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ArchitectureWeek™ is a leading magazine of design and building online, providing news and features weekly on architecture and construction, digital media, architectural products, and building culture to hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and 70,000 newsletter subscribers. We aim to set the standard for accessible, frank, accurate, probing, integrated, and inclusive coverage of the built environment.

ArchitectureWeek provides timely information and images with an independent perspective, for architects, builders, designers, planners, and other AEC industry professionals, for home makers, students, and teachers of design, and for everyone who appreciates good buildings and places, great design, quality craftsmanship, and the thoughts that make them real.

We cover new buildings as they open worldwide, and a broad spectrum of design, technical, and cultural issues. ArchitectureWeek showcases articles from well known journalists and experts as well as new voices in every aspect of architectural design, practice, building technology, and digital media.

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Publication is funded largely by subscription contributions from our regular monthly readers, together with display and email newsletter advertising, and sponsorships. Joining the email list for our weekly "ArchitectureWeek Notes" email newsletter is free. Subscription contributions are warmly appreciated, and special benefits are available for contributing subscribers, including full access to more than 10,000 high-resolution images in our complete online archives. Distribution of ArchitectureWeek is electronic-only, via Internet, to the Artifice architecture web family audience of a million monthly visitors.

ArchitectureWeek is published with an independent editorial voice by Artifice, Inc.® creators of DesignWorkshop® software,™, the most visited architecture site on the Web, and Archiplanet™, the community-created all-buildings collection. Cross-linking with GreatBuildings and Archiplanet provides encyclopedic archival depth to the coverage of current architecture in ArchitectureWeek.

Artifice, Inc. is about tools and media for understanding and envisioning our world.

Editor in Chief: Kevin Matthews
Managing Production Editor: David Owen
Senior Content Editor: Nancy Novitski
Art Direction: Inovar Advertising and Design
Technology Coordinator: Michael Wheeler
Calendar Editor: Ann Rasmussen
Assistant Publisher/Advertising Sales: Judy Ness, 541-345-7421

Building Culture Editor: Howard Davis, author, "The Culture of Building," and "Living Over the Store" (2012).
Contributing Editors: Michael Crosbie, New York, previously Senior Editor, Progressive Architecture; Clair Enlow, Seattle; Alice Kimm, Los Angeles; Lili Eylon, Jerusalem; Don Barker, London.
Quizzical Pursuit: Dave Guadagni, AIA
Editorial Assistants: Alex Smith
Architectural stock photography provided by Artifice Images

Contributors include: Albert Warson, Toronto, Canada. Alice Kimm, Los Angeles, California. Allison Milionis, Los Angeles, California. Brian Libby, Portland, Oregon. Candace Nelson, Eugene, Oregon. Christian Horn, Paris, France. Clair Enlow, Seattle, Washington. Don Barker, London, England. Elizabeth Bollinger, Houston, Texas. Evan Shu, Boston, Massachusetts. Ian Morley, Taipei, Taiwan ROC. James McCown, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Janet Collins, Vancouver, British Columbia. Jennifer LeClaire, Hollywood, Florida. Katharine Logan, Victoria, British Columbia. Kevin Rotheroe, New York, New York. Kim A. O'Connell, Arlington, Virginia. Larry Barrow, Mississippi State. Leigh Christy, Los Angeles, California. Lisa D. Ashmore, Atlanta, Georgia. Mahoko Hoffmann, Tokyo, Japan. Michael Cockram, Eugene, Oregon. Mike Crosbie, New York, New York. Paul Harris, Santiago, Chile. Rachel Grossman, Madrid, Spain. Raj Jadhav, Mumbai, India. Sabine von Fischer, New York. Sarosh Anklesaria, Ahmedabad, India. Steven Allan, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Susan Smith, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Terri Peters, London, England. Tess Taylor, New York, New York. Thomas P. Conlon, Petaluma, California. Victor A. Khoueiry, Montreal, Canada. William Lebovich, Chevy Chase, Maryland. and many more...

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