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    Architectural Products Update

    ArchWeek Image

    Colorful Office Chairs

    OFM introduces Elements, an in-stock fabric program for its office and school furniture. Available on many chairs in the company's established product line, the new upholstery options feature bold, rich colors and striking patterns and textures. The collection includes luminescent vinyls that seem to change color with the lighting; a selection of warm, vibrant colors, including reds, blues, and greens; and patterns that suggest movement, from swirling dots to multicolored geometrics. GreenGuard-certified and recycled-content fabrics are available, along with marine-grade anti-microbial/ anti-bacterial vinyls.


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    Double-Sided Acid-Etched Glass from Walker Glass

    The current double-sided acid-etched glass program from Walker Glass includes the Satin/ Satin and Opaque/ Opaque finishes. With the new addition of Velour/ Velour, Walker now offers no fewer than six different shades of full-surface etching. On special request, the double-sided glass can be made with a combination of full-sheet etching on one side and an acid-etched pattern on the other. Using North American glass substrates, the Walker Textures™ products are available in a wide range of thicknesses and colors varying from 3 to 19 millimeters, in sizes up to 100 by 144 inches. Some products are offered in quantities under 4,000 pounds.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Rain Screen Frame

    Knight Wall Systems introduces a rain screen frame that accommodates a wide variety of plank and lap siding. The SidingRail™ can be used with engineered wood, fiber-cement, vinyl, and aluminum lap siding, helping improve energy-efficiency and moisture control on recladding projects. It features a half-inch air gap and Knight's patented self-leveling system. The framing is available in 16- to 22-gauge steel and can be specified in increments of one foot. It is available with 2-inch, 4-inch, or 6-inch brackets, enabling different R-values of insulation to be installed external to the building's vapor barrier. Can contribute to LEED points.



    Modular Homes

    Westchester Modular Homes has introduced its American Eagle Series of homes. The five models in the series are smaller, lower-cost homes targeting first-time homebuyers, empty-nesters, or those seeking a vacation home. The units range from two to four bedrooms and from 720 square feet to 1,440 square feet (67 to 134 square meters). The Monroe (pictured) is a three-bedroom, one-bathroom unit with a two-bathroom option. All homes in the series come with a ten-year written warranty. Available through authorized independent builders in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Insulated Wall Panel

    Bensonwood's new OBPlusWall™ insulated structural wall panel offers an R-35 rating. The panel includes dense-pack cellulose insulation, I-stud framing with engineered lumber, interior and exterior sheathing layers, drainage plane (not shown), exterior finish, and an interior finish of mold-resistant gypsum board, prefinished boards and/or wainscoting. Gaskets, fastening, and other elements create a tight thermal envelope and minimize thermal bridging. The panel also features an Open-Built® disentangling layer for routing electricity, networking, and audio cabling. The Huber ZIP system used for exterior sheathing protects against moisture and wind. Windows are shop-installed.



    More New Products

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