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ArchitectureWeek Book Center

New books and classics, too, on architecture, building, architects, design, construction, design media, and more...

As noted by the editors of ArchitectureWeek.  Suggestions and submissions are welcome.

Books / Buildings / By Building Type / Multifamily Residential

Housing and Urbanisation
Author: Charles Correa
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Year: 1999
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— This is a retrospective of 40 years of designing public housing and complete townships in the author's native India.

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces
Author: Maureen Mitton and Courtney Nystuen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2007
Amazon Price: $40.96
ArchitectureWeek— A room-by-room guide to residential interior design that teaches the fundamental skills and understanding of human factors needed to plan interior spaces for all types of houses, in many styles, from remodeling to new construction. Using drawings and photographs, the authors explore the minimal amount of space that rooms need to function usefully, with information about building codes, mechanical and electrical systems, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and special considerations for multifamily dwellings.

Barbican: Penthouse Over the City
Author: David Heathcote
Publisher: Wiley-Academy Press
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $65.06
ArchitectureWeek— A profile of the Barbican Estate in London, an ambitious, controversial, futuristic project of the last century that included the highest apartments in Europe, an underground railway, and a grand-scale arts center.

The Sky's the Limit: Passion and Property in Manhattan
Author: Steven Gaines
Publisher: Time Warner/Little Brown
Year: 2005
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— A chronicle of the changes in Manhattan's residential skyline, from the slums of the nineteenth century to the advent of the luxury building. Gaines describes how living in boxes stacked on boxes came to be seen as the ultimate in status, and how the co—operative apartment, originally conceived as a form of housing for the poor, came to be used as a legal means of blackballing undesirable neighbors.

Housing Ourselves: Creating Affordable, Sustainable Shelter
Author: Richard Burnham
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Year: 1998
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— With examples from around the world, this book offers a practical approach to building environmentally senstive housing by encouraging people to build it themselves.

Chicago Apartments: A Century of Lakefront Luxury
Author: Neil Harris
Publisher: Acanthus Press
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $50.62
ArchitectureWeek— A survey of nearly 100 elevator structures whose luxurious amenities, generous or unusual interior spaces, or innovations have made them significant in the history of Chicago apartment life. An introductory essay traces themes in the development of the city's architecture.

New American Additions and Renovations
Author: Il Kim and James Grayson Trulove
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
Year: 2001
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Twenty-five case studies of residential expansions, ranging from a small rooftop addition on a big-city apartment to a complete makeover of a conventional suburban ranch-style house.

Intown Living: A Different American Dream
Author: Ann Breen and Dick Rigby
Publisher: Island Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price: $35.00
ArchitectureWeek— After decades of abandonment, cities across North America are experiencing a renaissance, attracting a new generation seeking greater excitement and diversity than available in suburban subdivisions. If properly nurtured, this movement could help slow current patterns of sprawling development and help revitalize America's cities. The authors present in-depth studies of Atlanta; Dallas; Houston; Memphis; Minneapolis; New Orleans; Portland, Oregon; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

New Urban Housing
Author: Hilary French
Publisher: Yale University Press
Year: 2006
Amazon Price: $33.75
ArchitectureWeek— This book looks at some of the most inventive examples of contemporary high-density urban housing from around the world. It covers 36 case studies of different formal typologies of urban housing: terrace and row houses, quadrangles and courtyards, city blocks and infill, and towers and slab blocks. architects represented include Richard Meier, Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Eduardo Souto de Moura, and Renzo Piano.

Penthouse Living
Author: Jonathan Bell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2005
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— The penthouse living space has come to symbolize wealth, power, and an enviable urban lifestyle. But roofscapes may also be accessible to a mass market. This book reveals architecturally adventurous penthouses from around the world, including modernist icons, cinematic visions, and futuristic concepts.

Building Type Basics for Housing
Author: Robert Chandler et. al.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $75.00
ArchitectureWeek— A practical guide for architects, planners, engineers, and developers, for a variety of housing types, written by experts from the firm Goody Clancy. Guidelines, planning concepts, and lessons learned for single-family detached units, townhouses, multifamily units in mid-rise and highrise buildings, and housing in mixed-use buildings. Topics include community-planning, site layout, zoning and code issues, parking, and material and systems selection.

Building Type Basics for Senior Living
Author: Bradford Perkins, J. David Hoglund, Douglas King, and Eric Cohen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2004
Amazon Price: $64.00
ArchitectureWeek— A practical guide to the planning and design of housing and care environments for the elderly, including active adult communities, continuing care retirement facilities, assisted living, adult day care, and skilled nursing units.

The New City Home: Smart Design for Metro Living
Author: Leslie Clagett
Publisher: Taunton Press
Year: 2002
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Two dozen examples of artistic and practical renovated lofts, apartments, and townhouses in North American cities offer solutions to a lack of space and light, providing a refuge from the frenetic pace of city life.

Innovation in Sustainable Housing: Tango
Author: Michael Webb
Publisher: Edizioni Press
Year: 2005
Amazon Price:
ArchitectureWeek— Moore Ruble Yudell partnered with the Swedish firm FFNS Arkitekter AB to design a housing project, dubbed Tango, as their contribution to the 2001 housing exposition in Malmo, Sweden. In his essay, Michael Webb traces the development of the award-winning project, the genesis of its design, and its emergence as a prototype for sustainable living of the future.

The New Apartment: Smart Living in Small Spaces
Author: Montse Borras
Publisher: Universe
Year: 2007
Amazon Price: $23.10
ArchitectureWeek— In the age of "McMansions," this international survey of the latest in small-scale apartment and loft design demonstrates that small is beautiful, comfortable, and responsible. The 51 projects make the most of every small space, and many are environmentally "green." Each case study describes design challenges and shows how constraints were overcome or even exploited.


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