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People and Places
People and Places
Dockside Green: Phase Two
Toyo Ito

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    Design & Building Download Center — Page Two

    Free architectural software and product-related downloads, courtesy of these ArchitectureWeek sponsors...

    Download Image

    LEED "Innovation in Design" Credit Catalog from USGBC

    The U.S. Green Building Council issued this document about projects that have received points for "innovative performance." Currently, projects pursuing LEED Certification have the opportunity to earn up to four points for two types of credits in the Innovation & Design Process (ID) category: exemplary performance related to existing LEED credits and innovative performance.

    This document pertains to innovative performance, and is a catalog of ID credits submitted by projects before the summer of 2007. It is a work in progress and is meant as a brainstorming tool to assist project teams in the development of new ID credits. It does not set any precedent to be upheld during a LEED Certification Review. The information found here is a staff summary of information provided by review teams and should not be considered a detailed or comprehensive portrayal of the original credit submittal.


    Product Image

    Free Pocket Guide to Brick Construction

    Acme Brick Company offers a free "Pocket Guide to Quality Brick Construction" to registered architects. The 127-page reference book includes brick size and weight information, mortar cost calculation, cold weather masonry requirements, brick wall properties, flashing and weep hole details, and wall costs per square foot based on three brick sizes. The book is a detailed, authoritative manual for anyone dealing with masonry. Acme Brick is the largest U.S.-owned brick company, established in 1891.

    More Info...

    Product Image

    Planning Workspace Changes for a Changing World

    Download a free white paper from Interior Architects, authored by principal Kay Sargent, about how offices and workspace are evolving in light of the global financial crisis and also demographic, social, creative, and technological changes. The paper offers strategic suggestions for how to rebuild and reposition the workplace for optimum performance, taking a look at how design, globalization, sustainability, and disaster preparedness might affect real estate decisions. What are the factors and realities that companies need to understand and leverage to cut their losses, rethink the workplace, and profit? What changes must be made and why? How do companies successfully determine and control the appropriate action for their unique situation? Click to download PDF...

    More Info...

    Product Image

    3D Modeling with bonzai3d

    Bonzai3d from AutoDesSys is a new 3D modeler that offers a quick and easy yet geometrically robust approach. Designed for delivering conceptual designs and sketching ideas, bonzai3d creates models that are CAD-accurate and can be used further down the production pipeline for construction drawings, renderings, animation, fabrication, rapid prototyping with 3D printing, and other applications. The software offers a smart interface; easy sculpting with real-time booleans; classic modeling tools with real-time dynamic editing; deformation for any solid or surface; NURBS curves and surfaces; specialty tools for roofs, terrain, stairs, and sections; a content library; a match-view tool; advanced real-time rendering; and more than 20 import-export formats. Download a 30-day full-featured trial version.

    More Info...

    Download Image

    Revit Global Light Utility for 3ds Max

    IMAGINiT Technologies, a RAND Worldwide® Company, has developed the Revit Global Light Utility for Max, a utility for Autodesk® 3ds Max®. With a single click, it turns on/ off multiple lights coming from the Autodesk Revit® and other CAD applications, as well as native 3ds Max lights. In addition to "all on/ all off," the utility allows you to separate each specific kind of light (such as daylight and photometric) or selected lights. The combination of Revit Architecture and 3ds Max Design enables designers to extend the BIM process. Revit Global Light Utility for Max is expected to be the first in a series of tools developed by the IMAGINiT design visualization team. Free download for a limited time.


    Product Image

    File Transfer and Management for AEC Firms

    FileGenius® is a web-based, secure file transfer and management solution designed for professional use. It allows AEC firms to distribute and share important drawings, images, and other large files, significantly reducing reprographic costs and overnight deliveries. The application allows unlimited users and workspaces, so firms can create any number of specific project spaces, private client areas, and plan set repositories. Easy-to-use file and folder interface with web-based access, total site setup and management, and free, unlimited tech support. Allows employee and client access without training or assistance from IT. A free, 14-day trial is available, or try the demo here:

    More Info...

    Download Image

    iLevel® Shear Brace Specifier's Guide

    Structural wall bracing helps protect life and property against damage from the lateral forces of high winds and earthquakes. Currently, a significant number of municipalities are enforcing International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for wall bracing.

    This download will help architects, specifiers, and builders meet these requirements. The guide offers an overview of both prescriptive specifications and engineered design for wall bracing. The material includes instructions on how to specify braced panels and portals, and includes examples, diagrams, load requirements, and anchorage details for using the iLevel® Shear Brace, a prefabricated, field-adjustable engineered-wood panel.


    Download Image

    Sustaining Infrastructure White Paper from Bentley Systems

    In "Sustaining Infrastructure," Bentley Senior Vice President Buddy Cleveland explains that the world's infrastructure assets (including buildings) — and the professionals charged with designing, building, and operating them — have critical roles to play in meeting global challenges, ranging from CO2 emissions to chronic hunger, unsafe bridges, severe weather, the depletion of nonrenewable resources, and others. For Bentley, these challenges fall under the broad umbrella of sustainability. For a free copy visit:


    Product Image

    IES Architectural Suites

    The IES Architectural Suite and Architectural Suite Plus provide integrated sustainable analysis tools for architects to use from the earliest stages of the design process through to detailed design. With training included, the packages offer a cost- and time-effective way to achieve green design goals. Multiple design iterations can be assessed rapidly, helping maximize the environmental performance of the final design. All the tools are integrated around a central 3D model that can connect directly with Google SketchUp®, Autodesk® Revit®, and via gbXML with other 3D design tools, eliminating the need to rebuild geometry. Download a free trial today...

    More Info...

    Download Image

    Insulated Metal Panel Performance

    Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) typically consist of an insulated core, exterior and interior metal skins, double tongue-and-groove joinery, and concealed clips and fasteners. Installed outside the metal stud cavity, IMPs are suitable for exterior walls or roof systems, and can also be used in conjunction with other panels for multi-component solutions. They can increase the thermal efficiency of the building envelope to 95 percent. The panels incorporate a water, air, and vapor barrier in a single-unit wall assembly with R-values that range between R-14 and R-48. Available in a wide range of color and styles. Download a white paper on IMPs from the Metal Construction Association.


    Download Image

    Mitigating Risk in AEC Project Execution

    Spar Point Research of Danvers, Massachusetts, surveyed leading AEC principals, counsel, and professional liability insurers on the topic of risk management in architecture, engineering, and construction projects. There was a consensus that many of the industry's current practices, despite being designed to shield firms from risk exposure, are, in fact, increasing the likelihood of project failure. The participating executives agreed that more frequent and deeper sharing of information across the entire project team can improve the team's clarity of understanding, reduce the likelihood and severity of problems, and increase control over a project's outcome. Download the white paper commissioned by Newforma, Inc., a developer of project information management software.


    Download Image

    Sustainable Product Design Guidelines

    "The Designer's Field Guide to Sustainability" is an overview of key considerations for sustainable product development and the product life cycle. Four recommendations for the product design process are: 1) examine the premise of the design, 2) choose materials to increase recycling options and decrease manufacturing energy, 3) consider the importance of durable, multi-use products, and 4) make products modular for easy repair, and maximize renewable and biodegradable materials. Concepts useful for interior, architectural, graphic, and engineering designers. Read more at the "Lunar Elements" blog from industrial design company Lunar Design. Download a PDF with examples of sustainable solutions to product design challenges.


    Download Image

    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended includes all the functions of Acrobat 9 Pro, plus a range of additional features for business and technical professionals. Acrobat 9 Pro Extended includes PDF Portfolio for unifying a wide range of content, Adobe Presenter for creating interactive presentations, and the new Adobe 3D Reviewer for expanded 3D capabilities. It also provides the ability to convert 2D and 3D designs to PDF, convert and share video in PDF, and create PDF maps. Download a free 30-day trial for Windows users:


    Product Image

    Computer Design of Beams, Joists, and Rafters

    ConstructionCalc™ offers a free white paper on how to design simply supported wood beams, joists, and rafters with ConstructionCalc's Wood Beam Calculator program. Concepts presented will be applicable to other similar brands of software. The short course covers: determining loads, including uniform, partial, point and wedge loads; span and tributary width; deflection criteria and impact on design; self-weight issues; lateral bracing for bending members; interpretation of output information; and evaluating the most efficient solution. A PC and Microsoft® Excel 2003 or later are required to run ConstructionCalc software. Download the free white paper, "Computer Design of Beams, Joists, and Rafters," here.

    More Info...

    Product Image

    3D Software for Interior Design

    Chief Architect, Inc. has released new 3D design software specifically for interior design professionals. The new interiors product is based on the full-featured version of Chief Architect X2. Features include cabinet catalogs with manufacturer and generic cabinets for creating kitchens and baths; 2D and 3D automated building and design tools; access to thousands of name-brand and generic design objects; automated materials lists and schedules for pricing and cost estimating; 3D rendering for photorealistic and artistic views, including raytracing, watercolor, and line drawings; and construction drawing creation per NKBA standards. Download a trial version.

    More Info...

    Download Image

    Architect's Guide to Home Automation

    AVD Australia and Project Connection are sponsoring the 'Architect's Guide to Home Automation' white paper, which provides a seven-step solution for architects who are undertaking home automation projects and creating intelligent environments in new homes. By designing and implementing an infrastructure that can be readily upgraded, designers can ensure that a smart home will keep pace with advances in technology. This free download offers clear and concise advice about what to look for when partnering with a home-automation designer and when hiring an electrical contractor.


    Google Sketchup Image

    Energy-Efficient Design Briefs from the California Energy Commission

    Learn more about the latest technologies, trends, and resources in energy-efficient design with concise technical briefs from the California Energy Commission. The briefs are designed to help architects, builders, and designers implement the most cost-effective solutions to common problems. Topics include lighting, HVAC, commissioning and design, and more. Register at E Source, then download free design briefs...


    Google Sketchup Image

    White Paper from Walker Glass for Specifying Acid-Etched Glass and Mirror

    When considering acid-etched glass or mirror for exterior or interior applications, writing appropriate specifications is a critical exercise to make sure the right product is used. Walker Glass Co. Ltd. has published a white paper entitled "The Top Five Issues to Consider when Writing Acid-etched Glass or Mirror Specifications" to help you avoid costly pitfalls.



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