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ArchitectureWeek is the leading architecture magazine online, covering new buildings worldwide and a spectrum of design, technical, and cultural issues, with 500,000 monthly unique visitors, plus a weekly email newsletter double-opt-in subscribership of 120,000. Great graphics and sharp inspiring writing, delivered at Internet speed, have earned us a large and loyal audience of architectural designers and design and building managers. ArchitectureWeek readers specify billions of dollars of quality brand building products very year.

Join premiere brand advertisers like Autodesk, Nanawall, Electrolux and Siemens to  reach more design deciders.   Use our industry-leading big picture ads for unparalleled brand marketing.

People love ArchitectureWeek. Read how these design professionals actually spend more time with ArchitectureWeek than with old-fashioned paper-based design magazines.

As the top family of architecture-related sites on the Web (acording to independent Alexa and Compete statistics) ArchitectureWeek, GreatBuildings, DesignCommunity, and Archiplanet provide the strongest, most cost-effective channel for communicating your marketing messages to building design professionals. ArchitectureWeek has comparable total reach to Architectural Record and other offline professional architecture magazines, with lower cost, faster response, and the superior campaign-accountability available only online.

Site Overview

With over two million monthly unique design and building visitors and many millions of monthly ad impressions, the Artifice family of transformational media sites featuring ArchitectureWeek, GreatBuildings, and DesignCommunity, accelerated by the leading architecture wiki, provides the most powerful architecture and design advertising venue available online. Prove it to yourself by comparing our superior independent traffic rankings at Alexa and at (for US-only rankings) to those of other design and building web sites, and then please get in touch.

Association with the active professional content across the ArchitectureWeek web family provides strong branding opportunities for leading building product brands, together with both greater architecture-specific traffic volume, and sharper targeting opportunities, to a high-impact professional audience. Great new articles every week and constant site innovation by highly responsive full time creative and technical staff helps us bring unique value to creative marketing partnerships.

High praise by world-class reviewers like the New York Times, Yahoo, the Times of London, Architectural Digest, the New York Daily News, BBC, and Architectural Review, assures the most positive context for your quality brand campaign.

And our readers and subscribers love ArchitectureWeek. Read what they say!.

Outstanding quality, custom sponsorship opportunities, and superior effectiveness make ArchitectureWeek the right investment for your quality brand advertising.

Readership Profile

More than 500,000 readers per month, with 120,000 double-opt-in weekly newsletter subscribers.

ArchitectureWeek is read weekly by a large elite audience of design professionals in the building industry, including architects, interior designers, builders, home designers, specifiers, landscape architects, planners, and builders and engineers. This is a select audience of key opinion leaders and decision makers with regard to building products, design tools and media including computer hardware, software and printers, and high-end commercial and home finshes and furnishings, style products, and accessories.

Most architects read ArchitectureWeek!

ArchitectureWeek readers influence or decide the majority of commercial building product specifications across the United States and Canada, a major share in the UK, and a growing proportion worldwide.

Typical ArchitectureWeek readers are architects and other building industry professionals, style-conscious, decisive, high-income, college-educated consumers, ranging from young adult upward, and they are balanced as to gender. They read, take pictures, and travel extensively. They are highly open to innovation, but with a practical bent, looking for utility as well as novelty. As a style leader, each of our typical readers influences a wide circle of clients, friends, and colleagues, creating a total audience market footprint of several billion dollars.

Readership Survey Highlights

  • 60% are design professionals, including architects, interior designers, engineers, planners
  • 56% are mid-level management or higher
  • 84% are college graduates, most with post-graduate work
  • 17% are in academia, including students and faculty
  • 81% visit ArchitectureWeek about weekly, or more
  • 68% spend 20 minutes or more at ArchitectureWeek when they visit
  • 82% are likely or very likely to recommend ArchitectureWeek to a friend

    Typical advertiser feedback: 

    "You have an audience that is passionate about architecture and you've forged a strong bond with them."

    "We were delighted with the results from our online buy on ArchitectureWeek for a top industry client. It is a terrific site for advertisers." — Matthew Zablud, Vice President, Adfero Group

    Marketing Modes

    Premium Large-Format Graphic Ads   These are the dramatic big picture ad formats - half page, three-quarter page, and full page-equivalent sizes - that provide high-resolution graphic ads integrated directly into high-traffic ArchitectureWeek feature article pages. At last building product marketers can present powerful brand images online effectively.  Also on our Media Rate Sheet.

    Newsletter Ads   High-impact text ad placements in our industry-leading weekly email newsletters with 100,000 subscribers start at only $295 per issue. Premium sponsorship placements are $1495.

    Banners, Skyscrapers, and Rectangles   Our standard sizes for impression-based ads include 728x90 jumbo banners (leaderboards), 120x600 standard skyscrapers, 300x250 rectangles, 336x280 large rectangles, and 4of course 68x60 standard banners, plus various sidebar buttons. Arrange your interactive campaign with our helpful in-house staff.

    Architectural Product News   Sponsored placement of your illustrated announcements of new and updated architectural and building products.

    Graphic Button Ads   Your logo or graphic link in an ArchitectureWeek sidebar.

    Press Releases   Have ArchWeek publish your announcement in our highly-ranked, rapdily indexed site.

    Sustaining Subscribership   Our generous sustaining subscribers are credited with acknowledgement text links on many of the magazine's web pages. Individual page sponsorships are also available.

    Integrated Marketing Programs   From superior branding to download conversions, it is our pleasure to work with your team at strategic and creative levels to design and deliver uniquely powerful integrated marketing programs. We have millions of great participants, and we know the web. You have great products and exciting creative goals. Our integrated marketing experience ranges from outstanding online-community development and support, to crafting a custom online 3D home design environment for a leading modular manufacturer, to generating more than a million downloads of a single architectural software product. Let's talk!

    Detailed Rate Sheet

    Targeting Options

    Advertising in ArchitectureWeek is inherently targeted to our elite readership of architectural designers, managers, and builders. Additional targeting by topic area is available via the ArchitectureWeek departmental content structure, in which articles are grouped into news, design, building, design tools, environment, or building culture. Detailed third-party research and reader feedback all confirm that our audience are the leaders in the world of professional design.

    Using our enhanced geo-targeting ad servers, or leading ad network affiliations as clients prefer, ArchitectureWeek also offers geographic tailoring for custom campaigns. For the utmost in precision targeting, where the relative size of the campaign allows, topical and geographic targeting can be combined. Please contact us today to discuss custom targeting options.


    Join premiere ArchitectureWeek advertisers like Alcoa, Autodesk, Wiley, Bentley, Bluebeam, Graphisoft, James Hardie, PG&E, and Sherwin Williams. Drop us a note and let's discuss how ArchitectureWeek can complement, expand, enhance, or turbo-charge your traditional advertising campaigns with highly effective branding and communication opportunities.

    Large format display advertising in ArchitectureWeek provides a uniquely powerful approach for presenting visually appealing product brands online, integrated with the world's latest and greatest designs presented every week in ArchitectureWeek.

    We are committed to serving your A/E/C professional, building products, home design, computer graphics, and environmental market advertising needs, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Contact ArchitectureWeek

    For more information and personal service please click, or contact Judy Ness at ArchitectureWeek, 541-345-7421, between 8:30am and 5:00pm Pacific time, or fax to US 541-345-7438 anytime.

    Architecture and construction book publishers are invited to provide review copies for titles to be considered for prestigious ArchitectureWeek book coverage and/or for high-traffic listing in the Great Buildings Online.

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