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    ArchWeek's Web


    These realms and layers of information are presented through simple multimedia interfaces, richly cross-linked and interconnected, at the same time both highly browsable, as traditional magazines have been, and highly searchable, as traditional databases have been. The simplicity and richness of reader experience is backed by extensive custom software frameworks, some entirely home-grown, most built up from industry standard open software.

    The great majority of what we publish is provided free online. This is primarily because that's really our fundamental drive, to share knowledge and appreciation of beauty and quality in design and building simply as widely and deeply as possible. Secondarily, we can get away with it because free and open is a good business strategy on the Web in general.

    Following its launch in May 2000, ArchitectureWeek grew rapidly into the world's leading architecture magazine online, and it has maintained that position as architectural new media have grown up around it. Delivering exceptional writing and great imagery to a larger design and building-related readership than the leading hardcopy architecture monthly, ArchitectureWeek is created 48 times each year by a team of internationally renowned architectural writers and photographers, supported up by reader contributions and premiere sponsors, using a dynamic Internet-based publishing model with a small core staff and a worldwide team of great contributors.

    Reference Set

    The Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM, a multimedia encyclopedia of architecture published by Artifice, was the best selling architecture CD-ROM at for years, including more than 24 consecutive months. Our Artifice Images division provides quality architectural stock photography to leading publishers, authors, periodicals, and creative agencies worldwide, from our collection of ten of thousands of photos by represented photographers.

    Architecture at Interent Speed

    ArchitectureWeek™ is the leading magazine of design and building online, providing news and features weekly on architecture and construction, digital media, and building culture to some 400,000 monthly visitors. We aim to set a new standard for accessible, frank, accurate, probing, integrated, and inclusive coverage of the built environment.

    ArchitectureWeek provides timely information and images with an independent perspective, for architects, builders, designers, planners, and other AEC industry professionals, for home makers, students, and teachers of design, and for everyone who appreciates good buildings and places, great design, quality craftsmanship, and the thoughts that make them real.

    We cover new buildings as they open worldwide, and a broad spectrum of design, technical, and cultural issues. ArchitectureWeek showcases articles from well known journalists and experts in every aspect of architectural design, practice, building technology, and digital media.

    Publication is funded largely by subscription contributions from our regular monthly readers, together with display, impression-based, and email newsletter advertising, and contributing vendor sponsorships as noted.

    Design Communities

    Where ArchitectureWeek is focused on professional perodical journalism, with news and analysis, and GreatBuildings is focused on professionally-vetted reference and documentation of carefully selected buildings, Archiplanet is an open community collaboration for documentation of any and all buildings. And DesignCommunity is an open community of discussion, analysis and mututal support on many topics.


    While the traditional established concept of a professional magazine tends to be seen as top-down, with key value descending hierarchically from editors on high through tight control, Archiplanet intentionally takes a wide open, freely participatory approach where valuable information is built up incrementally and evolutionarily by a broad diverse network of contributors.

    Archiplanet is a community-constructed collection for all the buildings, building users, and building creators on planet Earth. "Community-constructed" means we are creating this site together, with 115,350 pages as of 15 August, 2007, like an architectural version of the famous Wikipedia. And in fact the Archiplanet uses the same easy open source MediaWiki software as Wikipedia itself.

    Archiplanet is the most fundamentally community-driven branch of the ArchitectureWeek family of public-access resources* for design and building. Any registered user can edit or create almost any page at Archiplanet, with helpful support from the Archiplanet staff. Comprehensive change-tracking and community reciprocality back up this radically open collective-creation approach.

    Archiplanet is the community-constructed content site for all the buildings and building creators on Earth, sponsored by ArchitectureWeek and
    Post and edit the facts, photos, and descriptive drawings here on your favorite buildings of all kinds, anywhere, from your own cottage to your nation's capitol.

    All these sites are published for communication and development of shared understanding, depending on the individual contributions of hundreds and millions of people around the world for their creation. Together we can learn, and love, and help evolve our environments toward the more beautiful, more sustainable, more humane, more natural world we believe is both possible, and necessary.

    Archiplanet in particular is being created continuously through an open collaboration of all kinds of people, from around the world - from homeowners to architects, from bricklayers to professional editors to travelers and building managers.

    At Artifice we believe that good tools and media are clear, simple, and powerful. Much as a timeless quality is found in great works of architecture, a timeless quality is also found in great tools, including our collective media. Our hope is to serve you with this quality - to transcend mere technology - to help us unlock the power of shared and individual imaginations.

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    Kevin Matthews is Editor in Chief of ArchitectureWeek.



    ArchWeek Image
    SUBSCRIPTION SAMPLE is a community-created architecture wiki that connects with ArchitectureWeek.
    Image: Artifice Images

    ArchWeek Image

    The Taj Mahal building page at
    Image: Artifice Images

    ArchWeek Image

    High-resolution interactive aerial photos, like this one of the Taj Mahal, are available for most Great Buildings.
    Image: Artifice Images; map and satellite imagery courtesy of GoogleMaps.

    ArchWeek Image

    The Google Maps mashups show interactive maps of all the Great Buildings in a given city, state, or country.
    Image: Artifice Images

    ArchWeek Image

    Anyone can add a new building, firm or architect page at
    Image: Artifice Images

    ArchWeek Image

    Building pages at Archiplanet show detailed facts about the building, together with images, text, maps and links to other sites.
    Image: Artifice Images

    ArchWeek Image

    Detailed information about a firm can be found at Archiplanet, cross-linked their building pages and also with the ArchitectureWeek Architects Directory.
    Image: Artifice Images

    ArchWeek Image

    Google Maps can be integrated into any Archiplanet page.
    Image: Artifice Images; map and satellite imagery courtesy of GoogleMaps.


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