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Architectural Products Update

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Energy-Efficient Storefront System

YKK AP America introduces the YES 45 XT storefront system to its enerGfacade® product line for commercial buildings. The system features dual-thermal-barrier design, and delivers a U-factor of 0.36 using standard one-inch (2.5-centimeter) low-e insulating glass, with greater efficiency possible using higher-performance glazing. The thermal barriers use a Mechanical Lock Profile (MLP™) system by Azon that encapsulates lanced retaining edges within a polyurethane thermal barrier to create a composite shape for improved structural performance, allowing longer vertical spans and horizontal spacings. The enerGfacade family of thermally broken products exceeds ASHRAE 189.1, and also includes the new YCW 750 XT curtain wall system.


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Hands-free Restroom Door System

Sanidoor® is a touch-free door opening system designed to reduce the spread of germs in restrooms. The system allows doors to be opened with a wave of the user's hand, much the way touch-free faucets and towel dispensers operate. Models are available for swinging doors on multi-user restrooms; for latching doors, such as on cruise ships; and for single-user, locking public restrooms, such as in doctors' waiting rooms. Easy to install, whether in retrofits or new construction. ADA-compliant; includes safety measures for impediment and entrapment protection. Currently in use in Florida, the system is poised to launch throughout North America.


ArchWeek Image
ArchWeek Image

Cool Coatings for Aluminum Cladding

3A Composites (formerly Alcan Composites) introduces a "cool" coating system for its Alucobond® aluminum cladding. The high solar reflectivity of the coatings limits building heat gain, thus helping to lower cooling costs and save energy. Made with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), the new finishes offer chalk resistance and long-lasting color, along with resistance to corrosion and to damage from chemicals, humidity, and salt spray. The paints require little maintenance and are easy to clean with conventional detergents or solvents. Available in a variety of colors.



Architectural Glass Block

Seves glassblock has launched three new products. The Energy Saving block (pictured) combines transparency and thermal protection by sandwiching a low-e glass plate between two shells of clear glass block, with argon gas inserted at controlled pressure. The UV Reflector glass block has mirrored surfaces that reduce the transmission of UV light, thanks to the zirconium oxide film applied to the glass surface. The Q30 Diamante block has an asymmetrical pyramid form, developed in collaboration with 5+1AA as part of the tailor-made service for architects and designers. Based in Italy.


ArchWeek Image
ArchWeek Image

Glass-Tile Solar Roofing System

The SolTech System is a multilayer roofing system that harvests solar energy. It consists of undulating glass roof tiles, an underlayment of nylon fabric coated with a light-absorbing layer, and an air gap created by beams mounted in a patented way to enable even circulation of air across the roof surface. The system is designed to be easily integrated with existing heating systems, such as heat pumps and boilers. It is most often connected to a water-borne central heating system via an accumulation tank. Minimum roof slope of 15 degrees. From SolTech Energy of Sweden.



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