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Quizzical Pursuit
—The Architecture Puzzler

Created by Dave Guadagni

Solution to Last Week's Puzzler
Architecture Puzzler #582


Cristo has wrapped it with 1.1 million square feet (102,000 square meters) of canvas and Foster & Partners have renovated and restored it. Which building do we refer to?


Berlin's Reichstag. This building, important to 20th-century German political history, was once the symbol of the short-lived Weimar Democracy, was set fire by the Nazis, and briefly flew the Soviet flag when Berlin fell in 1945.


Okay, got it? Now try this week's Puzzler:


Dave Guadagni, AIA, is an architect with Robertson/Sherwood/Architects

Quizzical Pursuit is Copyright 2014, Dave Guadagni.


ArchWeek Image

Three discrete concert halls rise as four-story volumes under the curved roof canopy of the Sage Gateshead.
Credit: Photo: Nigel Young/ Foster + Partners

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