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    Design Context and Environment

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    Passive House-certified buildings may take next to nothing to heat. But conflict between the German creators of the Passive House energy performance standard and their U.S. affiliate continues to generate energy months after it spilled into public view.

    The Passivhaus Institut (PHI) of Darmstadt, Germany, severed ties with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) of Urbana, Illinois, in an open letter released on August 17, 2011.   2012.0111


    Environment and Design Context Around the Web

    Better, Cheaper Solar Trap. — Metropolis Magazine, 2012.0120

    Green Energy, Cloudy Climate — The National, 2012.0119

    Zoning Laws Grow Up — Wall Street Journal, 2012.0119

    Rush Limbaugh: Climate Change Misinformer of the Year — Climate Progress, 2012.0118

    Climate Change May Flip 40% of Earth's Major Ecosystems This Century — Climate Progress, 2012.0118

    China Sets Historic Limits on GHG Emissions from Select Regions — ENN, 2012.0118

    Japan to Cap Reactor Lifespan at 60 Years Despite Fukushima — Reuters, 2012.0118

    Activists Wring Blood from a Keystone — Los Angeles Times, 2012.0118

    10 Green Building Predictions for 2012 — Triple Pundit, 2012.0118

    Lessons for a New Year — Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal, 2012.0118

    Wind Turbines and Health Hazards — New York Times, 2012.0118

    The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Off-the-Grid Solar — New York Times, 2012.0118

    Life-Long Intelligence in the Genes — Nature (registration required), 2012.0118

    Strangford Lough Generator Given All-Clear — BBC, 2012.0117

    Climate Change Needs an Intergenerational Solution — Vancouver Sun, 2012.0117

    Two Coal Companies Want to Export Coal through the Port of St. Helens — The Oregonian, 2012.0117

    Lori-Quint Platinum Home in Georgia — Jetson Green, 2012.0117

    Singapore Panel Makes Recommendations for Mitigating Flash-Flooding — ENN, 2012.0117

    Singapore Panel Makes Recommendations for Mitigating Flash-Flooding — ENN, 2012.0117

    The (Solar) Light at the End of the Tunnel — New York Times, 2012.0117

    Mexico Pipeline Oil Spill May Take Month to Clean — Reuters, 2012.0114

    After Earthquakes, Ohio City Questions Future Fracking Wells — Reuters, 2012.0113

    Reducing Soot and Methane — New York Times, 2012.0113

    Vision for Affordable Energy Even If Indian Point Nuclear Plant Is Shut Down — New York Times, 2012.0112

    USGBC and AIA Announce Second Architecture for Humanity Sustainability Design Fellow — Dexigner, 2012.0112

    Vision for Affordable Energy Even If Indian Point Nuclear Plant Is Shut Down — New York Times, 2012.0112

    Latest Anchorage Snow Storm: 'Just Another Winter Day' in Alaska — Alaska Dispatch, 2012.0112

    Congress Blocks DOD LEED Platinum, Gold Certification Funding — Energy Boom, 2012.0111

    Exceptionally Little Ice in Barents- and Kara Seas — BarentsObserver, 2012.0111

    Passive House Divided — ArchitectureWeek, 2012.0111

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