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    When it comes to buildings, size matters — more so today than ever before. Look up in the heart of any of the world's major cities and your eyes will likely alight upon a towering, glass-walled structure — if not literally scraping the sky, then certainly pointing in that direction.

    Skyscrapers - Timeline of tall buildings from 1908 to 2009


    More Building Culture

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    I wasn't always fascinated with architecture and design. I'm not an architect, but I have come to realize how important good design is as an ingredient to better human health and well-being. And how important business skills are to successful practice.   (Published 2012.0425)


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    Stairs, ramps, and slopes are specific types of flooring assemblies that join two or more different levels.

    Their design is guided, in part, by larger design intentions that involve human movement through space, along with scale, location, orientation, wayfinding strategies, and their contextual fit within the immediate and surrounding environment.   (Published 2012.0418)


    Building Culture Around the Web

    The Empire State Building: No. 2 in New York, 1 in Our Hearts — VOA News, 2012.0504

    Village Concept Playing Part in Modern Housing — Times of Zambia, 2012.0504

    New York City Council Seeks to Revamp Landmarks Commission. — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0503

    Paul Goldberger on "Writing about Architecture" — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0502

    A Country's Attic, on Display — New York Times, 2012.0502

    As Chinatown's Economy Changes, Residents Try to Keep Up — Next American City, 2012.0502

    Continuing the Conversation: Towards an Architecture of Place — Projects for Public Spaces, 2012.0502

    Tadao Ando Discusses Architecture as a Delicate Balancing Act. — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0501

    Small Wonder: Anne Tyng Drawn to Architecture's 'Combination of Science and Art' — New York Times, 2012.0501

    Fannie Docs: Cuts to Mortgages Would Help Taxpayer — MarketWatch, 2012.0501

    HUD Approves $10.7 Million Refinancing Deal for Rio Grande Hospital — HUD Press Release, 2012.0501

    A "Mushroom" Sprouts in Cincinnati — MSNBC, 2012.0501

    Sustainable Architecture Embraces Rammed Earth and Rock Formations — Guardian, 2012.0501

    A&J Burridge and Sinclair Hay Sutherland Announce Merger — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0501

    Overseas Work Gives Scott Brownrigg a Fillip — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0501

    Richard Rogers "Really, Really" Didn't Get Along with Boris Johnson — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0501

    Norman Lamont "Very Optimistic" about Future of Architects — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0501

    Marilyn, Not Forever — ArchitectureChicago PLUS, 2012.0501

    Tel Aviv Art Museum to Feature Retrospective of Influential Architect Alfred Mansfeld — Haaretz, 2012.0501

    Want to Build Development That the Community Will Welcome? Ask Them What They Want — ThinkProgress, 2012.0430

    Lathrop Homes Listed on National Register of Historic Places — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0430

    As Brooklyn Rents Rise, She Stalks the $625 Apartment — New York Times, 2012.0430

    Homeownership Rate Drops to 15-Year Low — Reuters, 2012.0430

    Why New York's Tallest Doesn’T Measure Up — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0430

    Sale of Seattle Office Building Suggests Market Pickup — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0430

    Underwater Dwellers Dive to Reside in New York Aqueduct — WebUrbanist, 2012.0430

    Forever Marilyn Statue to Leave Chicago — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0430

    Historic University of Sydney Building Recognised by National Trust of Australia — Architecture & Design, 2012.0430

    No Plans yet for Century-Old Cottages — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0430

    Architects Help Create Hipper Image, Meet Higher Goal at Goodwill Cherry Creek Store — Devnver Post, 2012.0429

    Wrigley's a Whole New Ballgame for Architect — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0429

    Incredibly Intricate 2.5 Ton Carved Marble Manhattan — Web Urbanist, 2012.0428

    Incredibly Intricate 2.5 Ton Carved Marble Manhattan — WebUrbanist, 2012.0428

    Reviving an Ancient Ballpark, Version 2.0 — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0427

    Bang! You're Closed: Threats, Stormy Exits and Violence at New York Closings — New York Times, 2012.0427

    Discarding Jay Street's Moribund Modernism — Curbed NY, 2012.0427

    The Architect's Questionnaire: Jeff Stern — Portland Architecture, 2012.0427

    JOH Architect's 'Sea Dragon' Wins Geelong Sculpture Competition — Architecture & Design, 2012.0427

    London Underground | Mass Observation — New York Times, 2012.0427

    The Symphonic Boom — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0427

    Stunned Home Buyers Find the Bidding Wars Are Back — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0427

    The $100 Million Question — New York Times, 2012.0426

    As Transit Building Is Remade, a 'Stirring' Memorial Will Be Removed — New York Times, 2012.0426

    Useful Vocabulary for Building Watchers — New York Times, 2012.0426

    Recycling a Country Club — New York Times, 2012.0426

    Aga Khan Award for Architecture Prize Doubled to US$ 1 Million — Canadian Architect, 2012.0426

    Is Rahm's Plan to Rebuild Chicago Brilliant — or Disastrous? — Washington Post, 2012.0426

    In the British Countryside, a Well-Packaged Life — New York Times, 2012.0425

    Joel Kotkin: The Great California Exodus — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0420

    Homeowners Keep Renovations Simple, Budget-Friendly — USA Today, 2012.0419

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