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  • Dockside Green: Phase Two
  • Climate Letter to Congress

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    The second phase of the Dockside Green project in Victoria, British Columbia, recently received a high-scoring LEED Platinum certification from the Canada Green Building Council. Known as Balance, this part of the development comprises 171 residential units in two adjacent towers. It earned a LEED score of 63 points out of a possible 70, matching the score of Dockside Green's first phase, Synergy (previously featured in ArchitectureWeek No. 401).


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    We think this public letter, signed by 18 prominent climate scientists, coordinated by the Project on Climate Science, gives a succinct and accurate view of the current situation, addressed to our national legislators.

    Meanwhile, the "Better Buildings Initiative" announced by the White House on February 3, 2011, is an important climate- and architecture-related package moving forward administratively, even as Congress fiddles. —Editors

    To the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate:


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