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  • Postcard from Pucon
  • New Sacred Space
  • Saving the Taj Mahal

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    Dear ArchitectureWeek,

    Traveling in southern Chile recently, I was delighted to discover a lovely hotel in Pucon. Situated on a steep wooded hill overlooking Lago Villarica, the Hotel Antumalal is more than a hotel; it is an architectural experience. With a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, the small intimate hotel is surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens.


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    Chartres Cathedral in France is the "thought of the middle ages made visible," according to art historian, Emile Male. Through sculpture, stained glass windows, and high arches, it is understood as encapsulating an essence of the Christian spiritual mind of the time. Today, in an increasingly secularized world confronted with diversity, confusion, and a continued decline in church attendance, is there still a need for sacred architecture? If so, what is its contemporary expression?


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    Cities are often symbolized by their prominent buildings. For example, it is hard to contemplate Sydney without thinking of the Opera House by Jørn Utzon or Barcelona without recalling the works by Antoni Gaudí.


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