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The Illusion Half lamp combines the functional elements of light and a table. It hovers above the ground, challenging our perceptions of gravity and our idea of two common pieces of furniture, offering the elements of surprise and magic. Combined in one, the lamp and table become the focal point of any space, whilst providing a place for your cocktail or your keys. Illusion Half lamp was inspired by the natural wonders of the Scandinavian natural landscape. ...  Sponsored section.


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In harnessing solar energy, the usual approach is to bolt an array of panels onto the roof of a building and plug it in. But recent advances such as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) allow designers to incorporate solar cells seamlessly into a building's exterior.

Canadian glass artist Sarah Hall is taking this idea in a novel direction by using solar technology to create a striking contemporary version of stained glass that illuminates the aesthetic potential of PV.   (Published in the Context department 2012.0606)


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Our comprehensive, inspiring online guide to thousands of architectural and construction products, and hundreds of leading building product manufacturers, is provided in ArchitectureWeek as a joint production with DesignGuide. The Products Guide is continuously updated.  Sponsored section.


Architectural Products Around the Web

Printable Organic Solar Cells Are 10 Percent More Energy-Efficient — Ubergizmo, 2012.0704

Forestry Firms, Architects to Create Playhouses for Charity — Vancouver Sun, 2012.0629

'Paint-On' Batteries Demonstrated — BBC News, 2012.0629

BASF SELECT Eco-Label Manager Nearly Triples in Size — Digital Journal, 2012.0627

Modular System Uses Welsh Forestry Products — Green Buiding Press, 2012.0626

A Classic Japanese Chair, Remade for Big American Behinds — Fast Company, 2012.0626

Without the Elevator, There Would Be No Skyscraper — Architects' Journal, 2012.0625

Sustainable Building Material Manufacturing in the US Industry Market Research Report Now Available — San Francisco Chronicle, 2012.0622

Construction Material Prices Slip in May — Glass Magazine, 2012.0618

Green Builders Rate Straw as the Ultimate Insulator — DesignBuild Source, 2012.0615

Bamboo Sheds Image as Poor Man’S Timber — Vancouver Sun, 2012.0613

BenQ Solar Showcases Integrated Residential PV Solution — Market Watch, 2012.0612

Straw Gets High-Tech Touch as a Green Building Material — ThomasNet, 2012.0611

Exceptional Lighting Turns a Library inside Out | Library by Design — Library Journal, 2012.0611

Corning Museum of Glass Unveils Plans for $64 Million Expansion — Glass on the Web, 2012.0611

Innovative Glass Applications Secure International Recognition — Architecture & Design (Australia), 2012.0608

A Solar Sandwich to Power Future Buildings — Physorg, 2012.0608

Artificial Turf Designed for Residential Use — DigTriad, 2012.0607

Fire Resistance Glass – Museumpark in Rotterdam, Netherlands — Glass on the Web, 2012.0606

Home Depot and Whirlpool Face Class Action for "Fraudulent" Energy Star Appliance — Green Building Law Blog, 2012.0602

SoCalGas Tests Unusual Solar Air Conditioner — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0525

Philips Has LED Flood Light — Jetson Green, 2012.0521

Martin Marietta and Vulcan Materials Upgraded — BusinessWeek, 2012.0521

Weyerhaeuser Offering Rebates on OSB Building Products — Weyerhaeuser Press Release, 2012.0518

US Imposes 31% Duty on Chinese Solar Panels — Environmental Leader, 2012.0518

Stuff You See at an Architects Convention — Washington City Paper, 2012.0518

LG Announces More Efficient HVAC Products — LG Press Release, 2012.0517

Solar Paint Technology May Revolutionize the Renewable Energy Industry — Global Warming is Real, 2012.0517

Welcome to Hemp House? — Santa Maria Sun, 2012.0516

Custom Concrete Building Components from Digital Designs — Product Design & Development, 2012.0516

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Design Tools Around the Web

GRAPHISOFT Ships ArchiCAD 16 — Graphisoft Press Release, 2012.0703

Growth Is the Goal at Solid Edge University 2012 — Cadalyst, 2012.0627

IntelliCAD 7.2 Released — TenLinks, 2012.0626

How Is Computing Changing the Architect's Job? — Product Design & Development, 2012.0625

Malware Circulating in Peru Reportedly Was Sending AutoCAD Drawings to China — Cadalyst, 2012.0622

How to Add AutoCAD Layer Information in PDF File? — CAD Notes, 2012.0622

Revit 2013 View Type Creation — Jarod Schultz, 2012.0622

Gigapixel Camera Catches the Smallest Details — Nature, 2012.0620

Autodesk 2013 Educational Offerings Include Cloud Computing — Autodesk Press Release, 2012.0619

Autodesk Brings Cloud-Based BIM to AEC, Civil Engineering Workflows — Cadalyst, 2012.0619

ZWCAD+ Beta Now Available — ZWCAD Press Release, 2012.0618

Benchmarking Rendering: Desktop Vs Cloud — UpFront Ezine, 2012.0618

Frame Miter Cuts in BOM and Parts List — Autodesk Inventor Blog, 2012.0618

Sharing Autodesk Materials Throughout an Organization — AEC TechTalk, 2012.0615

Review: TurboCAD Pro 19 — CAD Digest, 2012.0615

Why Solid Edge Matters, Part 1 — 3D CAD Tips, 2012.0614

Vectorworks SP4 Released — Architosh, 2012.0614

Intel’S Ivy Bridge Processors Hit the CAD Workstations — CAD Speed, 2012.0613

Convincing the "It'll Never Work" User — Cadalyst, 2012.0613

AutoCAD 2013 Wipeout Bug — JTB World, 2012.0612

The Revit 2013 Structure API — Autodesk Building Coder Blog, 2012.0612

Nvidia Spans the Continuum from Handheld to Cinema — Graphic Speak, 2012.0612

IES Acquires Assets of BVM Engineering, Opens Atlanta Office — IES Press Release, 2012.0611

Autodesk Makes Vela Systems Buy — PE Hub, 2012.0611

Going Mobile — Cadalyst, 2012.0610

Creating Stained Glass Using in 3D Studio Max — CG Tuts+, 2012.0609

REVIT Architecture: Hand Drafting for 3D — Autodesk User Group International, 2012.0608

ANSYS Plans to Expand into Application Lifecycle — Desktop Engineering, 2012.0608

OrthoGraph Architect 3D Launched for iPad — Orthograph Press Release, 2012.0608

Rethinking Workstation Design — AEC Magazine, 2012.0604

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