends with matured practical experience in college planning, through conversations and interviews with others associated with the work.

Eladio Dieste: Innovation in Structural Art
Author: Stanford Anderson, editor
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Uruguayan architect Eladio Dieste spent most of his career creating industrial and agrarian works, public infrastructure, commercial buildings, and small churches. But his melding of architecture and engineering elevated these often humble buildings to masterworks of art.

Meeting Louis at the Fair
Author: Carol S. Porter
Publisher: Virginia Publishing
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $23.95
ArchitectureWeek— Biography of Louis Spiering, one of St. Louis' most intriguing, if not best known architects at the turn of the 20th century. He served as an architect for the 1904 World's Fair and designed the Sheldon Concert Hall.

Erwin Hauer: Continua — Architectural Screens and Walls
Author: Erwin Hauer
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Year: 2004
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— he Austrian sculptor Erwin Hauer designed elegant perforated and modular structures all over Europe and the Americas. The walls and screens caused a stir when they were erected in the 1950s but subsequently faded from public memory, until now.

William Morris and Morris & Co.
Author: Lucia van der Post
Publisher: V&A
Year: 2003
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Morris created highly distinctive designs for wallpapers and textiles, many of which are still enjoying enormous popularity today. Through his company, Morris & Co, he contributed to the transformation of interior design at the end of the 19th century and gave expression to the ideas of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The highly accessible text looks at pattern and color, as well as sources of inspiration such as nature, literature and legend. Through specially commissioned photographs showing rooms using his designs in a wide variety of settings, and details of individual textile and wallpaper designs, the book provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for contemporary home owners.

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Louis I. Kahn - Robert McCarter
Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture: 23 American Arts and Crafts Masterpieces - Robert W. Lang


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