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Curbed New York - The Corner 2015-07-16 20:15:00
Name: The Corner Address 47-28 11th Street Developer: Kora Developers LLC and BK Developers Size: seven stories, 23 units Prices: Starting at $740,000 Architect: Zproekt Sales and Marketing: Modern Spaces Please welcome to the dance floor The Corner, an apartment building inventively located on a corner (or, rather, spanning two) in Long Island City that just launched sales. Joining a whole mess of other new development in the …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2015-04-11 15:30:56
Two years ago, Kora Developers bought an auto body shop at 47-28 11th Street in Long Island City, announcing plans to build a 7-story residential building, imaginatively dubbed The Corner. Now, with the building nearing completion, new details about the boxy condos have been released. Designed by Brooklyn-based architecture firm Zproekt, The Corner will offer 23 one- to two-bedroom apartments, several with …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2011-12-07 14:20:54
The members of Community Board 7 voted last night not to include 214 West 72nd Street, the childhood home of Dorothy Parker, in the on-tap historic district extension. The board's vote isn't final—the decision is up to the Landmarks Preservation Commission—but its argument is that the building has been too extensively damaged, with foundation cracks and an eastward tilt of about …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2011-10-11 19:30:31
[Go ahead, click to embiggen! Via DNAinfo/Leslie Albrecht.] It's owners versus acolytes in the beef over Dorothy Parker's childhood home at 72nd and Broadway. The owners, who say it's a "rundown mess" after construction of next door neighbor and rental sensation The Corner, want to tear it down and replace the 1890 five-story masonry building with new 12-story apartment building. Scholars studying …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2011-03-01 00:22:55
Is there a price too high for a brand new Upper West Side rental? Yes: $18,501. The Corner, the luxury building that de-Constanza'd the neighborhood through a combination of fancy design and astronomical rents, has now leased all of its apartments for up to $18,500 per month, according to a press release. It took 10 months to find takers for all …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2011-01-25 01:28:58
My Upper West is bummed out about Duane Reade opening up in posh new rental building The Corner, even if it is one of those fancy new-school Duane Reades: "Still, another Duane Reade? With locations on 72nd between Broadway and West End and on Broadway between 69th and 70th, it’s not like the area is lacking the pharmacy chain. Fingers crossed …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-11-24 05:37:56
LOWER EAST SIDE—A special Curbed correspondent embedded deep in Hell Square does a bit of speculating on a neighborhood oldie: "I live on the corner of hell, where Ludlow meets Rivington. Across the street is the Kleen Stik world headquarters at 139-141 Ludlow, the absolutely gorgeous parcel of a property that's been the object of my LES loft fantasies for some …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-10-21 01:25:06
In a press release announcing a new contest for brokers at The Corner, the Upper West Side rental building with misting walls and $14,800/month 3BRs, the marketing team reveals that all but 13 of the building's units have been rented. There are a total of 196 apartments, so that means less than 7 percent of the building is still available. In …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-10-14 20:43:01
We've already taken a pretty close look inside The Corner, the new Upper West Side building that boasts $18,000/month rentals. But when it came to the building's top, we had only the words 10,000-square-foot roof deck to go on. No longer! The Corner team sent along a few shots of the newly-unveiled rooftop, which includes a 12-foot-long misting wall and a …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-09-28 00:07:36
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Glassy new The Corner at Broadway and West 72nd Street is famously devoid of residents with "sweatpants, spectacles and bad hair," which is all well and good. George Costanza could never sell enough computers to live here, anyway. The Gotham Organization's amenity-filled colossus has just unveiled the rest of its three-bedroom apartments, a …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-09-20 20:05:00
The Upper West Side's new Trader Joe's opened at 8 a.m. today at 72nd and Broadway, and yep, there was a line to get in. Racked was live on the scene and has a full rundown, including the layout (separate levels called "Uptown" and "Downtown"), the selection and the neighborhood reaction ("I hope they kick Fairway's ass.") And remember: TJ's is …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-07-23 21:32:27
We know all about the crazy success of new Upper West Side building The Corner, where apartments with astronomical rents (including 25 units priced over $10k/month) are being snapped up like it ain't no thang. But little did we know that the building has actually made the entire neighborhood less schlubby! Daily News scribe Jason Sheftell explains: The building, which sits across …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-06-04 23:27:50
New York's thirst for new luxury rentals can only be compared with New York's thirst for artisanal cocktails served in faux-speakeasies by guys in suspenders. Recently roughly 427,693 glassy high-rises have opened, offering renters fancy amenities like lobby rock concerts, rooftop misting walls and, uh, Skee-Ball. It's working! We already know about the strong openings at DoBro's The Brooklyner and Williamsburg's …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-05-14 17:11:53
Those renters paying $15k/month at flashy new Upper West Side building The Corner now have something to get excited about other than misting walls and decompression bridges: signage for the building's long-awaited Trader Joe's has finally gone up. Get pumped, 72nd Street, the boxes of Joe O's are on the way! [Racked]

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-05-12 20:06:48
The Wall Street Journal updates us on how the uber-lux new Upper West Side rental building The Corner is doing so far: 72 apartments (of 196 total) rented in the first six weeks, and prices on some units have already been raised by 10%. Six of the two-bedroom units with the wrap-around living rooms have been rented for prices ranging from, …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-05-03 21:38:47
To those who think paying $8,000 per month for a two-bedroom apartment at flashy new Upper West Side rental building The Corner is a bit on the crazy side, we ask this: How about $6,000? That's the entry-level rate for a two-bedroom at equally new neighborhood rental Aire at 200 West 67th Street, the Lincoln Centerish tower with blood on its …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-05-03 20:45:14
It's a new month, which means it must be time for the state o' the market roundtable, where we call on Curbed readers to help us consider some of the major questions facing the New York City real estate market. This month's topic: what's going on with all those new luxury rentals? On the Upper West Side, there's the dueling Aire …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-04-15 21:12:19
Click the image above to view the full photogallery.[Photos by Will Femia.] For three years now, all eyes on the Upper West Side have been on The Corner, and with good reason. Not only did the rental building replace the classic Colonial Club on one of the neighborhood's most visible, er, corners, but it did so in highly dramatic fashion: 19 stories …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-03-30 06:59:18
FIDI—The Port Authority announced today that the two reflecting pools that are the signature element of the National September 11 Memorial have been completely framed in steel, and 60% of the concrete is poured. This is "tangible evidence," the WTC Progress website notes, "that the project is proceeding toward its scheduled opening on the 10th anniversary." True, but it's also supposed …

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Curbed New York - The Corner 2010-03-10 22:45:45
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. The Upper West Side's glassy newcomer at Broadway and 72nd Street, a luxury rental building dubbed 200 West, has dropped its construction shed and fully launched its website, showing off all sorts of goodies. Immediately we're drawn to that rooftop terrace, with major views, an open-air fireplace (perfect for cooking up some dogs …

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