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Quizzical Pursuit
—The Architecture Puzzler

Created by Dave Guadagni


Architecture Puzzler #510

Imagine you are renovating a building and your structural engineer wants to add new elements to deal with the possibility of drift. He says that, among other things, drift can cause nonstructural damage to piping and finishes. Drift refers to which of the following:

A. Movement or sliding of the building at the framing-to-foundation connection.

B. Horizontal deflection, or displacement of one floor level in relation to the floor levels above or below.

C. A condition sometimes encountered at oceanfront properties where soft sandy soils can become saturated and cause abrupt and uneven settling.


Question from Last Week:
Architecture Puzzler #509

Asphalt emulsions are often used on below-grade basement foundations. Will this coating give you a damp-proof or a waterproof application? In general, what is the fundamental difference between a damp-proof and waterproof application?  

Answer to Puzzler #509


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Dave Guadagni, AIA, is an architect with Robertson/Sherwood/Architects

Quizzical Pursuit is Copyright 2011, Dave Guadagni.


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Pictured here nearly adrift in Chesapeake Bay, the last house on Holland Island collapsed in October 2010, five months after this photo was taken.
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