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  • Sustainable by BIM: Two Case Studies

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    Article Image


    This pair of case studies explores the use of building information modeling (BIM) in small-scale sustainable design projects. —Editor

    Ross Street House, Madison, Wisconsin, designed by Richard Wittschiebe Hand
    Hadlow College Rural Regeneration Centre, Tonbridge, England, designed by Eurobuild
                                        (in the Technology Department this week)


    More Design Context and Environment

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    Placed improbably between a pair of historical listed buildings, the contemporary facade of Gap House is a mere 2.4 meters (7.9 feet) wide. This new-build four-bedroom family home, winner of the RIBA Manser Medal for residential architecture, was designed by architect Luke Tozer of Pitman Tozer Architects for himself and his family.   Published 2012.0222


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    There are over 80 million single-family homes in the United States, and it's estimated that 18 million of these are "under water," meaning the mortgage is larger than the value of the house. Millions of families feel trapped, living a life sentence of domestic frustration in homes that do not work for them while being unable to move to solve the problems they confront on a daily basis.   Published 2012.0215


    Environment and Design Context Around the Web

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    Must-Read: Economist William Nordhaus Slams Global Warming Deniers, Explains Cost of Delay Is $4 Trillion — ThinkProgress, 2012.0302

    A Tour of the US's Clean Energy Future — Nature, 2012.0301

    Oceans' Acidic Shift May Be Fastest in 300 Million Years — Reuters, 2012.0301

    Subsidies under Fire as Solar Rebate Axed — Australian, 2012.0301

    U-M and USGBC Provide Findings on Anticipated Climate Change, Recommendations — Archinect, 2012.0229

    The Nuclear Ups and Downs of 2011 — New York Times, 2012.0229

    American Scientists Make Great Leap in Battery Technology — ENN, 2012.0229

    North Korea Suspends Nuclear Testing — Nature, 2012.0229

    Energy Efficiency in the Workplace: Siemens' Landmark Green Building the Crystal — GreenWise, 2012.0229

    Report Praises Green Credentials of eBay's Arizona Data Centre — TechWeekEurope, 2012.0229

    Historic Victory: Coal Free Chicago Will Electrify Clean Energy Movement — Huffington Post, 2012.0229

    Rethinking Carbon Dioxide (CO2): From a Pollutant to a Moneymaker — Christian Science Monitor, 2012.0229

    Counting the Family Carbon — New York Times, 2012.0229

    Canada Makes Billions from Tar Sands, Can't Find $1.5 Million to Fund Key Arctic Climate Research Station — ThinkProgress, 2012.0229

    New York and Wind Power: Can It Take Off? — New York Times (Blog), 2012.0229

    What 'Left' and 'Right' Really Mean on Climate Change (Hint: Nothing) — ThinkProgress (Blog), 2012.0229

    Scientists Urge Reform for a Broken Global System — Triple Pundit, 2012.0229

    Obama Hammers the GOP's Energy Plan — Triple Pundit, 2012.0229

    North Korea Agrees to 'Nuclear Moratorium' — BBC, 2012.0229

    Canadian Oil Sands: Defusing the Carbon Bomb — Nature, 2012.0228

    Organic Aerosols — ENN, 2012.0228

    European Nations Will Have to Set Legally Binding Targets on Energy Efficiency — Click Green , 2012.0228

    Army to Continue Pursuing LEED Gold and Platinum — Green Building Law Update, 2012.0228

    A Climate Warrior Puts It All on the Line Including His Life — Times, 2012.0228

    Michael Mann's Counterstrike in the Climate Wars — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0228

    Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety — Invest in India, 2012.0228

    Warming Arctic Fuels Cold Surges and Snowy Winters, yet Another Study Finds — ThinkProgress, 2012.0228

    AEI Economist Zycher Makes Head-Exploding Claims about Cost of Renewables — ThinkProgress, 2012.0228

    Net-Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What about the Buildings Already Standing? — Forbes, 2012.0228

    100-Mile Houses Expand the Locavore Movement from Food to Architecture — Your Olive Branch, 2012.0228

    How Student-Built Solar Homes Can Help Solve US Housing and Energy Crisis — Christian Science Monitor, 2012.0228

    We Need an International Approach to Biodiversity (but Local Action) — The Conversation, 2012.0227

    'All of the Above': Obama Names His Failed Presidency — ThinkProgress, 2012.0227

    Passive House Struts Its Stuff at BuildingEnergy Conference — PRWeb (Press Release), 2012.0225

    Drought Conditions in England 'Set to Widen' — BBC, 2012.0224

    Oil-Sands Vote Ends in Deadlock — Nature, 2012.0224

    Scientists Report Back from Fukushima Exclusion Zone — Nature, 2012.0224

    Scrutiny for Norwegian Fjord Rock Disposal — BBC, 2012.0223

    Mild Drought Caused Maya Collapse in Mexico, Guatemala — BBC, 2012.0223

    Lego Owners Splash $500 Million on Green Power — Reuters, 2012.0223

    Great Park's Green-Home Decathlon Will Have Big Effect on O.C. — Orange County Register, 2012.0223

    Records Show Confusion in U.S. At Start of Japan's Atomic Crisis — New York Times, 2012.0221

    Climate Expert Assumed False Identity to Obtain Documents — PBS, 2012.0221

    U.S. In Accord with Mexico on Drilling — New York Times, 2012.0220

    Designing the Green Roof — Archinect, 2012.0220

    Heartland Institute Faces Fresh Scrutiny over Tax Status — Guardian, 2012.0217

    In Heartland Institute Leak, a Plan to Discredit Climate Teaching — New York Times, 2012.0215

    USGBC LEED Public Comment Period Open — USGBC, 2012.0213

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