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    Wiki Case Study - Part One

    by ArchitectureWeek

    We've been talking recently about the "wiki" phenomenon of community-created web sites - and what they might mean to architecture - both in terms of wikis in general, and in the context of the ArchitectureWeek web family.

    This week we're going to roll up our sleeves and actually put a bunch of architecture into a wiki, where all the (online) world can see it.

    For this discussion, something like an initial wiki tutorial, we'll be specifically posting some main elements of a building case study to the Archiplanet wiki. The key steps here will be broadly applicable to a range of building presentation opportunities, from an architecture school precedent study to a professional marketing outreach posting.

    For a building to work with, let's use the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a really delightful and inspiring place we recently had the pleasure of visiting.

    If your case study subject is new to you, as the Urban Ecology Center may be, you'll likely want to start with a web search to collect basic facts, if the building is somewhat known, and to see what is online about it already.

    Here (below), we pointed our web browser to, searched on "urban ecology center, milwaukee", and found several related pages as well as a location map:

    Following a search results link, we can see the Urban Ecology Center has its own web site:

    That site gives us enough of the basic facts about the building to start a new page at Archiplanet for the building.

    However, there's one more step for us before we actually start the new wiki page. It is always good practice to try a search in the wiki for the subject you're interested in, just in case someone else has come along and started a page on the topic already.

    Here (below), we've pointed our browser to Archiplanet, and in the search field near the top of the left-hand sidebar (just below the planet logo), we entered the building name, "Urban Ecology Center", and then clicked "Search".

    Looking over those search results (above), we see there's no page yet with the building name or really anything close. So we're clear to make a new page in the wiki for our case study subject.

    But we do see the name of our building listed already on the wiki page of the architecture firm that designed it. Let's follow the link in the Archiplanet wiki search results to that design firm wiki page.   >>>

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