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    Architectural Products Update

    ArchWeek Image

    Architectural Glass Block

    Seves glassblock has launched three new products. The Energy Saving block (pictured) combines transparency and thermal protection by sandwiching a low-e glass plate between two shells of clear glass block, with argon gas inserted at controlled pressure. The UV Reflector glass block has mirrored surfaces that reduce the transmission of UV light, thanks to the zirconium oxide film applied to the glass surface. The Q30 Diamante block has an asymmetrical pyramid form, developed in collaboration with 5+1AA as part of the tailor-made service for architects and designers. Based in Italy.


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    Glass-Tile Solar Roofing System

    The SolTech System is a multilayer roofing system that harvests solar energy. It consists of undulating glass roof tiles, an underlayment of nylon fabric coated with a light-absorbing layer, and an air gap created by beams mounted in a patented way to enable even circulation of air across the roof surface. The system is designed to be easily integrated with existing heating systems, such as heat pumps and boilers. It is most often connected to a water-borne central heating system via an accumulation tank. Minimum roof slope of 15 degrees. From SolTech Energy of Sweden.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Cost-Effective Prefab Homes

    ASUL, the Adaptable System for Universal Living, is a proprietary modular home design and construction system developed by a team of architects, engineers, contractors, and investors. Each home is customized based on a collaborative design process between the client and ASUL architects, aided by paper models of the thirty pre-engineered rooms available. Construction materials are sourced, prefabricated, packaged, and shipped for assembly. Pricing is based on the materials used and onsite construction options, with one option that includes materials and labor to complete the entire home, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.



    Dual-Function Solar Panels

    The new Volther™ hybrid solar collectors produce electricity and hot water simultaneously. While conventional photovoltaic (PV) modules experience a decrease in efficiency as the module heats up, the Volther system uses excess heat to heat water while also increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the PV component. The dual-function collector offers an alternative to separate PV and solar thermal units. Two models are available: the Powervolt, designed to maximize the electrical generation (peak output 190 Watts electrical/ 460 Watts thermal), and the Powertherm, which maximizes water heating (peak output 170 Watts electrical/ 680 Watts thermal). From Solimpeks Solar Energy Corp., based in Turkey.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Original Architectural Moldings

    Solomon & Wu introduces a line of original ornamental moldings (mouldings) for interior spaces, combining a contemporary design aesthetic with the traditions of fibrous plaster moldings. The first collection features the Hudson series of skirting, cornice, and architrave; the Caumont rose and skirting; the Organic Structure cornice (pictured); and the Cubist rose. Custom moldings are also available, for both interior and exterior applications. Designs are sculpted from plaster block, molded, and manufactured by hand in the UK. Exported worldwide.



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