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  • Wiki Design Studio - Part Two
  • Wiki Design Studio - Part One

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    Wiki Design Studio - Part Two


    Case Studies Studio Page

    Following that outline of the standard wiki page editing cycle, to create the Case Studies page, first go to the main studio page.

    Look at the horizontal link bar, a short way down the page, just below the summary infomation block. By convention in the wiki, internal links, like some of the linked page names here, that point to a page that doesn't exist yet, are shown in red text. Links that point to pages that do already exist, are shown in blue text.

    Recapping the page creation process, when you click on a red-text link, like the link to the "Case Studies" studio sub-page in this example, you'll go to a warning page that lets you either back out, navigating onward without creating the page, or else create the page, by clicking the link that says "edit this page".

    Go ahead and edit the Case Studies page, putting in a heading (between matching equal signs) and some links to the pages for the individual case studies themselves. In this example, we're linking to three case study pages, all within the Archiplanet wiki - therefore with page names each enclosed in double square brackets:

    When you click the "Save page" button near the bottom of the editing page, the page will reload into the normal viewing mode, and look about like this:

    This is a simple page, just designed to hold links going to individual case studies. There are a couple of detials worth noting.

    First, one of the links introduces another handy bit of "wikitext", which is the simple formatting system used for the words we put in the wiki, to adjust how they display and link.

    In this case, the internal link:

    [[Exeter Library|Library at Philips Exeter Academy]]

    uses the vertical bar character "|" as a separator, within the double square brackets, between the actual wiki page name, "Exeter Library", and the text to display for that page link on this page, "Library at Philips Exeter Academy".

    A second detail worth noting is that each of these three case studies pages - each demonstrating a different approach to creating a case study in the wiki - is set up here as a regular wiki page, like the building and architect firm pages in general in the wiki, rather than a sub-page of the design studio. It could be done either way. But if the case studies are being done soldily, they might as well be done as regular contributions to the wiki in their own right.

    If you wanted to create a case study page for the Library at Philips Exeter Academy, different from the one that already exists in the wiki, it would make sense for that to be done as a sub-page specific to this design studio. The link for that would look like this:

    [[1996 Spring-UO Arch484-Matthews Studio/Exeter Library|Library at Philips Exeter Academy]]

    We've got the initial double square brackets, then the studio main page name "1996 Spring-UO Arch484-Matthews Studio", then the forward slash that demarks a sub-page name "/", then the sub-page name "Exeter Library", then the vertical bar character that demarks the display text "|", then the display text "Library at Philips Exeter Academy", and finally the closing double square brackets.


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