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  • Effective Specifications for Construction Waste Recycling

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    Effective Specifications for Construction Waste Recycling

    by Greg Winkler

    The specifications prepared as part of the construction documents provide the architect with the opportunity to define the overall scope and nature of the recycling effort on the site. In preparing the specifications she will attempt, as she does in other technical specification sections, to stake out the overall goals and requirements of the program without telling the contractor exactly how to manage the program.

    The how, of course, are the means and methods of construction, which are the sole province of the contractor. The closest an architect will get to intruding on this turf is to define in the specifications the rough outline of the waste management plan. She includes this section in the specifications to ensure that the contractor includes the bare minimum of key points in the plan he prepares for his own use in actually managing the recycling program on his construction site.

    Specification sections that address aspects of waste management or recycling:

    • Section 00120: Supplementary Instructions to Bidders — Resource Efficiency
    • Section 00800: Supplementary General Conditions
    • Section 01010: Summary of the Work
    • Section 01030: Alternates
    • Section 01031: Waste Management and Recycling Alternates
    • Section 01060: Regulatory Requirements
    • Section 01094: Definitions
    • Section 01200: Project Meetings
    • Section 01300: Submittals
    • Section 01400: Quality Control
    • Section 01500: Construction Facilities and Temporary Controls
    • Section 01505: Construction Waste Management
    • Section 01600: Materials and Equipment
    • Section 01630: Substitutions
    • Section 01700: Contract Closeout

    Section 01505 is the specification section that deals most closely with waste management issues. This section will contain the most detailed requirements the contractor must follow in managing construction and demolition (C&D) waste from the project.   >>>

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    This article is excerpted from Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste: A LEED-Based Toolkit by Greg Winkler, copyright © 2010, with permission of the publisher, McGraw-Hill.



    ArchWeek Image

    Loaders like this wheeled type are often used to lift materials slated for recycling, primarily onto another type of machinery.
    Photo: © Hamiza Bakirci/ Courtesy McGraw-Hill Extra Large Image

    ArchWeek Image

    Architectural salvage can include a wide range of products.
    Photo: © Richard Thornton/ Courtesy McGraw-Hill Extra Large Image


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