No. 475 . 19 May 2010 

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ArchitectureWeek reviewed the public architecture of Curitiba, Brazil, including the "Eye Museum" by Oscar Niemeyer in issue 351, September 26, 2007.  Photo: Artifice Images 

Ten Years of ArchitectureWeek

by Kevin Matthews

Welcome to a kaleidoscopic tenth-anniversary special issue of ArchitectureWeek. We've pulled together a cross-section of some of our favorite articles from across the years, and present them this week complete with all their several hundred photographs and drawings.

Since our first weekly issue on May 17, 2000, we've worked to bring the best in design and building around the world to a professional-level audience.

More than a hundred contributors and staff have created, edited, and presented over 16,000 photographs and drawings in some 1,400 feature articles in six topical departments, plus thousands of product items, surfaces, quizzes, etc.

Our goal, since May 2000, has been to speak with an incisive and well-tempered independent voice — to, for, and about the professional design and building community. Compared to the monthly tradition on clay-coated paper, our stories tend to be fresher, more frank, more poetic, and also more technically complete and more evidence-driven, fashion-aware but but less driven by fads and fashion.

ArchWeek stories are overwhelmingly graphic, illustrated with copious high-resolution photos, richly descriptive texts, and giant drawings. Our team also takes pride in crafting words with great care, while consciously exploiting our unlimited page count to let each story dictate its length, instead of layout limitations or the number of ads.

Online, appreciative of and committed to the ethical and qualitative standards of great media, we're also freed to go at times deeper, at times wider, focusing more intensely for longer where appropriate, and skimming fast and far where called for.

A truly successful magazine is a community of engagement, fundamentally including all the readers, story subjects, product makers, and word-of-mouth referrers who participate in various ways in the grand conversation.

And ultimately, from our side of the conversation, we see ArchitectureWeek — together with the rest of the Artifice network — as the hub of a kind of mutual-support service for designers and builders. Our bread and butter is to search the world for what you're doing, and for what you may want and need to see and to understand — and then bring it together, filter it for clarity and to respect your time, and then lay it out at your finger tips.

At the core of our community are the professionals of the built environment, with direct day-to-day engagement in design and building. In the expansive medium of the global Internet, this wide community extends beyond to encompass everyone who wants to understand Architecture as art, craft, technology, industry, and ultimately, a matrix for life.   >>>



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