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    Design Context and Environment

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    Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) is a method of air conditioning the space by supplying the air from the floor, using natural buoyancy forces to lift it to the ceiling, as opposed to the conventional systems, which supply air from the ceiling down to the occupants, working against the natural forces of buoyancy.   (Published 2012.0725)


    Environment and Design Context Around the Web

    Nine Straight Days of 110 or More in Phoenix — New York Times, 2012.0815

    Energy Security Vs. Environment in Alaska — New York Times, 2012.0815

    Improvements to NY LEED Buildings Get a (Tax) Break — EarthTechling, 2012.0815

    Why We Are Poles Apart on Climate Change — Nature (registration required), 2012.0815

    Urban Heat Island Effect and Climate Change May Scorch Cities — Huffington Post, 2012.0815

    Increase Profits with Recycling and Reuse Best Practices — Triple Pundit, 2012.0815

    U.S. Media Barely Mention Climate in Stories on Extreme Heat — Climate Progress, 2012.0815

    Introducing the Ocean Health Index — New York Times, 2012.0815

    How the NT Government Is Failing Green Building — Constructions Source (Australia), 2012.0815

    Green Buildings: Boost Business and Neighborhoods — The Atlantic, 2012.0814

    Beyond Energy Savings from Green Buildings — Eco-Business, 2012.0814

    Who Are the Most Influential People in LEED and the Green Building Industry? — Green Buildings, 2012.0814

    Crusading Architects Out Asthma-Causing Building Materials — ArtInfo, 2012.0814

    Youth Summit Discusses Climate Change — China Daily, 2012.0814

    Stressed Aquifers Around the Globe — New York Times, 2012.0813

    Heat Shuts Down a Coastal Reactor — New York Times, 2012.0813

    Putting the Brakes on Climate Change With... Diamonds? — Ars Technica, 2012.0813

    Inspiration House Is a Zero-Waste Building — TG Daily, 2012.0813

    Climate Models That Predict More Droughts Win Further Scientific Support — Washington Post, 2012.0813

    Exxon Valdez Laid to Rest — Nature (registration required), 2012.0813

    Climate Change Shaped Ancient Burial Rituals — Nature (registration required), 2012.0813

    Navigating Green Window Treatments — Construction Digital, 2012.0811

    Skyscraper Design a Testament to Adaptation — Architecture Source (Australia), 2012.0810

    Playing Catch Up: Beachy Keen — Mother Nature Network, 2012.0810

    Is Air Conditioning Heating Up the Planet? — Triple Pundit, 2012.0810

    London 2012: Green Building Wins (and Fails) — EarthTechling, 2012.0810

    Tree's Leaves Genetically Different from Its Roots — Nature (registration required), 2012.0810

    Mourning the Elephants — New York Times, 2012.0810

    Modern Workspaces Receive Sustainable Makeovers — Architecture & Design (Australia), 2012.0810

    Mars Rover Can Help Us Better Understand Climate Change on Earth — Huffington Post, 2012.0809

    'Sport-in-a-Box' Project Shortlisted for Sustainable Architecture Award — LogisticsWeek, 2012.0809

    James Hansen on the New Climate Dice and Public Perception of Climate Change — Climate Progress, 2012.0809

    Mann: We Must Heed James Hansen on Global Warming and Extreme Weather — Climate Progress, 2012.0809

    Arcticane: Massive Storm Batters Melting Sea Ice — Climate Progress, 2012.0808

    Environmental Advertising Increases When the Economy Is Stronger — Triple Pundit, 2012.0807

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