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    I wasn't always fascinated with architecture and design. I'm not an architect, but I have come to realize how important good design is as an ingredient to better human health and well-being. And how important business skills are to successful practice.


    More Building Culture

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    Stairs, ramps, and slopes are specific types of flooring assemblies that join two or more different levels.

    Their design is guided, in part, by larger design intentions that involve human movement through space, along with scale, location, orientation, wayfinding strategies, and their contextual fit within the immediate and surrounding environment.   (Published 2012.0418)


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    The San Francisco-based magazine Architectural News ceased publication in 1891 after only three issues, so there is no way of knowing what the specific contents of a planned future issue, a translation of Gottfried Semper's Der Stil by Bernard Maybeck, might have been. There is no evidence that the translation was ever made, of what sections he would have chosen, or what Semper's influence on Maybeck's work might be.   (Published 2012.0404)


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    Energy Guzzler Singapore Boosts 'Green' Buildings — Physorg, 2012.0424

    District's Progressive Architecture Trend Continues — Washington Post, 2012.0424

    HIDDEN in PLAIN SIGHT: Exhibition Pays Tribute to the Chinese-American Contribution to LA's Iconic Modernist Architecture — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0424

    RECREATION and RUINS: Mill Remnants Define Planned Riverfront Park in Minneapolis — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0424

    Clog Magazine Debates New Apple Building's Design — San Francisco Chronicle, 2012.0424

    Trashcam Project: Dumpsters Turned into Pinhole Cameras — WebUrbanist, 2012.0424

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    Even in a Prime Neighborhood, Some Forlorn Vacancies — New York Times, 2012.0424

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    U.S. March New Housing Sales Report — Bloomberg, 2012.0424

    Rentals in Houses Outnumber Those in Towers — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0424

    Is an Unconventional Music Venue with a Jagged Design the Last Hope for Williamsburg's Art Scene? — New York Observer, 2012.0424

    John Pawson: Lost in Space — Telegraph, 2012.0424

    James Lovelock Finally Walks Back His Absurd Doomism, but He Still Doesn't Follow Climate Science — ThinkProgress, 2012.0423

    Sunshine, Composting Toilets, Rainwater: Recipe for a Top 10 Green Building — PBS, 2012.0423

    A Cautionary Tale Re: Prefab Home Kit — Jetson Green, 2012.0423

    Stan Allen Remembers Mansilla's Gentle and Optimistic Approach to Architecture. — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0423

    The FUTURE of TRANSPORTATION: How We're Going to Get Around — Txchnologist, 2012.0423

    Design Firm Leader Employs Holistic Philosophy to Foster Clients' Creativity, Comfort — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0423

    Supreme Court Refuses to Hear UWS $1,000/Month Rent-Stabilization Case — Gothamist, 2012.0423

    Planned Palace Upsets Some Neighbors in Tony D.C. Suburb — Washington Post, 2012.0423

    Planning New York's Next Iconic Building — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0423

    In Hippie Holdout, a Fight over Worms and Moats — New York Times, 2012.0422

    Apartment Demand Drives Commercial Building Rebound — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0422

    Award-Winning Architect Touts Benefits of Free Solar Heat, Adobe — New Mexican, 2012.0422

    For Stewards of Historic Homes, No Salary but Unbeatable Rent — New York Times, 2012.0421

    $16M Project Unveiled for Former Steam Plant: YMCA, UT Clinic, Apartments Planned — Toledo Blade, 2012.0421

    The Finest Estate Home in America Found — Huffington Post, 2012.0421

    What's Next for Top Condo Builder? — Calgary Herald, 2012.0420

    Are Cardboard Buildings the Future? — Guardian, 2012.0420

    The thin-shell architectural forms of architect Felix Candela — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0420

    SmartGeometry 2012 Conference — AECbytes, 2012.0419

    A Co-Op with Elbow Room — New York Times, 2012.0419

    Behind the Numbers: Existing-Home Sales Fall — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0419

    Tour of Buildings Becomes a Living History Lesson — Oregonian, 2012.0419

    Neighborhood Profile: High View Park — Washington Post, 2012.0419

    In Praise of Impermanence — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0419

    Architect George Lionakis Changed Face of Sacramento — Sacramento Bee, 2012.0419

    China Syndrome — RIBA Journal, 2012.0418

    William 'Bill' Lavicka, Chicago Activist and Preservationist Dies at 67 — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0418

    A Tribute to Islam, Earthen but Transcendent — New York Times, 2012.0418

    What's in a $22 Million 1 Bedroom Condo? — CNBC, 2012.0417

    Homeowners Keep Renovations Simple, Budget-Friendly — USA Today, 2012.0417

    The Making of Delhi's Lotus Temple — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0417

    Fiberglas Tower Moves Closer to Historic-Site List — Toledo Blade, 2012.0417

    HUD Indefinitely Debars Four Individuals for Mortgage Scam That Targeted Seniors — HUD Press Release, 2012.0416

    Hospitals Merge Design and Building to Cut Costs — New York Times, 2012.0415

    New Age Architect: Francois Roche — Metropolis Magazine, 2012.0411

    At the Huntington, a Japanese Garden of New Delights — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0409

    America's Foolish Detour into Shopping Malls — Crosscut, 2012.0409

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