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LUCEM translucent concrete panels incorporate ultra-thin optical fibers with a fine concrete admixture to form high-quality light-transmitting panels for interior and exterior wall-finish, furniture, and decorative applications. The polished panels are offered in standard white, grey, and anthracite color options. Lucem panels are available in thicknesses of either 15 or 30 millimeters (0.6 or 1.2 inches), and with a standard panel size of 1250 x 650 millimeters (49 x 26 inches). ...  Sponsored section.


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In harnessing solar energy, the usual approach is to bolt an array of panels onto the roof of a building and plug it in. But recent advances such as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) allow designers to incorporate solar cells seamlessly into a building's exterior.

Canadian glass artist Sarah Hall is taking this idea in a novel direction by using solar technology to create a striking contemporary version of stained glass that illuminates the aesthetic potential of PV.   (Published in the Context department this week)


More Tools and Products

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One aspect of civilization that the Romans got right was the tiled bath. Since then, Europeans have built tiled bathrooms that present no distinction between the shower and the rest of the room.

This success of this design depends on lots of tile and a mortar substrate that slopes to a strategically placed floor drain. A lack of thresholds also makes this kind of bathroom perfect for wheelchair access.   Published 2012.0411


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The ArchitectureWeek Download Center provides direct access to dozens of free architectural downloads, from software to white papers.  Sponsored section.


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Our comprehensive, inspiring online guide to thousands of architectural and construction products, and hundreds of leading building product manufacturers, is provided in ArchitectureWeek as a joint production with DesignGuide. The Products Guide is continuously updated.  Sponsored section.


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Autodesk Reports 11 Percent First Quarter Revenue Growth — Autodesk Press Release, 2012.0517

Hide Vs. Suppressed in SolidWorks Assemblies — Solidworks Blog, 2012.0517

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