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    Architectural Products Update

    ArchWeek Image

    Ecological Solid Surface

    LG Hausys introduces HI-MACS® Eden, a solid eco-surface product created from 70% natural stone bauxite powder, 25 % high quality acrylic resin, and 5% natural pigments. The pre-consumer recycled materials are certified for recycled content by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), and the product is GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality as a "low emitting product" - available for LEED credits. Eden is inert, completely non-porous, fire-resistant, has a high level of durability with color fastness, and the uniform thickness allows for subtle joints. The thermoformable capability allows the product to be molded, increasing its architectural versatility by offering a variety of shapes and designs. Eden comes in 13 botanically inspired colors.


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    Smart Water Softener

    The new GE Salt Saver™ water softener reduces hard water with the option to monitor and adjust the degree of water softness. The Custom Select™ blending valve offers households the ability to adjust the softness of the water with the turn of a knob. The accompanying SmartSoft™ technology learns a family's water-use patterns in 30 days and accommodates their needs, increasing water heater efficiency. The Salt Saver helps reduce salt consumption by using up to 34 percent less salt. Easy indicator on the control panel measures salt refill status. Consumers can use up to 50 percent less detergent for laundry and dishwashing with softened water.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    WAC LED Wall and Step Lights Need No Transformer

    WAC Lighting has introduced the LEDme Line Voltage Step and Wall Lights, suitable for interior and exterior use on stairs, walls, and pathways. These lights are available in horizontal and scoop designs for seamless installation and can be wired without using an LED driver or transformer. Square and rectangular shaped units can be mounted to a standard junction box, while round lights come with a special junction box. The light's cast aluminum body is available with white, bronze, or brushed Nickel faceplates. LEDme lights are IP66 rated and UL listed for wet locations and come with a five-year warranty.



    Tate's EcoCore Phase Change Technology for Energy Efficiency

    The EcoCore Phase Change Panel incorporates micro-encapsulated phase change materials to reduce indoor air temperature fluctuations and save energy. During the peak solar load of the day, the phase-change material embedded within the welded steel panel is designed to melt and absorb energy -- energy that would otherwise be reflected back into the room as heat or transferred to the air stream. This stored energy can be held within the panel until cooler temperatures allows the material to resolidify and release the absorbed heat. Storing energy in this way produces a more stable and comfortable environment, while decreasing demands on HVAC systems.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Northern Lighting Half Lamp

    The Illusion Half lamp combines the functional elements of light and a table. It hovers above the ground, challenging our perceptions of gravity and our idea of two common pieces of furniture, offering the elements of surprise and magic. Combined in one, the lamp and table become the focal point of any space, whilst providing a place for your cocktail or your keys. Illusion Half lamp was inspired by the natural wonders of the Scandinavian natural landscape. In particular Kjæragbolten, a large rock hovering in the crevice of a mountain above Lysefjorden in Rogaland, Norway.



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