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    Strutting Space



    ArchWeek Image

    Students at Columbia University designed and assembled a space truss using the Trusset System.
    Photo: Mark Bearak


    ArchWeek Image

    Students assembling the structure.
    Photo: Mark Bearak

    ArchWeek Image

    The system was tested with a variety of surfacing, including composite aluminum panels and Panelite.
    Photo: Mark Bearak


    ArchWeek Image

    The installation featured two pieces, each designed to function as both furniture and wall partition and to show the system's ability to deal with torque and complex surfaces of double curvature.
    Photo: Mark Bearak Extra Large Image


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    Project Credits

    Lead researcher: Phillip Anzalone, Columbia University

    System Coinventor: Cory Clarke

    Researchers: Mark Collins, and Toru Hasegawa of Proxyarch

    Student design and assembly team: Zachary Aders, Mark Bearak, Chris Booth, Josh Draper, Sean Erickson, Sabri Farouki, Eduardo Frischwasser, Dora Kelle, Hugo Martinez, Huanuy Park, Megan Pryor Matt Stofen, Joe Vidich, and Yunchao Xu

    Student assembly team: Bridgette Borders, Samule Brissette, Brigette Cook, Kimiko Kubota, Eduardo Mcintosh, Will Roediger-Robinette, and Alan Tansey

    Corporate Donors: Alpolic USA, Panelite, Inc. and Stainless Metals, Inc.

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