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    There are over 80 million single-family homes in the United States, and it's estimated that 18 million of these are "under water," meaning the mortgage is larger than the value of the house. Millions of families feel trapped, living a life sentence of domestic frustration in homes that do not work for them while being unable to move to solve the problems they confront on a daily basis.


    More Design Context and Environment

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    Passive House-certified buildings may take next to nothing to heat. But conflict between the German creators of the Passive House energy performance standard and their U.S. affiliate continues to generate energy months after it spilled into public view.

    The Passivhaus Institut (PHI) of Darmstadt, Germany, severed ties with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) of Urbana, Illinois, in an open letter released on August 17, 2011.   Published 2012.0111


    Environment and Design Context Around the Web

    Journals Warned to Keep a Tight Lid on Diesel Exposure Data — ScienceInsider, 2012.0217

    Approved Reactors Could Power Up Nuclear Industry — NPR, 2012.0217

    Divisions Deepen on U.S. Transportation Bills — Reuters, 2012.0217

    North Shore House Receives LEED Platinum Certification — Crain's Chicago Business, 2012.0216

    China Holds Key to Climate Change — Diplomat, 2012.0216

    An Early Eco-City Faces the Future — New York Times, 2012.0215

    Safe and Sustainable Transportation Taking Hold in Chicago. — Architect's Newspaper, 2012.0215

    The World's Most Beautiful Mosque in Malaysia Is Vulnerable to Rising Seas — Green Prophet, 2012.0215

    Budget Woes and Ozone — ENN, 2012.0215

    Climate Sceptics - Who Gets Paid What? — Guardian, 2012.0215

    The Importance of Time for Energy — GigaOM, 2012.0215

    Climate Change Capital Founder Sees Bunge Deal Soon — Reuters, 2012.0215

    Hurricanes Pose Major Risk to Wind Energy Industry — Climate Central, 2012.0215

    Starbucks, Nike, Yahoo Tell Congress to Renew Key Wind Power Tax Credit — Forbes, 2012.0215

    The House That Zero Carbon Built — Climate Spectator, 2012.0215

    Mongolia as Minegolia? Paying the Price — New York Times, 2012.0215

    February 15 News: U.S Solar Installations Rise 67% in Q4 2011 Due to Price Drops, Expiring Incentives — ThinkProgress, 2012.0215

    Poll Finds Americans, Especially Independents, Overwhelmingly Oppose Subsidies to Fossil Fuels — ThinkProgress (Blog), 2012.0215

    Phoenix Rising: Can "the World's Least Sustainable City" Go Green? — ThinkProgress (Blog), 2012.0215

    Cleantech Accelerator Greenstart Launches Design Practice — Triple Pundit, 2012.0215

    On Our Radar: M.R.I.'s for Car Batteries — New York Times (Blog), 2012.0215

    Why We Should Amend "People, Planet, Profit" — Triple Pundit, 2012.0215

    Desalination a Barrier to Improved Sustainability in the Gulf Region — Triple Pundit, 2012.0215

    Ice Caps and Glaciers Contend for Biggest Loser Award — ENN, 2012.0214

    More Than 1.1 Million People Employed in EU's Renewable Energy Sector — ThinkProgress, 2012.0214

    Video: Is Nevada Coal Plant an Example of Environmental Injustice? — ThinkProgress (Blog), 2012.0214

    Heartland Documents Reveal Fringe Denial Group Plans to Pursue Koch Money, Dupe Children and Cultivate Revkin — ThinkProgress, 2012.0214

    11 Important Clean Energy Provisions in the President's Budget Proposal — Climate Progress, 2012.0214

    Sustainability in Healthcare: A Step Towards Green Revolution — Health First Magazine, 2012.0214

    Models Hone Picture of Climate Impacts — Nature, 2012.0213

    'Storm of the Century?' Try 'Storm of the Decade' — MIT News, 2012.0213

    Answering for Taking a Driller's Cash — New York Times, 2012.0213

    EU Open to Negotiations but Won't Scrap Airline Carbon Emissions Tax — Washington Post, 2012.0213

    Can Smarter Growth Guide China's Urban Building Boom? — Yale Environment 360, 2012.0213

    US Approves First New Nuclear Reactors in 30 Years — Nature, 2012.0210

    Greg Barker: 4m Homes Will Be Solar-Powered by 2020 — Guardian, 2012.0209

    Green Homes Market Expected to Increase Five-Fold by 2016 — NAHB, 2012.0209

    Corals Inflate to Escape Being Buried Alive in Sand — BBC, 2012.0208

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