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    Architectural Products Update

    ArchWeek Image

    Electronically Tintable Architectural Glass

    SAGE Electrochromics, Inc. offers electronically tintable glass, allowing users to darken windows for visual and thermal comfort. In the tinted state, SageGlass® products block 91 percent of solar energy penetration, providing control of daylight, heat gain, and glare, while maintaining views to the outdoors. Operation of the dynamically tintable windows, skylights, and curtain walls consumes minimal power. The glass products are GreenSpec®-listed as environmentally preferable building products, and may also contribute to LEED certification in the credit areas of optimized energy performance, measurement and verification, ventilation effectiveness, controllability of systems, thermal comfort, daylight and views, and innovation in design.


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    Natural Stone Finish for Metal Panel Systems

    MeTecno USA's foam-insulated and single-element metal wall and roof panels are now available in the Granitstone® Quartz finish. Designed to complement the existing Granitstone line of lightweight metal panels, which are finished to mimic sprayed stucco, the new finish is composed of natural multicolored quartz aggregates with a clear acrylic binder. The panels are easy to install as high-rib sheeting, and are designed for use with light-gauge grits, steel stud, or tube steel wall systems. Five colors are available: Cascade Sand, Teton Gray, Monterey Gold, Foxwood Beige, and Dakota Bronze.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Frame Fabric Structures

    American Spaceframe Fabricators International (ASFI) designs, engineers, and builds tensioned fabric structures. Metal framing supports the tension membrane roof. For enclosed buildings, straight side walls support the roof framing. The translucent white roof membrane with acrylic topcoat cladding protects against ultraviolet rays and is mildew-resistant and fire-retardant. Structures also incorporate insulation and acoustic-dampening. An overhang at the eaves directs rain and snow runoff away from the side walls. Tensioned fabric structures are fast to build, cost less than traditional construction, allow in natural light, and provide excellent ventilation. For a variety of uses, such as aviation, entertainment, and sports facilities.



    Slope Skylights & Glazing Systems

    Acurlite Structural Skylights, Inc. manufactures vertical and slope architectural glazing systems. These integrated skylights and glazing products are designed and engineered to be partially or fully shop-assembled and unitized into manageable sections. Pre-assembly of units can save up to 40 percent in field labor at the project site. Skylights are available in custom configurations and in a variety of common configurations, including pyramid, single-pitch, double-pitch, curved barrel vault, lean-to, polygon, and fully pre-assembled EZ-Lites. A hurricane-rated skylight system is also available. Covered by a five-year limited warranty.


    ArchWeek Image
    ArchWeek Image

    Energy Star Glass Walls from NanaWall

    NanaWall® introduces the WD66 wood-framed wall system with Heat Mirror® glazing. This Energy Star-qualified product offers an energy-efficient solution for large architectural openings, contributing high insulative properties, and facilitating daylighting and passive cooling. The wall system performs well in a wide range of climates and provides high weather resistance and structural performance. It is available with various folding doors and folding window combinations, matching French doors, transoms, side lites, and corner posts. Options include 50 stacking configurations and a variety of woods and finishes. Photo: Andrea Brizzi © New York Institute of Technology



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