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Building Culture

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The San Francisco-based magazine Architectural News ceased publication in 1891 after only three issues, so there is no way of knowing what the specific contents of a planned future issue, a translation of Gottfried Semper's Der Stil by Bernard Maybeck, might have been. There is no evidence that the translation was ever made, of what sections he would have chosen, or what Semper's influence on Maybeck's work might be.   (Published 2012.0404)


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The 2012 laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is Chinese architect Wang Shu. At only 48 years old, he has designed some two dozen works in China, in a variety of styles. "Wang Shu's architecture is exemplary in its strong sense of cultural continuity and re-invigorated tradition," commented the prize jury, noting the "exceptional nature and quality of his executed work."   (Published 2012.0229)


Building Culture Around the Web

Leighton Targets Urban Living — Sydney Morning Herald, 2012.0411

'Slum Cities' in South Asia Need Better Planning — Guardian, 2012.0410

US Housing Advocates Allege Wells Fargo Discriminating Against Minority Foreclosures — Washington Post, 2012.0410

Brilliant Design in Modernist Towers That Ventilate the Holland Tunnel — Jersey Journal, 2012.0410

Warning for Home Owners as Mortgage Rates Rise — Telegraph, 2012.0410

U.S. May Require Banks to Provide More Information on Mortgages — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0410

Spanish Home Sales Slump Most in Six Months Amid Recession — Bloomberg, 2012.0410

Going for Gold at the Netherlands' Flower Olympics — Telegraph, 2012.0410

The Mystery of Moscow Courtyards — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0410

London Fuels Profits Hike at Make — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0410

Lexington's First National Building to become a 21c Museum Hotel — Lexington Herald-Leader, 2012.0410

Neighbors Accept Loss of Trees for Development of Northwest Portland Apartments — Daily Journal of Commerce, 2012.0409

Photographer Captures Soviet Avant-Garde Architecture — Reuters, 2012.0409

Nine UK Firms Make Cut for Shanghai — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0409

Condo Building Goes Extra Distance — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0409

Can L.A. Real Estate Firm Revive Block 37? — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0409

Sign the Petition to Save a Neutra in Pakistan — Core77, 2012.0409

Architects Build Business on Sustainable Design — Globe and Mail, 2012.0409

At the Huntington, a Japanese Garden of New Delights — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0409

Adjacent Properties on Divisadero Were Reshaped by Pioneer in Women's Architecture — San Francisco Chronicle, 2012.0408

Buildings with Libraries: A Soft-Spoken Amenity — New York Times, 2012.0408

Art Deco Once Faced the Wrecker's Ball — New York Times, 2012.0408

The Value of Finding Value in What’S Unusual — New York Times, 2012.0408

Contemplating Art and Religion in Kolumba — Metropolis Magazine, 2012.0408

Inside Damien Hirst's Macabre 'Art' Factory — Mail Online, 2012.0408

The Future of Gates — Buffalo News, 2012.0407

Architecture's Ugly Ducklings May Not Get Time to Be Swans — New York Times, 2012.0407

Earthquake Destroys Architects' Legacy — Stuff, 2012.0407

Architecture's Ugly Ducklings May Not Get Time to Be Swans — New York Times, 2012.0407

RMJM Faces Pensions Inquiry — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0406

Chicago Housing Market 'Fragile' — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0406

Obama Administration Releases March Housing Scorecard — HUD, 2012.0406

An 18th-Century Gem Enters the 21st Century — New York Times, 2012.0406

New Director of the Philip Johnson Glass House to Revive Networking at the Fabled Retreat — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0406

Ralph Walker: America's Most Underrated Architect — Core77, 2012.0406

A Postmodern Gem, Reconsidered: Graves' Humana Building — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0406

Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial Design Needs to Be Rethought — Washington Post, 2012.0406

The House That Sam Built Still Stands — Toronto Star, 2012.0405

New Life for Old Buildings: Adaptive Reuse in Pittsburgh — Keystone Edge, 2012.0405

RMJM Starts Paying Staff Missing Wages — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0404

Historic Landmark Status Sought for Loch Raven Library — Baltimore Sun, 2012.0404

Pedro E. Guerrero on Being Inspired by the Masters — New York Times, 2012.0404

Architecture for Autism: Exterior Views — ArchDaily, 2012.0404

Hospitals, Movie Theaters Top Preservation Chicago's Annual 'Chicago Seven' List of Endangered Buildings — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0404

Brainstorming Ways to Turn Tappan Zee into Park — New York Times, 2012.0404

Indigenous Peoples Can Show the Path to Low-Carbon Living If Their Land Rights Are Recognized — National Geographic, 2012.0404

How to Turn Dun Laoghaire Around — Projects for Public Spaces, 2012.0404

Will the NYC Taxi of Tomorrow Be the Taxi of Yesterday? — ThinkProgress, 2012.0404

Practices Make Perfect: 5 Aspects of Sustainable Management — Triple Pundit, 2012.0404

Five Paradigm Shifts to Enhance a City — Tyee, 2012.0404

Preservation Award Winner: ArtSpace Buffalo — Buffalo Rising, 2012.0403

The Land of Broken Promises — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0403

Hong Kong Designer Tells New York Apartment Dwellers to 'Blur the Boundaries' — Asia Society, 2012.0403

Let There Be Light: The Functional Beauty of Outdoor Lighting — Cooperator, 2012.0403

The Curious Case of the 'Imposturbs' — Atlantic Cities, 2012.0403

Building a More Realistic Household Budget — San Francisco Chronicle, 2012.0403

Generate Cash and Conflict by Making Your Home a Billboard — WebUrbanist, 2012.0403

The Unsustainability of Incarceration — Triple Pundit, 2012.0403

Design That Makes a Difference — Inc., 2012.0403

French Architect on Hybridization — Yale Daily News, 2012.0403

Strada Relaunches Furniture Designed by Richard Meier — Strada Press Release, 2012.0403

Skyscraper Fire Reignites Controversy over Moscow's Building Boom — Christian Science Monitor, 2012.0403

Leading Architecture Firm Designs First-Ever Casino in New York City — Reuters, 2012.0403

L.A.'S Purple Line Subway Plan Is Bad News for the Arts — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0403

Historic Salisbury: Wide Range of Architecture in District — Salisbury Post, 2012.0403

Creativity and Cost-Savings Measures Reflected in Top New Home Design Trends — NAHB Press Release, 2012.0402

US Economy Grows at Modest Pace as Manufacturing Expands, Construction Shrinks — Washington Post, 2012.0402

Construction-Related Stocks Surfacing as Leaders — Investor's Business Daily, 2012.0402

Investors Are Looking to Buy Homes by the Thousands — New York Times, 2012.0402

Creative Tension: Project Orange's Polarised Approach — RIBA Journal, 2012.0402

Details for Seward Park Mixed-Use Renewal Released — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0402

Lessons on Zoning from Miami — Metropolis Magazine, 2012.0402

Pei Cobb Freed Joins Chase for Goldman Sachs' London Office — Building Design (registration required), 2012.0402

Is Broward's Best Building a Parking Garage? — Sun-Sentinel, 2012.0402

New Urbanism: Old-Fashioned Design in for Long Run — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0401

New Projects Provide Hope for KC's Prospect Corridor — Kansas City Star, 2012.0401

Young Architect Finds Space for His Brand of Talent — China Daily, 2012.0401

Home Project Debate: When to Hire an Architect — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2012.0401

Places That Work: The East Building at the National Gallery — Metropolis Magazine, 2012.0401

Camden Yards, the Stadium That Changed Baseball and Baltimore, Turns 20 — Baltimore Sun, 2012.0331

New Urbanism: Old-Fashioned Design in for Long Run — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0330

Luxury Homes Flush with Bathrooms — Chicago Tribune, 2012.0330

Elements of a Historic Syracuse Church Could Find a Home in Louisiana — Post-Standard, 2012.0330

Midwest Housing Market Climbing Back — CNBC, 2012.0330

Selling Condos? It's Child's Play — New York Times, 2012.0329

A Good Kitchen, on a First-Home Budget — New York Times, 2012.0329

From Mad Men to Mies: Why Modernism Holds Sway — ArchDaily, 2012.0329

Frank Lloyd Wright's Philadelphia Synagogue Depicts Spirituality through Modern Architecture — Israel News, 2012.0329

Whole Foods Awaits Approval for New Brooklyn Location — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0328

Cost Complaints, an Olympic Rite, Voiced in Britain — New York Times, 2012.0327

Pending Sales of US Existing Homes at Near Two-Year High — Bloomberg, 2012.0326

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