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Conservatories, Domes, and Roof Lanterns


Tanglewood Conservatories, Inc., designs and builds custom residential and commercial conservatories that combine the romanticism of 19th-century glass architecture with state-of-the-art technology and master craftsmanship. Each conservatory is pre-built to an architect's specifications or designed at the Maryland studio, then disassembled and shipped to the site, where a team of the company's craftsmen finish the installation.


Projects have included the restoration of original building designs, creation of horticultural spaces, and traditionally styled conservatories built for modern office and retail spaces. Copper domes, curved glass-and-mahogany skylights, and specialty roof lanterns are hand-built for the luxury market. Pictured is a roof lantern cupola with the company's signature copper facing.

Tanglewood Conservatories was founded in 1993 by Maryland architect Alan Stein and his wife Nancy, a fabric artist and former corporate manager. The company is well known for its ability to develop new technologies in support of its upscale, creative design endeavors.

Mr. Stein commented that Tanglewood's ability to produce copper clad windows, roof systems as well as the many decorative parts that give its conservatories their clearly recognizable allure, has been under development for several years. "This is as much about art and craftsmanship as it is technology - and that takes a long time to develop," Stein says.


The company recently completed an ornate copper conservatory for a client in Montana. The owner was concerned about the harsh Montana winter. Given the remote location and his plans to be away for extended periods throughout the year, he did not want to have to worry about the need to maintain a typical wood conservatory.

"Our client wanted his conservatory to be completely maintenance-free." Not wanting to settle for an ordinary PVC or aluminum clad product, he searched for a company that could produce something extraordinary made from copper or bronze. His search led him to Tanglewood and their appealing designs reminiscent of the Old-World style of conservatories.

While the outside of the unique room is entirely clad with copper, its interior is finished with richly stained mahogany. Tanglewood Conservatories, already well known for its copper domes, lanterns and skylights, says that a number of other exotic copper conservatories are already being designed.

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