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  • Wiki Case Study - Part One
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    Wiki Case Study - Part One


    Interesting! It looks like this firm, Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc., is the same architecture firm that designed the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, recently featured on the cover of ArchitectureWeek.

    Now that we've done due diligence on what's already there, and identified a firm page at Archiplanet we can link to directly, let's actually create a new wiki page for the Urban Ecology Center building we're working on.

    At Archiplanet, to create any of the main page types, we'll use the "Add a Page" helper form always available in the left sidebar:

    In the "Add a Building" section of the Add a Page form, fill in as much information as you have available. Most critical is to include either the building name - if the structure has a particular formal name - or the exact street address, if there isn't a formal name, plus the city, state (if applicable) and country. These pieces of information be used to create the wiki page name for the new page. (In case there's some mistake or confusion, just about anything can be fixed in the wiki.)

    As you fill in the "Add a Building" section of the form, you may need to scroll down a little in the browser window to see all the fields:

    Then, when you've filled in the Add a Page form as much as you can, then click the "Submit" button, and you're browser will load the new page already in wiki editing mode, which looks like this:

    What you have here in your browser is a bunch of text in a big text-editing field. The text in wikis in general uses a simple formatting system called "[ Wikitext]". You don't have to learn this to start getting good information into a case study at Archiplanet, while if you keep working with the wiki, you can probably pick it up over time gradually without a big effort.

    In Archiplanet, a lot of the formatting for a building page is handled automatically, using built-in templatse. Each of the phrases in the list near the top of the big editing box followed by an equal sign, like:


    is part of the main "Building Info" template. Just put the relevant information to the right of the equal sign, without changing the other (mysterious looking) parts of the template, and things will be fine.

    Scroll down in the editing box to reveal the "Building Details Info" template, and complete any of the 'equals sign' lines for which you have the answers.

    Then click on the "Save Page" button below the edit box, and answer the spam-blocking 'captcha" question on the next page, and finally you should see the new wiki page appear in all its formatted glory:

    Given that architecture is highly visual, now we'll add an image to the new building page. First we'll upload a JPEG photo image to the wiki, and then we'll link that wiki image into the wiki page.   >>>

    Discuss this article in the Architecture Forum...


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