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    Build Boston, the largest regional conference and trade show for the design and construction industry in the United States, recently demonstrated again why it has earned such preeminence.

    More than 14,000 architects, designers, construction and facility managers, and owners attended the 27th Build Boston conference, hosted by the Boston Society of Architects in November 2011. The trade show floor boasted some 300 vendors — up 6% over last year — who plied their products with the usual vigor.


    More Building Culture

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    A high-level assessment of the impact of the urban tower on the natural environment would conclude that low land use and possible higher density are the chief advantages, with high energy usage being the chief disadvantage. Concepts of density and of energy usage are relative, and should be examined by comparing high-rise buildings with their low- or mid-rise alternatives.


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    The exhibit "Metabolism, the City of the Future" at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo is a major retrospective looking at Japan's most widely known and perhaps least understood modern architecture movement. Subtitled "Dreams and Visions of Reconstruction in Postwar and Present-Day Japan," the exhibit throws up images depicting a sci-fi world of floating cities, metropolises in the sky, and soaring geometric shapes and patterns repeated over and over with little apparent corrspondence to the psychological needs of humans.   2011.1214


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    Design of New Heights Building: Mishmash of Contextualism or Appropriate? — Brooklyn Eagle, 2012.0110

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    Skyscrapers 'Linked with Impending Financial Crashes' — BBC, 2012.0110

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    Poetry Foundation Headquarters, Northbrook Interior Win National Architecture Awards — Chicago Tribune (Blog), 2012.0109

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    Architect Helen Hald's Humble Kirk Home Still Awes — Seattle Times, 2012.0107

    The Struggle to Define L.A.'S Transitional Moment — Atlantic Cities, 2012.0105

    High-Rise Sustainability — ArchitectureWeek, 2012.0104

    In Rotterdam, a Town House Reborn — New York Times, 2012.0104

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    An Unlikely Group Rebels Against Preservation Districts — New York Times, 2011.1231

    Cool Area, Hot Rental, $1,000 Deposit — New York Times, 2011.1230

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