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    Dear ArchitectureWeek,

    The Passivhaus standard for energy efficiency isn't just for houses. This we learned in Germany recently, on a fascinating tour of green building and design there, organized by the Ecologic Institute environmental think tank with funding from the German government.


    More Environment

    Taipei 101 Receives Platinum LEED-EB OM Rating — Taipei Times, 2011.0729

    In Sweden, a Tempered Approach to Nuclear Waste — NPR, 2011.0728

    Climate Change and the Plight of the Whitebark Pine — New York Times, 2011.0728

    Exxon and Shell Announce Massive Profit Gains — Climate Progress, 2011.0728

    City of Anchorage Eliminates Sustainable Building Ordinance — Anchorage Press, 2011.0727

    It's a Record-Setting Heat Wave, but the Conservative Media Deny Even That — Climate Progress, 2011.0727

    Republicans Seek Big Cuts in Environmental Rules — New York Times, 2011.0727

    Massive Solar Tower in Arizona to Be World's 2nd Largest Building — AZ Family, 2011.0726

    New York Proposes Hydraulic Fracturing in Certain Areas under Strict Controls — SPR Law, 2011.0726

    I *Heart* New York [Code Enforcement] — Green Building Law, 2011.0726

    Oklahoma, Where the Governor Tells Residents to Pray for Rain — Climate Progress, 2011.0726

    Which Emits the Most CO2 in Home Construction: Steel, Concrete or Timber? — Climate Progress, 2011.0726

    Activists Protest Logging in Oregon State Forest — Eugene Weekly, 2011.0726

    Study: Saving Owls and Salmon Also Stores Carbon — Seattle Times, 2011.0726

    GREEN AWARDS 2011: Earthy with an Edge — Las Vegas Business Press, 2011.0725

    ITC, SAS, and Nation's Largest Net-Zero Energy Building — Environmental Leader, 2011.0725

    FedEx Wins Big in Efficiency & Reduced Aircraft Emissions — Triple Pundit, 2011.0725

    U.N. Atomic Watchdog Head Lauds Fukushima Cleanup — Reuters, 2011.0725

    Climate Change Ignites Wildfire Fears for Yellowstone — Nature, 2011.0725

    Growing Green or Growing Wild? — Seattle Times, 2011.0725

    Transparent Battery Powers the Way to Translucent Devices — Nature, 2011.0725

    Going Green in New York: One Co-OpíS Story — New York Times, 2011.0724

    Going Green in New York: One Co-OpíS Story — New York Times, 2011.0724

    "Green" Building Designers Face More Complex Exposures — Business Insurance, 2011.0724

    Mayor Gives $50 Million to Anti-Coal Campaign — New York Times, 2011.0722

    Northeast Bakes under Blistering Heat — ENN, 2011.0722

    Magnolia Court Gets LEED Platinum Certification — AZo Build, 2011.0722

    Where to Build in New York City? Team New York Looks Up — Energy.Gov, 2011.0722

    Green Building Standards Adopted by Israel — EarthTechling, 2011.0721

    Midwest Turns Dry as Drought Worsens in Plains — Reuters, 2011.0721

    Turner Construction Builds 200th LEED-Certified Project — AZo Build, 2011.0721

    Act Now on Climate, No Need to Wait: Top UN Scientist — Associated Foreign Press, 2011.0720

    Longevity and Adaptability in Green Building — Green Building Law Update, 2011.0719

    In Portland, Oregon, a Ban Is in the Bag — The Oregonian, 2011.0719

    Ambient Electromagnetic Energy Harnessed for Small Electronic Devices — Georgia Tech Press Release, 2011.0716

    11 LEED Buildings Now for California College — EarthTechling (Blog), 2011.0715

    UN Climate Body Struggling to Pinpoint Rising Sea Levels — Der Spiegel, 2011.0715

    Yale Building's Proposed Green Features Help Uphold Zoning Amendment in State Court Appeal — Green Real Estate Law (blog), 2011.0715

    Toyota Housing Bring EV's Power to Home — Akihabara News, 2011.0707

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