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The Story of Wembley Stadium
The Need for Bird-Friendly Design
Maybeck's Senger House
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Powered by BetaLED® Technology and designed for a lifetime over 100,000 hours, the XSP Series street lights deliver up to 100 lumens per watt and up to double the lumens per dollar of previous generations of LED street lights. An ideal replacement for outdated traditional sources, the XSP series provides value while replacing high wattage HPS applications. ...  Sponsored section.


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Architectural Products Around the Web

Kyocera Solar and VGI Energy Team Up to Provide Solar Power for Chicago Affordable Housing — Climate Progress, 2013.0319

Solar Power to Hit Cost Parity Next Year — Triple Pundit, 2013.0318

World’S Largest Concentrated Solar Plant Goes Live — Green Prophet, 2013.0318

Earthquakes Make Gold Veins in an Instant — Nature (registration required), 2013.0317

British Columbia Wood Design Awards — ArchitectureWeek, 2013.0315

4D Sportsground Features Rotating Surface to Support Multiple Uses — GizMag, 2013.0313

World’S First LED Concrete Wall Illuminated in Germany — EarthTechling, 2013.0313

It's a Brave New Material World — Medill Reports, 2013.0312

Lab-Made Supermaterial That Could Boost Computing Exists in Nature Too — Nature (registration required), 2013.0308

Top Five Eco-Friendly Building Materials — Green Building Elements, 2013.0306

Demand for Green Building Materials to Grow 11% Annually — AZo Materials, 2013.0306

New Photovoltaic and Storage Solutions Announced from Bosch — PennEnergy, 2013.0218

Biggest Photovoltaic Power Plant in Australia Soon to Rise — Eco-Business, 2013.0218

Schindler's Elevator Can Run on Solar Energy Alone — Building Products, 2013.0215

How to Repel an Earthquake — Science, 2013.0214

Splitterwerk Architects Build BIQ House Green through and Through — Fast Company, 2013.0211

Skanska Secures Government Grant to Trial New Construction Method — Skanska Press Release, 2013.0211

Saint-Gobain Plans 1,900-Home Development at Stanton Ironworks — Building Products, 2013.0211

U.S. Halts Drilling on Gulf Wells with Flawed Bolts — Bloomberg, 2013.0206

Submissions Invited for 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards — Building Products, 2013.0204

Gizmos May Just Keep 200 Buildings Standing in Tunnel Dig — Seattle Times, 2013.0201

Marlon Blackwell Weaves Plywood at the Crystal Bridges Museum — Architect's Newspaper, 2013.0201

Lunar Base Architecture Could Be Erected by 3D Printing — ScienceWorld Report, 2013.0131

WA Greens Propose Solar PV on All Public Housing — Renew Economy, 2013.0129

Microtherm, Inc. To Expand, Move Operations — Chattanoogan, 2013.0123

1 Percent of Land Needed to Meet Solar Energy Needs — Rewire, 2013.0123

House Designers Spotlight Their Favorite Products — San Francisco Chronicle, 2013.0122

Phantom's Retractable Screens Blend Function and Design — San Francisco Chronicle, 2013.0122

Construction Material Prices Down Slightly between November, December but Up for the Year — Construction Equipment Guide, 2013.0121

New Pathway for Construction of Material Building Blocks at the Nanoscale — AZo Nano, 2013.0118

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Design Tools Around the Web

AutoCAD 2014 Command Line — AutoCAD Insider, 2013.0401

Utility and Tools iPad Apps for Architects — Architosh, 2013.0331

Assign Shortcut Keys to Custom Programs in Femap — Cadalyst, 2013.0331

Drawing an Archimedes Screw in Autocad — William Le Couteur's Autocad Blog, 2013.0330

Revit 2014 Properties Palette Tabs — Revit OpEd, 2013.0328

Have It Your Way — Cadalyst, 2013.0328

Sustainable Design iPad Apps for Architects — Architosh, 2013.0328

Revit 2014 - Materials Revisited — AECbytes, 2013.0328

Use a Standards File to Bring an AutoCAD Drawing into Line — CAD Digest, 2013.0328

Combining CAD Formats — IsiCAD, 2013.0322

Using the Morph Tool to Create Custom Objects in ArchiCAD — AECbytes, 2013.0321

Labor-Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry — AECbytes, 2013.0320

NVIDIA's GRID VCA Now Available to Graphic Crunching Pros — Engadget, 2013.0320

Waterproof Transistor Takes Cell's Electric Pulse — Nature (registration required), 2013.0319

Convert AutoCAD Units Using -DWGUNITS — CAD Notes, 2013.0319

Wall Wraps and Wall Closures — Revit Zone, 2013.0319

Curved Ceiling with Alternating Wood Profiling — Harvard Vasshaug, 2013.0319

How to Automatically Display the Plotting Scale on Your AutoCAD Drawing — CAD Digest, 2013.0318

Top Ten Autodesk Software Support Queries — Ideate, 2013.0318

Modelling Revit Piling from Microsoft Excel — Autodesk Revit Structure, 2013.0317

Cross Platform Licensing of AutoCAD Mac & Windows — Between the Lines, 2013.0314

TurboCAD (for Windows) Turns 20 — UpFront eZine, 2013.0313

How to Edit Wall Types with Revit Architecture — Synergis, 2013.0312

Aeronautical Software Completes a 130-Year-Old Architectural Puzzle — Fast Company, 2013.0312

Mars Colonization Project Awards First Supplier Contract — ScienceWorld Report, 2013.0312

NanaWall Systems Launches Educational Webinar Program for Architects and Design Professionals — San Francisco Chronicle, 2013.0312

Tutorial – Green Button XML File — Building Performance Analysis, 2013.0311

Who Has Been in My Revit File? — CAD Shack, 2013.0311

Turn Your AutoCAD Objects Invisible — Cadalyst, 2013.0311

Binding a Raster Image in AutoCAD... — Being Civil, 2013.0308

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External sites are not endorsed by ArchitectureWeek.

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