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    Architectural Products Update

    ArchWeek Image

    Copper Surfaces for Interior Design

    The KME Design Collection is a colorful suite of copper and copper-alloy surfaces suitable for interior cladding and finished objects. The collection includes mesh and flat mesh sheets; woven, perforated, and embossed surfaces; and a variety of surface treatments, including matt, burnished, scratched, and brushed. Available in natural copper color, green patinated copper, and dark-brown oxidized copper, as well as bronze (copper-tin alloy), bright gold (copper-aluminum alloy), and bright gray (tinned copper). The perforated and embossed surfaces are offered in a range of patterns. From the copper manufacturing group KME, based in Florence, Italy.


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    Lightweight Slate Roof

    SlateTec® is a simple lightweight roofing system using natural slate. The patented system combines highest-grade (S1) slate with a recyclable polymer interlayment, which is lapped beneath and concealed by the slate pieces. By eliminating the portion of each slate piece that would be hidden in a traditional slate application, this system reduces roof weight by about 40 percent. This allows homes to be roofed in slate without costly reengineering or strengthening of the roof-support structure. Weight and price are comparable to synthetic imitation slate. Lifespan is 75 years or more. From SlateTec, Inc.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Remote-Locking Door Hardware

    Kwikset® offers SmartCode™ door hardware with Home Connect™ Technology, providing true remote residential locking. The primary operation of these electronic levers and deadbolts is via keypad. The optional Home Connect technology allows users with web-enabled devices to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door, and receive text or email messages; it also allows integration with a home automation system. Hardware fits standard doors and operates on four AA batteries. Lock is easy to re-key. Automatically unlocks in case of emergency. Available in three styles and a variety of finishes. Pictured: SmartCode Lever in Polished Brass.



    Concrete Waterproofing Restoration

    Kryton International Inc. has developed the Hydrostop Restore & Protect System, a three-step restoration and protection system for above-grade concrete structures. The first step uses a non-shrink waterproof grout to repair cracks and defects at the concrete surface. The second step coats the surface with a polymerized, cementitious slurry, which provides a durable barrier to water and chemical intrusion. The third step uses a blended silane-siloxane sealer to create a long-lasting water repellant. This suite of products can extend the life of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings, providing a less expensive, less disruptive alternative to total replacement.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Clay Brick Permeable Paver

    Pine Hall Brick offers the StormPave™ clay brick paver for use in permeable paving systems. The pavers allow water to drain between them thanks to large spacer nibs, while joint openings are kept narrower than one-half inch (1.3 centimeters) to comply with ADA requirements. Strong, durable, and colorfast, the pavers offer a high infiltration rate when installed in a "best practice" permeable pavement system, and can contribute to LEED credits. Each unit measures 4 by 8 inches (10.2 by 20.3 centimeters), with an 8.5% void area. Available in thicknesses of 2.25 or 2.75 inches (5.7 or 7.0 centimeters).



    Technology Department

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