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Red Bull HQ

by Terri Whitehead

Visitors ascend from street level by elevator and enter the new Red Bull headquarters via a rooftop reception lobby. This dramatic entry sequence, from a small ground-floor lobby to a grand, rooftop terrace overlooking London's West End, is heightened by views from the terrace down into and through the building.

From the terrace, the visitor is allowed glimpses through the punctured floor plates, into the dramatic triple-height atrium. Inside, there is a three-story-high "video wall," a "floating" staircase, and, of course, the slide.

Yes, this building has a slide. Given that the advertising jingle for the caffeinated sports drink Red Bull promises that it "gives you wings," one imagines that most employees (the ones who can't manage to fly down) ride the glossy white slide that runs from floor to floor, and that only a boring few descend using the more traditional steel staircase that runs next to it.

"The concept was driven entirely from the Red Bull brand," explains Jump Studios project designer Go Sugimoto, who worked with project architect Laszlo Fecske to design the Red Bull offices. "Red Bull is dynamic and young, with energetic employees."

Charging Work and Play

Some aspects of the eye-catching interior seem dreamed up by 12-year-olds, but with quality finishes and detailing. More adult aspects, such as hard-wearing surfaces and concealed storage, make the spaces practical.   >>>

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ArchWeek Image

Red Bull headquarters offices in London, designed by Jump Studios.
Photo: Gareth Gardner

ArchWeek Image

The 3-story interior features a slide between floors.
Photo: Gareth Gardner


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