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Staying Put in Style: Wrap-Around Remodel
Evolving the Solar House
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Hubbell Lighting Inc. is proud to announce an expansion of the Laredo® LNC2 Series wallpack, with the introduction of another low wattage high performance configuration. The Laredo┬« LNC2-18LU is a 45-watt configuration that delivers a lumen output of up to 3306 lumens and efficiency of 74 lumens per watt. ...  Sponsored section.


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Architectural Products Around the Web

Modular Stadium Concept Revealed — Building Products, 2013.0605

Owens-Taishan Offer New Specialty Glass — Zacks, 2013.0605

USA's Longest Recycled Plastic Bridge Opens — The Construction Index, 2013.0605

CertainTeed Restarting Production in Meridian — Mississippi Link, 2013.0605

Eleco Offloads Loss-Making Building Products Division — Construction Index, 2013.0603

Solar Discovery Sets New Record for Low-Grade Silicon — UNSW Press Release, 2013.0523

Calling for Change to the Building Code — Toronto Star, 2013.0523

Apple's Massive Solar Array for the iDataCenter — Data Center Knowledge, 2013.0523

James Hardie Makes No Provision for Leaky School Claim — National Business Review (New Zealand), 2013.0523

Building Materials Cheaper Than Last Year — ConstructionWeek, 2013.0523

Corruption Engulfs Construction Sector in Tanzania — Reuters, 2013.0523

Building Materials Blamed in Bangladesh Disaster — Yahoo News, 2013.0520

Scottish Islands Could Help UK Achieve Renewable Energy Targets — Click Green, 2013.0515

This Convertible Desk-Bed Encourages You to Sleep at Work — Solid Smack, 2013.0515

Blue Sky Building Systems Unveils Steel House by Jim Jennings — PR Web, 2013.0515

Thin-Film Microcells: A New Generation of Photovoltaic Devices — SPIE, 2013.0515

Tall Buildings: Imaginative Facade Solutions — DesignBuild Source (Australia), 2013.0514

A Photovoltaic Future — Chemistry World Blog, 2013.0514

N.C. House Passes Anti-LEED Bill in Support of Timber Industry — Charlotte Business Journal, 2013.0513

Beautiful Homes Rising From Scrap Heap — World Crunch, 2013.0512

Healing Machine — Metropolis, 2013.0511

China Calls 47% E.U. Duty on Solar Panels 'a Mistake', Calls for Dialogue — EurActiv, 2013.0510

New Architectural Design Battles Air Pollution in Mega-Cities — Triple Pundit, 2013.0509

Zehnder America's Passive House Certified Energy Recovery Ventilator — PR Web, 2013.0502

UK GDP 0.3% Growth Figure Masks Construction Fall — Building Products, 2013.0425

Understanding AC Refrigerant Standards — Triple Pundit, 2013.0423

Using Different Colored Streets To Keep Our Cities Cool — Fast Company, 2013.0420

Algerians Mould Bricks from Sahara Sand Dunes — Green Prophet, 2013.0420

New Materials Promise to Dramatically Drop Photovoltaic Prices — Global Warming is Real, 2013.0418

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Design Tools Around the Web

The Race to Build the First 3D-Printed Building — Wired, 2013.0604

Microsoft's BIG Screen — CAD Insider, 2013.0603

ArchiCAD 17 New Feature: Easily Editable 3D Cutting Plane — ArchiCAD SADC, 2013.0603

Change Brewing in the Computer Power Game — Desktop Engineering, 2013.0601

Controlling the Origin of a Copy/Paste — EnvisionCAD, 2013.0530

Approach Disruptive Technologies with Caution — Cadalyst, 2013.0522

Clean Machines More Quickly with System Mechanic — Cadalyst, 2013.0522

Is Revit 2014 Muli-Threaded — The Mad CADder, 2013.0521

Controlling Plot Thickness in Revit — CAD Notes, 2013.0521

New in 2014: Autodesk ReCap Point Cloud Review and Processing (Part 1) — Ideate Solutions, 2013.0521

Working with Raw Input from a User with AutoLISP — Hyperpics, 2013.0521

A Level of Development Specification for BIM Processes — AECbytes, 2013.0516

Smartgeometry Event Pushes Limits of Architectural Design — Cadalyst, 2013.0516

Get a Handle on Multifunctional Grips in AutoCAD — Cadalyst, 2013.0514

The Kernel, Why CAD Systems Don’T Play Well With Others — GrabCAD, 2013.0514

Make the Running Object Snap Modes Work for You — Cadalyst, 2013.0513

Make an Individual Revit File from a Central File — Cadalyst, 2013.0513

Connecting to Non-Local Data: Hyperlinks and ArchiCAD (Part 4) — BIM Engine Blog, 2013.0513

Autodesk Backburner Set-Up — Synergis, 2013.0510

Prints Charming — AEC Magazine, 2013.0509

Scia Engineer Review — CAD Digest, 2013.0506

Autodesk 31st Corporate Birthday — All Things Autodesk & Technology, 2013.0426

Revit Server 2014: What's New — Ideate Solutions, 2013.0425

Canon Continues to Court CAD Market — Cadalyst, 2013.0425

Hyperlinks and ArchiCAD (Part 1) — BIM Engine Blog, 2013.0425

Autodesk Recap - Free Point Cloud Tool — Cadline, 2013.0425

Autodesk's 2014 AEC Portfolio — AECbytes, 2013.0424

Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 Does CAD — CAD Digest, 2013.0422

Lenovo ThinkStation E31 — CAD Digest, 2013.0419

Epson SureColor T5000 — Cadalyst, 2013.0418

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